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SIEF2015 12th Congress: Zagreb, Croatia.
21-25 June 2015


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22 June, 2015

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
10:30A214Body001The body and ageemail
10:30A209Body002Gesturing toward utopia: the politics of exemplarityemail
10:30A208Digi001Real and/in virtual: from on-site to on-line ethnographyemail
10:30A128Disc003Is there a sense of community uniting anthropology, ethnology and folklore today? (World Council of Anthropological Associations panel)email
10:30A218Food001Culinary heritage as an island of well-being (Panel of SIEF working groups 'Historical approaches in cultural analysis' and 'Food research')email
10:30A220Food004Community supported agriculture and its "relatives": new treaties between food producers and food consumers, or just utopia?email
10:30A201Gend001Re-imagining masculinities in the 21st century: between utopias and realitiesemail
10:30A203Gend005Gender and power in communist and post-communist placesemail
10:30D4Heri001Heritage as a European productemail
10:30D6Heri003A threat to unification? Europe's nationalizing states and the UNESCO convention on intangible heritageemail
10:30A102Heri009The program of intangible cultural heritage, a market niche for ethnographers or a symptom of their infirmity in the early 21st century?email
10:30D5Heri014Heritage of silenced memoriesemail
10:30A113Home003Ethnographies of the house, values and manners of inhabitemail
10:30D3Mig004Pursuing utopias/challenging realities: producing and resisting borders in and out of Europeemail
10:30D2Mig005Refugee visions and realities: interpreting time with people on the moveemail
10:30A105Mig008Re-imagining home: belonging and liminality in migrants' everyday practicesemail
10:30A225Nar005Short folklore forms in contemporary useemail
10:30A226Nar008Narratives on agency, well-being and everyday lives in real and imagined societiesemail
10:30A126P002Micro-utopias: exploring connections in anthropology, relationality and creativityemail
10:30A228P003What future for EUtopia? Trajectories of Europeanization from the core and the peripheryemail
10:30A112P007On simultaneity: the utopia of play and paradox in the making of mundane socialityemail
10:30A106Pol001Rethinking class: from utopia to reality and backemail
10:30A227Reli002The heritagization of religious and spiritual practices: the effects of grassroots and top-down policies (SIEF Ethnology of Religion Working Group)email
10:30A229Reli008Cold War Marian politics and propheciesemail
10:30A223Rur001Ethnography of rural spaces: between utopia and neoliberalismemail
10:30A224Rur002Traditional knowledge as the key for sustainable rural development: utopia or reality?email
10:30A111SPS001Towards an ethnography of the Iron Curtainemail
10:30A107SPS002Idealism, Utopia and (post)Yugoslav popular musicemail
10:30A122Urba002Re-imagining utopian and dystopian cities: urban tensions and transformationsemail
10:30A118Urba005Cities of the forking paths: intercommunal (dis)harmony and the rhythms of everyday lifeemail
10:30A123Urba006Shaping urban and regional space in the context of competition for fundingemail
10:30A124Urba007Public space as utopiaemail
10:30A119Urba008Staging the memory, transforming the heritage in the cityemail
10:30A116WP004Exploring waterscape heritages: a place wisdom workshopemail
10:30D1WP008Film programmeemail
10:30A125WP009Folklore content in contemporary art: a new life for old traditions?email
14:00A125Arch002Everyone an archivist? The role of participatory archives in creating cultural heritageemail
14:00A205Digi002The utopia of the better self: self-documentation and data practices in everyday (virtual) lifeemail
14:00A101Heri004From folklore to intangible heritageemail
14:00A229Reli007Ritual and the utopian pastemail
14:00A116WP005Mapping home: a place wisdom workshopemail

23 June, 2015

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
10:30A125Arch001Archives, digital collections, on-line databases and the internetemail
10:30A126Arch004Ethnographic archives: should we share or should we hide?email
10:30A209Body003Articulation of emotions as cultural heritageemail
10:30A214Body005Knowing by doing: manual work and social resilienceemail
10:30A208Digi003Inheritance of the digital: ethnographic approaches to everyday realities in, of, and through digital technologiesemail
10:30A128Disc001Utopies et réalités de l'ethnologie européenne (panel francophone proposé par le réseau "Eurethno")email
10:30A218Food002Narratives of good food: utopias and realities of stability and social changeemail
10:30A203Gend003Performing identities: age and gender related viewpoints to the poetics of past, present, and futureemail
10:30D6Heri006Heritage as social, economic and utopian resourceemail
10:30A102Heri007Re:heritage: circulation and marketization of things with historyemail
10:30A101Heri012Exchanging cultural capital: canons of vernacular tradition in the makingemail
10:30D4Heri013Folk costume in the ritual year and beyond: heritage, identity marker & symbolic object (Ritual Year SIEF Working Group panel)email
10:30A113Home001Narratives/counter-narratives of homecomingemail
10:30D3Mig002Imaginaries of migration: expectations and placesemail
10:30A105Mig006Border control policies and borderland social practicesemail
10:30A124Muse002The healing museum: achievable reality or utopian dream?email
10:30A226P001Animals in/as heritage and their freedom as utopia?email
10:30A111P005Forms of memory transitions: processes and possible outcomesemail
10:30A123P006Island ethnographies revisited: challenging utopias, re-evaluating heritage?email
10:30A112P010U-Turns and the mobilities roundaboutemail
10:30A107Pol005Politics of differences between utopias and realitiesemail
10:30A106Pol008Pathways to recognition? Visual representations and minority politics in Eastern and Southeastern Europeemail
10:30A229Reli003Almost heaven: vernacular utopias and the culture of beliefemail
10:30A227Reli004From religious heritages to spiritual utopias: reflecting upon religiosity of the 21st centuryemail
10:30A228Reli006Making a better future with ancient pasts: heritage and utopia in neo-paganism and neo-shamanismemail
10:30A224Rur004Market-oriented global discourses and the reshaping of rural spacesemail
10:30A223SPS003Remembering and forgetting the communist past in post-communist Europe: politics, social practices and everyday lifeemail
10:30A122Urba001Small city life: urbanity in cities "off the map"email
10:30A118Urba003Ethnographies of urban public spacesemail
10:30A116WP001Cambia idea - wethio khalatt: seeing/participatingemail
14:00A220Food007Dystopian underbellies of food utopiasemail
14:00A201Gend002Patriarchy as a heritage?email
14:00D2Mig001Living at the edge of capitalism: voluntary and involuntary exileemail
14:00A124Muse001The utopia of a worldmuseum: transcending borders between European and Non-European collectionsemail
14:00A225Nar006Fairy tales today: the new life of old storiesemail
14:00A116P008Realism, imaginary, and ambivalences of utopiaemail
14:00A119P011Practicing the Arctic: home and heterotopiaemail

24 June, 2015

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
10:30A125Arch003Visions and traditions: the production of knowledge at the tradition archivesemail
10:30A214Body004Embodiment and hyperaesthetic utopiaemail
10:30A209Body006Body, emotion, genderemail
10:30A128Disc002Engaged anthropology: Reality? Necessity? Utopia?email
10:30A220Food005Olive futures: ethnographies of a delicious kindemail
10:30A201Gend004Queer ethnographies of the 21st century: heritages, realities, and perspectivesemail
10:30A208Gend006Gendered realities: old issues, new heritageemail
10:30D5Heri002Inventorying intangible cultural heritage: a new utopia?email
10:30D6Heri005Heritage management and identity brands: interplay and stakes (En-Fr)email
10:30A101Heri010Conflict as cultural heritageemail
10:30A113Home002Scales of home in today's Europeemail
10:30A112Home004Non-normative relationships and (co)habitation: utopian visions, everyday practices and imageries of origin and belongingemail
10:30D3Mig003Imaginaries of migration: identity and belongingemail
10:30D2Mig007Migration and transition: utopian imaginaries on the moveemail
10:30A124Muse003Utopian visions, heritage imaginaries and the museumemail
10:30A225Nar002Meta-visions of heritage and utopia: scholarly tales on fairy talesemail
10:30A223Nar007Hope as Utopia? Narratives of hope and hopelessnessemail
10:30A123P004Environmental crisis, humans and all othersemail
10:30A126P009Symbolism in vernacular architecture, vernacular architecture as symbol: new examples and perspectivesemail
10:30A102P012Between heritage and utopia: forging national identitiesemail
10:30A106Pol003Human, all too human: locating humanity in humanitarianism, charity, human rights activism in Eastern Europeemail
10:30A105Pol007Radical memories, imagined futures: practices of history-making and prefiguration in social movementsemail
10:30A229Reli001Walking back to happiness? Protestant pilgrimage in relation to utopias, realities and heritagesemail
10:30A227Reli005The transformation of traditional rituals: imposed change or natural evolution? (Ritual Year SIEF Working Group panel)email
10:30A228Reli009The multifaceted ritualemail
10:30A224Rur003European rural communities: Utopia(s) or heritage(s)?email
10:30A107SPS004Socialist heritage, memories, realitiesemail
10:30A122Urba004Heritage, gentrification, and housing rights: Remaking urban landscapes in the name of 'historic' preservationemail
10:30A111WP002Learning our trade: the challenges and possibilities of young scholars [Young Scholar Working Group Workshop]email
10:30Library conference hallWP003Sound programme: "Utopic Dystopias: Dystopic Utopias" [Workshop]email
14:00A218Food003Food utopia and the way outemail
14:00A226Nar001Writing, performing, filming, producing, watching: television worldsemail

Date TBD

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
[TBD]FoyerWP007Utopias, Realities, Heritages: ethnographies for the 21st century [Congress poster session]email