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11 April, 2013

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
13:30ATB G107P01The international dimensions of resource dependency: perspectives from Latin Americaemail
13:30ATB G205P03New perspectives on Latin American literatureemail
13:30ATB G207P04Fieldwork, art, science: issues on audio-visual based researchemail
13:30ATB G209P11Multiculturalism and ethnic conflictemail
13:30ATB G113P21Journal editors' workshopemail
13:30ATB G108P26Racism and anti-racism in the Americasemail
13:30ATB G114P30The extra-insular island: Cuba beyond its geographical frontiersemail
13:30UP 4.214P31Social policies in Latin America: considerations on the post-neoliberal eraemail
13:30UP 4.213P33Radical Americas I: Latin American Marxisms of the Cold War eraemail
13:30UP 4.212P37Music, art and cultural heritageemail
13:30UP 4.211P39Transnational migration: the experiences of Brazil and Spainemail
13:30UP 4.210P40Development, poverty and policyemail
15:30ATB G109P27Technoscience, knowledge(s) and politics in Latin Americaemail
15:30ATB G113P28Interdisciplinary perspectives on nineteenth-century Latin America: race and gender, slavery and independenceemail
15:30ATB G114P43 Violence and exclusion in Latin Americaemail

12 April, 2013

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
09:00UP 4.212P05Latin American cinema(s) in black and whiteemail
09:00ATB G107P07Mobility, migration and transformations in Latin Americaemail
09:00ATB G205P09Public heritage and national identities: tracing continuities and discontinuities in Latin Americaemail
09:00UP 4.211P18Seeing, observing, presenting: science and medicine in societyemail
09:00ATB G108P19Sport and spectacle in Latin Americaemail
09:00ATB G114P22Gender, machismo and marianismo in 21st century Latin Americaemail
09:00UP 4.214P24Imagination as social practice in contemporary Cubaemail
09:00ATB G109P32Populism and clientelism within political practices in Latin Americaemail
09:00UP 4.209P34Radical Americas II: Latin American "socialisms" of the 21st centuryemail
09:00ATB G209P35Overcoming neoliberal subjectivities in Latin America: from disengagement to new political practices, identities and collectivitiesemail
09:00UP 4.213P36Constructing and contesting legitimacy: state formation in nineteenth century Mexicoemail
09:00ATB G207P41Liberalism, slavery and raceemail
11:00ATB G207P02Securing the future with justice and dignity in Latin Americaemail
11:00ATB G209P08Violence and affective states in contemporary Latin Americaemail
11:00ATB G108P12Paradigms, policies and practices of diversity: pluriculturalism, language use and education among Latin American indigenous peoplesemail
11:00UP 4.214P15Extractivismo en América Latina: despojo y acumulación neoliberal más allá de la izquierda y la derechaemail
11:00UP 4.213P20Poetry and resistance in contemporary Latin Americaemail
14:00UP 4.211P10Peasants, liberalism and race in the Americasemail
14:00UP 4.209P13Student movements and political change in contemporary Latin Americaemail
14:00ATB G109P16(Re)constructing the environment in the 'post-neoliberal' stateemail
14:00ATB G113P23Indian imaginaries in Peruemail
14:00UP 4.212P25Ethics, aesthetics and new art history in Latin Americaemail
16:00ATB G205P06Issues on political leadership and the quality of democracyemail