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SIEF2013 11th Congress: Tartu, Estonia.
30 June - 4 July, 2013


Tartu, Estonia; 30th June - 4th July 2013


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01 July, 2013

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
10:30Lossi 3, 425P01Behind the border? Memory and narration of diaspora, exile, transnationalism and crossing bordersemail
10:30Jakobi 2, 336P02Love exchange and sentimental circulations: rethinking romantic love (EN-FR)email
10:30Ülikooli 16, 215P05Teaching historical-ethnological approaches to the pastemail
10:30Lossi 3, 427P09Medial seriality and cultural circulationemail
10:30Ülikooli 18, 228P10Differentiation of the ritual year(s) through time and space: selectivity and its reasonsemail
10:30Ülikooli 16, 212P13Food styles: circulating creative stories of local food cultureemail
10:30Jakobi 2, 114P15Labour, market and policy: European shepherds todayemail
10:30Jakobi 2, 428P24Exploring highly mobile life-worldsemail
10:30Jakobi 2, 306P30Les sens des circulations : Les sens vécu, objectivé et pratique des mobilités spatiales (FR)email
10:30Ülikooli 18, 139P31Empirical research of modern rurality: towards multilocality and interdisciplinarityemail
10:30Ülikooli 16, 214P32Theorizing heritage fractures, divides and gapsemail
10:30Jakobi 2, 106P34The institutions and practices of nation building of Finno-Ugric minorities in Soviet and post-Soviet settingsemail
10:30Jakobi 2, 438P36Sensory knowledge and its circulation [EN]email
10:30Ülikooli 16, 102P48Gifts and their circulation in a market-based economyemail
10:30Ülikooli 18, 307P50The hydrologic cycle: thinking relationships through wateremail
10:30Ülikooli 18, 227P51The role of archives in the circulation chain of traditionemail
10:30Lossi 36, 214P53Film Programmeemail
10:30Hallway, Ülikooli 18P54Poster sessionemail
14:45Lossi 3, 427P16Re-migration and circulation: the European experience since 1945 (EN)email
14:45Jakobi 2, 110P23Rankings, contests, evaluations…: circulating ideologies of meritemail
14:45Ülikooli 16, 104P60Everyday names, tales, songs and play: continuous traditions in a changing worldemail

02 July, 2013

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
10:30Jakobi 2, 306P06Sincerely yours: ethnography of letters and correspondenceemail
10:30Jakobi 2, 110P12Museums as circulation: processes of knowledge-making, collections and audiencesemail
10:30Jakobi 2, 336P14Circulation of cultural tropes in indigenous Adivasi Indiaemail
10:30Ülikooli 16, 212P17Body, corporeality and configuration: the affective body in the vortex of culture, identity and communicationemail
10:30Ülikooli 16, 102P29Aging as a placed experience: the fluidity of different modes of relationshipsemail
10:30Jakobi 2, 106P33Locality and cultural processesemail
10:30Ülikooli 18, 307P38Cultural heritage, status and mobilityemail
10:30Jakobi 2, 438P49Translating cultural imaginaries of home: near-homes and far-homesemail
10:30Ülikooli 18, 226P52Cycling: past, present and futureemail
10:30Lossi 3, 425P55Mobilities and marginalitiesemail
10:30Ülikooli 18, 139P57Migration, mobility and fluid identitiesemail
10:30Jakobi 2, 428P58Water circulation and the remaking of power, development and agencyemail
10:30Lossi 3, 427P63Normative aspirations in regulating cultural heritage and property (Roundtable)email
14:45Ülikooli 16, 214P08Money, goods and information: circulation and culture in the late modern developing worldemail
14:45Ülikooli 18, 227P18Expressive culture and identities in a digital ageemail
14:45Ülikooli 16, 215P22Good life in times of changeemail
14:45Ülikooli 16, 104P40Intolerable! The circulation of issues and arguments in historical and contemporary debates on contested ethnic caricatures and ritualsemail
14:45Lossi 3, 427P42The digital re-mediation of cultural heritageemail
14:45Ülikooli 18, 228P61Feast and ritual in the regeneration of societyemail
14:45Jakobi 2, 114P62Shifting sacrality and (re)locating the sacredemail
16:45Ülikooli 16, 102P47Conceptual circulation of intangible cultural heritage in national policies and lawsemail

03 July, 2013

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
10:30Jakobi 2, 336P03The parliament of crisis: the saving of the European market and its effectsemail
10:30Jakobi 2, 428P04Mobile people and citiesemail
10:30Ülikooli 16, 102P07Laography and lexicography, or finding folklore in the dictionariesemail
10:30Jakobi 2, 114P11Agents, politics and intermediality in/of circulating historical knowledgeemail
10:30Ülikooli 18, 227P19Circulating social worlds in polymediaemail
10:30Ülikooli 18, 139P20Fluidity, mobility and versatility of the sacredemail
10:30Jakobi 2, 106P21Collective creativity in everyday life: civil activity between hegemonic structures and flows of ideasemail
10:30Jakobi 2, 110P25Ethnological and folkloristic views on "narrative economy" (EN)email
10:30Ülikooli 16, 215P26Mediation and circulation of cultural memory in identity settingsemail
10:30Ülikooli 18, 307P27The inequalities of (im)mobilityemail
10:30Jakobi 2, 438P28Structures of daily life in national parks between theory and practiceemail
10:30Ülikooli 16, 212P35Body techniques: the arts of using the human bodyemail
10:30Lossi 3, 425P39The predicament of technology: fixing and circulating the ephemeral - recording devices, data carriers, and the enabling of circulation and appropriation of cultural elementsemail
10:30Lossi 3, 427P44Border/control and circulation: new perspectives and approaches in cultural anthropological border studiesemail
10:30Ülikooli 18, 228P45Second-hand and vintage as the circulation of material culture: ownership, power, moralityemail
10:30Jakobi 2, 306P46Critical heritage studies and the circuits of power: inclusion and exclusion in the making of heritageemail