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15 May, 2014

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
08:30Multi Purpose RoomP002South Asian global networksemail
08:30105P003Anthropology of whaling issues: the present and future of whaling cultures (NME panel)email
08:30301 BP037Comparative ethnography of 'inclusion' in Nepal: discourses, activities, and life-worldsemail
08:30103P038Sedentarization and concentration among nomadic peoples (Commission on Nomadic Peoples/NME panel)email
08:30101aP069The sensory experience of suffering and healingemail
08:30202P072Linguistic anthropology: contributions to the future (Commission on Linguistic Anthropology)email
08:30101bP086Food culture and food businessemail
08:30104P100Learning of/with children: anthropologist at "school" (CLOSED) (Commission on Children, Youth and Childhood)email
08:30304P104Filming "science ethnography" (Film session)email
08:30102bP109Afro-Eurasian inner dry land civilizationemail
08:30205P115The perspective of glocalization: addressing the changing society and culture under globalizationemail
08:30301 AP133Papers from members of the Anthropological Society of Nippon (ASN panel) (CLOSED)email
08:30303R003Video messages from the world: the future with/of anthropologies (JASCA roundtable)email
13:30201 AP012Crisis as ongoing reality: perspectives from different anthropological locations (European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA) and the Committee for World Anthropologies (CWA) panel)email
13:30Hall 3P020Future(s) with/of the human bodyemail
13:30Hall 2P021Converging worlds: anthropology and art history (JASCA panel)email
13:30204P025The maintenance and consolidation of Malaysian Chinese identities: an anthropological explorationemail
13:30Hall 1P028Development, displacement and poverty in the context of social justiceemail
13:30Convention Hall BP050Does the future of anthropology not include the USA as a field site (except as 'anthropology at home')?email
13:30204P052The future with/of Maya anthropologyemail
13:30102aP063Traditional and indigenous medicinal knowledge and practices among the indigenous people: past and its futureemail
13:30Room 303P073Predicaments of public anthropology and fundamental questions for the future of the discipline (Commission on Theoretical Anthropology)email
13:30201 BP094Re-imagining ethnological museums: new approaches to developing the museum as a place of multi-lateral contacts and knowledge (Commission on Museums and Cultural Heritage)email
13:30302P108Indigenous people and culture in Indiaemail
13:30Hall 4P111Futures of water: understanding the human dimensions of global water disparitiesemail
15:30Hall 2P016Reconsidering the future of urban space: social and economic divisions in the public domain (Commission of Urban Anthropology and Commission on the Anthropology of Women)email
15:30202P019Women's empowerment, development and quality of lifeemail
15:30Convention Hall AP022Reconsidering anthropologies of neoliberalism and globalization: historical conjuncture and narratives of rupture (Commission on Global Transformations and Marxian Anthropology)email
15:30104P023Living with disaster: comparative approaches (JAWS/JASCA joint panel)email
15:30301 AP082Citizenship, violence, and power: re-invention of modern nation-states in Africaemail
15:30303P113Forging futuresemail
15:30105P114Anthropology of music, popular music scenes, performance practices and challenges of the presentemail
15:30Multi Purpose RoomP124Bounded fieldsites, mobile concepts, flexible anthropologistsemail
17:30102bP031Nationalism in fiction and poetry: South Asia in conversation with the worldemail
17:30101bP032Transnational migration, kinship and relatednessemail
17:30103P043Development and pastoralists (Commission on Nomadic Peoples/NME panel)email
17:30302P045Gender inequality: victimization of women in global context in tradition and modernityemail
17:30301 BP065Indian social anthropology in South Asian perspective: reflection and retrospectionemail
17:30102aP080Cross-cultural perspectives on pregnancy and childbirth: encounters with unknowns at the natal/postnatal junctureemail
17:30101aP089Challenges of space anthropologyemail
17:30201 BP138Religious practices in transition: ethnographical and theoretical studies of religions in multiethnic and/or multicultural situationsemail
19:30201 AR004Strengthening JASCA's publications in the world (JASCA/SEAA roundtable)email

16 May, 2014

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
08:30105P001Impact of education on women's status and daily life in the Middle East and Asia (Commission on Anthropology of the Middle East/Commission on the Anthropology of Women)email
08:30301 BP006Global intimacies, local ties: the transformation of cross-border marriages in Asia (CLOSED- 4)email
08:30101aP014The day after: illness experiences of Minamata disease and some possibilities of multi-layered ethnography (CLOSED - 4)email
08:30104P024Practicing a public anthropology in communities devastated by the East Japan Disasteremail
08:30204P042Politics, culture, and cultural politics in the Himalayasemail
08:30201 AP053Education in Latin America under ethnographic and ethnohistorical perspectives: past and future of schooling and child care (CLOSED - 7)email
08:30201 BP060Opportunities and challenges for the future of practicing anthropologistsemail
08:30301 AP088The social and cultural contexts of English: future of global Englishemail
08:30102bP101The future of law and globalization with anthropologiesemail
08:30101bP105Enterprise development and traditional society and culture (Commission on Enterprise Anthropology)email
08:30304P135Sound cultures of Africa (CLOSED)email
08:30Convention Hall BP137Environment and adaptation in human evolution (JSPA panel) (CLOSED)email
08:30Convention Hall AR001AAA Public Education Initiative: Mobilities, Migrations and Displacements (AAA roundtable)email
13:30Hall 4P010Anthropology of human-nature relationship in 21st century Japan: perspectives from ecotourism and rural revitalizationemail
13:30201 BP027Considering ideas and practices to create "age-friendly communities" (NME/Commission on Aging and the Aged panel)email
13:30301 BP029The individual in anthropology: a future paradigm in anthropology?email
13:30Hall 1P030The future of classemail
13:30Hall 2P035Migration and urbanization: emerging situation in pluralistic societies (Commission on Urban Anthropology)email
13:30303P036Indigenous knowledge and sustainable development (Commission on Indigenous Knowledge and Sustainable Development)email
13:30205P049Indigenous people and their culture: struggle for identity and survival?email
13:30Hall 3P054Dynamics of mobility of Mongolian pastoralistsemail
13:30Multi Purpose RoomP057Bio-cultural approach in human health study: retrospect and prospectemail
13:30101aP058Reimagining the self and the field in contemporary ethnography: insights from living and researching within and through bordersemail
13:30103P078Renewable energy infrastructureemail
13:30302P119Emerging trends in creative patterns in language communication and developmentemail
13:30Convention Hall BP142Common themes and varied approaches: globalization, migration and popular arts (AAA/JASCA joint panel)email
13:30Convention Hall AR002Celebrating 30 years of JAWS and 13 years of AJJ (JAWS/AJJ joint panel)email
15:30104P008Multiple nature-cultures and diverse anthropologies (CLOSED)email
15:30201 AP017Governance, development and the state in South Asiaemail
15:30103P064Keywords of human mobility: a comparative cultural perspective (EASA/JASCA joint panel)email
15:30Hall 2P076Peace and conflict management in the 21st century: building a new world orderemail
15:30202P091Knowledge revealed and concealed: anthropologies of things unseen by the illiberal stateemail
15:30304P107Globalization, localization, glocalization and popular cultureemail
15:30Convention Hall AP116Mutual anthropology: a proposal for future equality in the disciplineemail
15:30301 AP145Brazilian anthropology: present and future (ABA panel)email
17:30102aP004A challenge of street anthropologyemail
17:30101bP055Towards African potentials for coexistence in urban contextemail
17:30301 AP067Gendered work and gendered body in the globalizing worldemail
17:30Multi Purpose RoomP139Querying the human/non-human divide and the ontological status of anthropologyemail

17 May, 2014

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
08:30103P051Hunting, animal welfare, and defence against wildlife attack (NME panel)email
08:30Convention Hall AP075Cultural diversity and multiculturalism in enterprise (Commission on Enterprise Anthropology)email
08:30101bP081Sustainably solving the causes and consequences of the global food crisis: new roles, multi-decade challenges and expanded opportunities for anthropologists to provide significant aidemail
08:30102aP083Heritage bridges people: towards recovery from wars and disasters (CLOSED - 6) (NME panel)email
08:30201 AP095Exploring and theorizing the working of language and power in multilingual Japan (CLOSED - 6)email
08:30304P098Human rights and development: challenges and opportunities (Commission on Human Rights)email
08:30101aP099Beach governance network in fishing community: a view from the antipodes in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africaemail
08:30302P110Researching gendered lives in Iran: methodological and ethical challengesemail
08:30Multi Purpose RoomP117Buraku futures: navigating the changing landscape of law and economyemail
08:30Convention Hall BP134Anthropology of Japan in Korea / Anthropology of Korea in Japan (KOSCA/JASCA joint panel) (CLOSED)email
08:30104P140Ethnographies of (dis)connection: marriage, families, households and homesteads in contemporary communitiesemail
10:30302P039Anthropological perspectives on environmental change and sustainable futures (Commission on Anthropology and the Environment)email
10:30301 AP077On being "indigenous peoples": connecting local practices with global contextemail
10:30205P092Towards an architectural anthropologyemail
10:30International CRP112Urban futures (WCAA/IUAES/JASCA joint panel) CLOSED - 10email
10:30101aP118Mourning, memorialization and recovery in post-disaster contextsemail
10:30Convention Hall BP132Engaging race and racism in the new millennium: exploring visibilities and invisibilities (IUAES/JASCA joint panel)email
13:30Convention Hall AP018East Asian anthropology/anthropologies (EAAA panel)email
13:30201 AP034Childhood(s) and youth(s) of the future: children as cultural and social resources (Commission on Children, Youth and Childhood)email
13:30104P074Anthropology and intangible cultural heritage: new possibilities for traditional topics? (Commission on Intangible Cultural Heritage)email
13:30301 BP123Anthropology and conservation: inter-relationship and future perspectiveemail
13:30102bP126Politics of life and death and the practice of caringemail
13:30Multi Purpose RoomP141Between innovation and tradition: ethnographies of changeemail
13:30102aP143Of the local, in the global: discussions on movement, development and governanceemail
15:30101bP079Transnational history and multicultural identities of (ethnic) Koreansemail
15:30304P136Songs and dances of the Aynu: heritage and practice in Akan, Hokkaido, Japan (NME panel) (CLOSED)email

18 May, 2014

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
08:30301 AP005The transformation of South Asian performing arts in the age of globalization: an anthropological analysisemail
08:30International CRP013The past and future of the World Council of Anthropological Associations (WCAA Tenth Anniversary Symposium) CLOSEDemail
08:30Convention Hall BP026Indigenous futures and anthropological renewalsemail
08:30102aP047Migration of culture across organizations and communitiesemail
08:30103P048Landscape as cultural production by social practices in space and time (CLOSED - 5)email
08:30Multi Purpose RoomP062Biomedicine in Africa: changes in knowledge, practice, and socialityemail
08:30201 AP096Anthropology in unstable placesemail
08:30205P102Development, disadvantaged people and human security: the emerging problems and contribution of anthropology in resolving the challenges (Commission on Human Rights)email
08:30302P106Kizuna: discourse analyses of 'bonding'email
08:30Convention Hall AP121Global cities: digital urbanisation in the 21st century (Commission on Urban Anthropology)email
08:30104P127Gender and unfinished modernity project: 19th century reforms and 21st century reflections (Commission on Anthropology of Women)email
08:30301 BP146Local differences in ecology and behavior of non-human primates: genetic variation or culture? (PSJ panel)email
10:30304F001New horizon of anthropological films from Japan (Film-screening program)email
10:30301 BP033Medical anthropology into the future: aspirations and challenges (Commission on Medical Anthropology and Epidemiology)email
10:30101bP059Anthropology through the experience of the physical bodyemail
10:30101aP084Creativity in business (Commission on Enterprise Anthropology)email
10:30302P087Situating statelessness: anthropological perspectives (WCAA/Commission on Theretical Anthropology panel)email
10:30102bP122Action-oriented ethnological/anthropological studies and the development of contemporary Taiwan indigenous society (TSAE panel)email
10:30201 AP144Back to the future: discursive practices on identity, remembrance and resistance in late-modern anthropologyemail
13:30Multi Purpose RoomP041Scientific lifeworldsemail
13:30205P103Population movement and diasporic space: anthropological study on Chinese overseas in East and Southeast Asian countriesemail
13:30103P129Evolution of human cultures: towards an integrated anthropology of modern humans (CLOSED)email
13:30Convention Hall AP130Reinventing folkloristics as a study of modernity: Japanese perspectives (FSJ panel)email
13:30Convention Hall BP131Fifty years of anthropological associations: reflections on anthropologies and nations (IAA/JASCA joint panel)email
15:30301 AP009Sociality on the move: finding the way through hunter-gatherer ecological knowledgeemail
15:30102aP056Cyberpilgrimage: theory, practice and futureemail
15:30302P061Mobile pastoralists and international development: standpoints and engagementsemail
15:30104P128Photographic anthropology: past, present, and futureemail

Date TBD

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
[TBD][TBD]PZ1Panel for the submission of papers which do not fit into existing panelsemail