This page lists all the accepted papers by author. Click on a panel reference to see the panel page and paper details.

Abe, TomohisaNetwork of ritual: relationship between human and non-human among Hani of southeastern ChinaP139
Abe, YupoTowards the restoration of Ainu people's rights in JapanP077
Acciaioli, GregoryStateless communities and globalised conservation policies in maritime Southeast AsiaP087
Acharya, PrasantaThe practice of wife battering in an urban slum: a study at Berhampur in Odisha, IndiaP045
Ådahl, SusanneDisciplining the mind: transforming auditory hallucinations in FinlandP069
Adhikari, Sujan BahadurUnder the open sky: a case study of performing cultural arts for tourists in rural NepalP005
Aghtaie, NadiaResearching gender-based violence amongst Iranians in the UK and Iran: the conflictual nature of the insider/outsider statusP110
Agnihotri, VibhaGender diversity in the socio-economic and health status of Dalit women of Lucknow cityP045
Agnihotri, VinamrataGender diversity in the socio-economic and health status of Dalit women of Lucknow cityP045
Aguilar Montes de Oca, Rosa IselaMicropolitics of indigeneity and education in Mexico: indigenous professionals making schoolP026
Ahearn, AriellHerder wealth, investment, and residential structure in rural Bayanhongor province, MongoliaP061
Ajit, AarthiListening for heirlooms: the transmission of ancestral objects vis-à-vis oral histories within a migrant South Indian communityP074
Akiyama, TokihoA genetic polymorphism of the PER2 gene associates with physiological polytypisms for light sensitivity in humansP137
Alarcon, Jeorge JrWhere you belong: migrant adaptation and ethnic Filipino community life in KantoP047
Amato, PancrazioOverweight and obesity in children of 8-9 years in Apulia (southern Italy)P033
Amo, KaeChildren and anthropologists in "Tarbiya": spiritual training in Muslim brotherhoods and its social interpretation (Senegal)P100
Andalibi, AdelUsing participatory visual ethnography for creative product design: a case study of the teenage education sector in ChinaP084
Aoki, KenichiModeling the evolution of prehistoric cultureP129
Aoyama, KazuoFuture with/of Maya anthropology and Maya lithic study as economic anthropologyP052
Applin, SallyForced compliance: how the city shapes the network that shapes the cityP121
Arata, MarikoWhat is halal and why it's halal? Contemporary Indonesian Muslim consumers' recognition of food halalnessP086
Aronsson, Inga-LillThe reestablishment of routine cultures in displaced societiesP036
Arora, SarojConcession in stamp duty including registration charges to women property buyers: a tool for empowerment (a case study of Uttar Pradesh)P019
Arunkumar, Moirangthem ChaBeliefs and practices in reproductive healthP080
Asai, YuichiSemiotic shift of texts in FijiP072
Asamizu, MunehikoVarious trends in sustainable tourism in JapanP010
Athias, RenatoThe studies on the Japanese presence in the northeast of Brazil and the dynamics of identity: the Pernambuco caseP145
Atkinson, LeiaInterlocking mediums: an exploration of Japanese Lolita fashion and visual-kei musicP114
Audimoolam, ChellaperumalCraft-based indigenous communities in South India: their struggle for identity and survivalP049
Baba, JunEverlasting roles of legal anthropology: from research on legal measure against domestic violence in Papua New GuineaP101
Baca, GeorgeDiscourses of globalization and crisis in South Korea: the democratic transformation of a dictatorshipP022
Banerjee, AtrayeeIndigenous people of India: struggle for survivalP049
Banerjee, AtrayeeDevelopment and indigenous people: problems and sustenanceP102
Banerjee, SwetaUrban sprawl: a contextual difference between sustenance and sustainable developmentP039
Banhoro, YacoubaThe water reform in Burkina Faso between discourse and reality: the case of water user associations in Bougouriba water basin in SW Burkina FasoP111
Barber, Pauline GardinerNot so new laborers: Philippine migration and historical political economyP022
Barnett, LynnThe connection between birth, death and negative attitudes to infantsP080
Barone, FrancineRambla 2.0: continuity and change in a Catalan cityP121
Baruah, JoydeepPolitics of governing development in post colonial India: the ideas and the instrumentsP017
Baruah, TiluttomaGrowth pattern of Assamese and Bengali children of South Guwahati of Kamrup District of Assam, IndiaP057
Basnet, ChudamaniMaking sense of ethnic politics: ethnic experience and expressions in a multi-ethnic Tarai town in eastern TaraiP037
Beerkens, AnnekeUncertain but cool: the transition from Japanese fashion education to creative work in precarious timesP012
Behera, Hari CharanGenealogy: beyond tradition in anthropological researchP060
Behera, Hari CharanThe contours of social mobility: a perspective from rural JharkhandP065
Ben-Ari, EyalNational and regional anthropologies: a sociology of knowledgeP018
Bessho, YusukeNepalese inclusion and Chinese exclusion: from the perspective on Tibetan refugee communities in NepalP037
Bhattacharya, ShreyasiSambalpuri textile: contribution of Bhulia - a weaving communityP049
Bhawna, DrChanging scenario of women's empowerment and political awareness among the Gond tribeP019
Bilik, NaranChinese anthropology or anthropologies in China?P018
Billings, DorothyIndigenous views of development: in their own wordsP036
Biswal, MadanImpact of seasonal migration on scheduled caste women: a study in Bargarh district of West Odisha, IndiaP035
Biswas, SamarInequality, insecurity and clash in Indian society: a study with special reference to indigeneous peopleP102
Biswas, SubirHistorical perspectives of Dhimals: struggle for identity of an indigenous people of North BengalP049
Blok, AndersAttachments to urban commonplaces: sustainable architecture infrastructures and the aesthetic cosmopolitics of kyomachiyaP078
Bofulin, MartinaFamilies at work: understanding Chinese migration to Japan through family practicesP103
Bondy, ChristopherEducation for the future: buraku issues in compulsory educationP117
Boret Penmellen, SebastienRemembering disasters: memorial monuments, empowerment and resilienceP118
Borkataki, DolaMarket and state in traditional and modern governance systems: a case study of Joonbeel Mela of AssamP017
Bose, ShibajiChild health rights in disadvantageous population: a case from Indian SundarbansP102
Boskovic, AleksandarRationality and its limitsP073
Bothe, WinnieNarratives of Himalayan annies: In my next life I want to be reborn a manP019
Boucher, NathalieThe social life of water after the riots on the sand: sociability at South Cronulla beach, AustraliaP016
Bowker, GeoffreyMy skin and I: mereology and the question of the unit of analysisP008
Braz Dias, JulianaThe crafting of a nation: Cape Verde and the Claridade literary movementP031
Brinca, AnaLe Verfügbar aux enfers - Germaine Tillion's operetta. From the 'ethnographic inside-outside' to the staged derision as strategies for an auto (and hetero) existence and resistance in RavensbrückP058
Brocki, MarcinApplied, engaged and an activist anthropologies as the main enemies of the public anthropologyP073
Broilo, FedericaYakitate!!! Japan: representation and consumption of baked goods in contemporary JapanP086
Brunt, HelenStateless communities and globalised conservation policies in maritime Southeast AsiaP087
Buchowski, MichalWCAA: from idea to practiceP013
Buchowski, MichalClass in post-socialism: contradictions in (non)-useP030
Bundo, Daisukejo jokoF001
Burensain, BorjiginSedentary life mixing with agriculture in ChinaP109
Bürge, MichaelCrisis, scapegoating and 'bad heart' in northern Sierra Leone: discerning the enemy of personal progressP012
Caglar, AyseCrisis, displacements, and migrants in disempowered citiesP012
Canuday, Jose JowelCultural improvisation and the imagination of a cosmopolitan community in conflicted regions of Zamboanga and SuluP096
Cardoso de Oliveira, Luis RobertoHuman rights and equal treatment in BrazilP145
Chakraborty, AbhikGeotourism as an emerging paradigm of nature based tourism in Japan: an anthropological perspectiveP010
Chandra Mouli, T.SaiSplendour of the Savara tribe in South IndiaP108
Chandra Mouli, T.SaiThe cultural dimension in learning the English language: the Indian approachP119
Chang, Ching-fangLocal practice: a case of production of Japanese television commercial messageP107
Chanu, TonjamWhy women prefer home deliveryP045
Chee, Wai-chiIslam and education: the perceived role of religion in the educational attainment of South Asian Muslim immigrant students in Hong KongP138
Chen, Ju-chenReconsidering the positioning of a "Taiwanese" anthropologist of ChinaP018
Chen, MingComparative research on development of ramen enterprises in ChinaP105
Chen, Ping-HengCatholic Guatemala through a Japanese lens: Yasu Kohei's studio photography as anthropological documents (1895-1915)P128
Chen, TienshiStatelessness in Japan: identity and identificationP087
Chen, Wen-LingPost-disaster reconstruction after Haitang and Morakot: a case study of the indigenous community in Southeast TaiwanP122
Chi, XinyanGinkgo Hand-in-Hand Station (GS): consideration of future elder daycare center in community due to volunteer service feedbackP027
Chi, XinyanPromoting ancestral identity and dissolving ethnic hatred with religious and aulture analysis: taking Xinjiang as an exampleP076
Chi, XinyanPromoting ancestral identity and dissolving ethnic hatred: study of XinjiangP098
Chi, XinyanPromoting ancestral identity and dissolving ethnic hatred with religious and aulture analysis: taking Xinjiang as an exampleP102
Chikkasiddaiah, ChandrashekaraThe health and educational profile among some selected tribal communities in KarnatakaP063
Cho, Kyoung MannFirst Nation forest and indigenous ontology in the globalizing contextP077
Chowdhary, RichaEmployment opportunities among Indian educated women: Situational AnalysisP001
Chowdhary, RichaUnderstanding learning disability: A study of maternal empowerment,Gaziabad.India.P019
Chowdhury, MadhurimaIndigenous people of India: struggle for survivalP049
Chowdhury, MadhurimaDevelopment and indigenous people: problems and sustenanceP102
Chung, Byung-HoNorth Korean migrants and penetrant transnationalismP079
Civera, AliciaChildren of the revolution: power relationships in rural school teacher's training in México, 1922-1945P053
Clarke, JenniferWorking between art and forestry, towards an ecology of practicesP113
Clifton, JulianStateless communities and globalised conservation policies in maritime Southeast AsiaP087
Close, NatalieThe researcher as participant: how adopting a dual role can enrich the efficacy of fieldworkP058
Connolly, TomokoEnterprise anthropology and multiculturalism: a case of a Japanese multinationalP075
Coomar, PalashThe Onge and their material culture: a call for preservationP123
Corradi Musi, CarlaThe food culture of the Siberian peoples: a reference modelP086
Costa, Lorena"How be of Pará this way?" Cassava flour and representation of Pará popular culture through social mediaP107
Cowlishaw, GillianNaturalising inequality in the era of anti-racism: effects of the new culturalismP132
Dahake, ShilpaMigration and adaptation: street food vending in IndiaP035
Dahake, ShilpaStreet food vending: street food culture in Pune, IndiaP086
Daneels, Annick Jo ElvireDissolved bitumen as traditional additive in earthen architectureP036
Danely, JasonWatching over life and death: the politics of precarious solitude in an aging Japanese urban communityP126
Das, Amiya KumarSociology of governance: an exploration of elections in IndiaP017
Das, Nava KishorStatelessness and marginalisation: predicaments of 'legal' and 'illegal' immigrants in northeast IndiaP087
das, sarmisthaAgrarian social structure and the StateP017
Das Gupta, AshokCulture survival for the indigenous communitiesP049
Das Gupta, AshokEthno-fishery by locals In Sub-Himalayan North Bengal, IndiaP051
Das Gupta, AshokLocal knowledge about vegetable crop biodiversity in Sub-Himalayan North BengalP123
Datta, AnkurUncertain nation, uncertain stories: anthropology, fiction and a displaced Kashmiri communityP031
Davis-Stephens, LindaSeeds, law and identity: conserving biodiversityP036
Dawar, JagdishFood scarcity in North-east India: Mizoram since pre-colonial timesXP007
De Graeve, KatrienClassed landscapes of care and belonging: guardianships of unaccompanied minorsP030
De Lucia, AmeliaOverweight and obesity in children of 8-9 years in Apulia (southern Italy)P033
De Souza Lima, Antonio CarlosAnthropology and the State in Brazil: some remarks on a complex relationP145
de Suremain, Charles-ÉdouardFood heritagization in Latin AmericaP074
de Suremain, Charles-ÉdouardDiscovering unexpected heritages with children: collaborative ethnography, theoretical and methodological learning from Tenochtitlan (Mexico)P100
Deane, DarrenLateral and linear interplay: creative interference within processional routesP092
Debevec, LizaThe water reform in Burkina Faso between discourse and reality: the case of water user associations in Bougouriba water basin in SW Burkina FasoP111
Delaney, AlyneNetting a new life, netting a good life? Changes wrought by 3.11 on Miyagi fisheries households, from autonomous individuals to cooperative partnersP023
Delgado, JaimeDiscovering unexpected heritages with children: collaborative ethnography, theoretical and methodological learning from Tenochtitlan (Mexico)P100
DeLuca, ChristopherHardcore music as social discourse in TaiwanP114
Deni, EerRelationship between nomadic pastoral livestock and the steppe ecosystem of MongoliaP054
Desmond, Jane"American Studies" and the prospects for ethnographyP050
Dhanjal, Harshdeep SinghAdolescent mind towards advancing technology: an observationP034
Díaz-Vera, MónicaArchitecture for senses: towards embodiment's strategies for peopleP092
Dominguez, VirginiaThe pursuit of recognition and the challenge of hierarchyP013
Dominguez, VirginiaUS Jewish peace activism and the Israel-Palestine conflictP050
Dos Santos, Ademir ValdirChildhood care and education in southern Brazil (1897-1930): the ethnic German schoolsP053
Doshita, MegumiAn analysis of key terms related to environmental tourism and protection: with reference to satoyamaP064
Drazkiewicz, ElaManouvering between South Sudan, Belarus, Poland, Russia and Nauru: moving between academic and non-academic jobs, while making sense of developmentP124
Duaqui, Yellowbelle Del MundoThe role of social capital in the accomplishment of migrant enterprise: cases of enterprising Filipino migrant returneesP047
Emery, KittyAnthropology is the future of zooarchaeology in the Maya worldP052
Endo, AikoThe food systems of fresh whale meat from Japanese small-scale coastal whalingP003
Erin, TaylorThe curation of the self in the age of the InternetP142
Ertl, JohnIntersections of diversity and mobility in Japanese archaeological discourseP064
Fatimah, NyayuImprovement of food security act through the establishment of social institution based on local resourcesP086
Fedorowicz, StevenDeaf bodies: toward a holistic ethnography of deaf people in JapanP059
Feldman-Bianco, BelaThe WCAA and the challenges of building world anthropologiesP013
Ferdousi, ZannatDevelopment, displacement and human security: the case of Chittagong Hill Tracts in BangladeshP102
Filiod, Jean PaulWhat do we know about small children when they work with an artist? A collaborative research in pre-schools (Lyon, France)P100
Fischer, Dawn-ElissaHow Hiphop renders race and racism visibleP132
Fischer, MichaelInvisible cities: dynamic adaptations in digital urban environments - new forms of social organisation through adaptive agencyP121
Fischer, MichaelForced compliance: how the city shapes the network that shapes the cityP121
Fitran, RaidhilCultural heritage and the uniqueness of the Baduy traditions: a study of cultural history of ancestral heritage trip in the Kenekes village, Lebak, Banten, IndonesiaP141
Fortier, CorinneIslamic education through women and the right to divorce for women (khul') in MauritaniaP001
Fortier, CorinneThe right to divorce for women (khul') in Islam gender practices in MauritaniaP045
Fudano, KazuoLanguage ideologies and functions of dialect use in Japanese courts: analysis of asymmetrical power and language rights of lawyers, judges and defendantsP095
Fujikake, Yoko Toward gender mainstreaming in emergency and reconstruction issue for women's empowermentP019
Fujikura, TatsuroThe constitution of the political objects in contemporary NepalP042
Fujikura, YasukoFormation of respectable families: transforming marginality in the Badi community in western NepalP037
Fujita, HisashiThe number of missing teeth in people of Japan from archaeological samplesP133
Fujita-Round, SachiyoNegotiating language ideologies in the JSL classroom: analysis of social role of JSL teacher's discourseP095
Fujita-Sano, MarikoThe role of meals in creating age-friendly communities for the American and Japanese elderlyP027
Fujiwara, KunikoDesigning a "coupling" internship program for age-friendly communities: in search of new standards for global leadersP027
Fukayama, NaokoFlexible and multilayered 'indigeneity': as an introduction to panel 077P077
Fukunaga, MayumiWho manages the watershed? Legitimacy building and competing uses of watershed spaceP048
Funabiki, TakeoAnthropological commentary on panthropology: genetic variation or cultureP146
Fursova, ElenaIndigenous traditions in modern public baths in the cities and towns (mental and physical health, wellness and communications)P036
Furuya, YoshiakiInheriting the prehistoric past, artistically: two case studiesP142
Galacgac, EvangelineTraditional weather forecasting for sustainable agroforestry practices in Ilocos Norte Province, PhilippinesP123
Garmaroudi Naef, ShirinTechnologies of cloning and our human future: a Shia theological perspectiveP020
Garsten, ChristinaOutside the comfort zone: on the hazards, failures, and serendipities of doing ethnography among US think-tank professionalsP050
Gautam, MohanThe new role of ethnographical museums in re-examining the identity canvas of the tribal culturesP094
Gebru, RobelSedentarization and the creation of alternative livelihoods among Saho pastoralists in EritreaP043
Ghosh, AbhikPersonal, usufruct, group and community knowledge systems: tribal culture, forests and modernity in JharkhandP123
Ghosh, SharmilaKhasi narratives of medicine, wo/men and the environmentP123
Ghosh, UpasonaChild health rights in disadvantageous population: a case from Indian SundarbansP102
Gill, TomRadiation and responsibility: what is the right thing for an anthropologist to do in Fukushima?P024
Gog, SorinThe post-communist ghetto and underclass formations in Romania: (re)producing marginality and strategies of survival among RomaP030
Goonatilake, SusanthaSocial solipsism in the anthropologies of Sri LankaP065
Gopalkrishna, SaraswathiIndigenous people, livelihood and culture: the path that leads to Betta Kuruba's survivalP063
Goto, AkiraThe anthropology of night-scape: the significance of starry night in the PacificP048
Gowda, AppajiThe globalization and indigenous knowledge among the Jenu Kuruba of ChamarajanagaraP063
Graf, TimFrom Buddhism to spiritual care? Memorialization and the recreation of everyday life in post-3/11 JapanP118
Graham, FabianBodies for the gods: trance possession and the role of the body in ritualP059
Grajdian, MariaThe return of the object: nature, escapism and happiness in Mei & Satsuki's house on EXPO 2005's siteP144
Grossi, MiriamThe future of ParisP112
Grossi, MiriamGender and sexuality: anthropological research, social movements and political achievementsP145
Guazon, HectorShifting sociomoral order: the creation of the Filipino chaplaincy in BrusselsP096
Guerrero, AlbaNarratives of displacement: children in displacement conditions constructing agency and reconstructing identitiesP034
Guerrero, ValeriaTracing identity resistance practices through artistic discourses in the southwestern region in ColombiaP144
Ha, Miu YinRole of agent conveying Japanese pop cultureP144
Habib, JasminUS Jewish peace activism and the Israel-Palestine conflictP050
Hagen, Aina LandsverkEthics in an anthrotech worldP113
Hagihara, ShukoInvestigating life histories: communicating messages from the pastP014
HaiYan, BaoThe culture of livestock dung in Mongolian pastoral societyP109
Hajela, Sudheer ChandraSocial media and new paradigms of communication: a research surveyP119
Halasur Matt, MaralusiddaiahIndigenous community in the Nilgiri Biosphere and their sustainable forest management and bio-diversityP039
Hallikeri, PremaCosmeticological anthropology: pretext, text and contextP057
Hamada, AkinoriThe payment and milieu of mutual aid: the National Health Insurance Scheme and multiple cares in southern GhanaP062
Hamaguchi, HisashiWhale watching: trouble on the small whaling island of BequiaP003
Han, SunyoungBetween concepts and perceptions: pulse diagnosis in contemporary Korean medicineP069
Hankins, JosephBuraku futures in a multicultural JapanP117
Hansen, PaulBetwixt and between JA: Japan, Jamaica, and the will to employmentP124
Hara, HirokoThe art of becoming: filmmaking and performing in researchP113
Hardon, AnitaSomadril and edgework in South SulawesiP020
Harkness, Rachel(Escape from) the conundrum of vernacular architecture: progressing an anthropology by way of architectureP092
Harkonen, HeidiPolitics, care and uncertainty in contemporary CubaP012
Harmon, BrianStrangers on sidewalks: infrastructure, agency, and the political economy of personhood in Jinan, ChinaP091
Harrison, FayeRevisiting Berreman's "Race, Caste, and Other Invidious Distinctions": implications for transnational dialogues and intercultural solidarities in challenging racism and related intoleranceP132
Hasegawa, AlineLand, kinship and migratory experience: elements for understanding the nikkey rural way of lifeP032
Hashimoto, HiroyukiRestoration of communities through folk performing arts: kagura performers after the great Tohoku earthquakeP083
Hata, KaoriJapaneseness: how do Japanese living abroad recreate it after 3.11?P106
Hayashi, IsaoDisasters and memories: traces, recollections and storiesP118
Hazama, ItsuhiroCoping with the wounds of violence in Karamoja, northeastern UgandaP062
Hazan, Haim"Subjects" or "bare bodies"? On the relationship between nursing home staff and mentally impaired elderly peopleP126
Hebo, MamoManaging disputes in everyday life through avoidance: cases from the Arsii Oromo villages, southern EthiopiaP055
Hegarty, BenjaminFamiliar bodies: examining gender and kinship through embodimentP059
Hegazy, SoheirRestoring Omani heritage (Harat Al Bilad - a case study)P141
Heinrich, PatrickThe role of language ideology in Ryukyuan language revitalizationP095
Heiss, Jan PatrickThe study of individuals and the interaction of social fieldsP029
Helgesen, Espen"The old me, the new me, and the new me again": crafting future selves in online worldsP020
Heller, MonicaThe AAA and the WCAA: globalizing anthropologiesP013
Heller, MonicaAlternative futures for Montréal: national capital or cosmopolitan node?P112
Higa, Lais MiwaNew generation: Okinawan Brazilian women becoming wives and mother in the 21st centuryP032
Higuchi, ShigekazuA genetic polymorphism of the PER2 gene associates with physiological polytypisms for light sensitivity in humansP137
Higuchi, ShigekazuAssociation between genetic polymorphism of melanopsin photoreceptor and sleep/wake timingP137
Hilpron, MichaelBody awareness techniques in judo: between sensations and material cultureP059
Hirano-Nomoto, MisaUrban voluntary associations as "African potentials": the case of Yaoundé, CameroonP055
Hirata, MasahiroMonogenesis-bipolarization of milk culture in the Eurasian continentP109
Hoffman, SusannaA twenty-year chronicle of emotional impact of disaster from an anthropological perspective: a survivor's storyP023
Hoffman, SusannaThe impact of contemporary disasters on global food systems from an anthropology of disaster perspectiveP081
Holland, CarolineDigital urbanisation and the dignity of older citizensP121
Honda, HiroshiSocial anthropologies of Korea in Japan after the 1980'sP134
Hong, HyunsooPreparing for a "happy ending": debates on end-of-life treatment and the well-dying movement in South KoreaP027
Honya, YukoClothes as mutual communication from the case of Mayan women in GuatemalaP052
Horiguchi, SachikoWhen anthropologists collide: self-reflexive dialogues between a 'native' and a 'foreign' anthropologistP058
Horikawa, NaokoLives of evacuees from the Fukushima nuclear disasterP023
Hosoya, HiromiGlobal justice and peace building in an unequal society: internal armed conflicts and indigenous people of the highland AndesP143
Hossain, TaniaEmpowerment through language: a case study from BangladeshP088
Houston, StephenThrough seeing stones: Maya epigraphy as a mature disciplineP052
Hruby, ZacharySemiotic analyses of Maya lithic caches: anthropologies of technology, symbolism, and religionP052
Hsia, Hsiao-ChuanThe making of multicultural subjectivity: the case of marriage migrants' empowerment in TaiwanP006
Hu, YiWhat socialism with Chinese characteristics could be: China's Wenchuan earthquake revelationP022
Huang, Yueh-PoA comparative analysis of the immersion program at two Atayal schools in northern TaiwanP122
Hui-hua, XiaoThe sun of the clan: the rights of the Yi women viewed from the epic poetry, mythology and folklore of the Yi peopleP127
Hui-hua, XiaoMulti-visual analysis about mechanism selection of protection and inheritance of minority culture: take Yi's feminine rights and interests safeguard as an angle of viewP127
Hussein Hassan, AleyaFormal and informal medical systems and sustainable development in the Egyptian oasisP063
Ibn Rahman, RokmatullahCultural influence on the modernization of public Toraja ancestors: an anthropological study in Makale city, Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi, IndonesiaP141
Ichikawa, TetsuChinese-indigenous relationship in Bornean rainforest: diversification of Chinese communities in an upriver area of Sarawak, MalaysiaP103
Ichinkhorloo, ByambabaatarLocal development interventions and power networks among herders in MongoliaP061
Ide, RisakoDiscourse of motherhood: a comparative study of interview narratives of American and Japanese womenP106
Ihobe, HiroshiLocal differences of targets of chimpanzee huntingP146
Iida, JunkoCreating the circumstances of care together: interactions in the network of palliative careP069
Iida, ReikoCulture that mediates: popularization of tamāśāP005
Iida, TakuWars and disasters as matters of "anthropology of heritage"P083
Iijima, ShujiA resident said, 'We get sick of people who want to smell Minamata disease': a fisherman's village after fifty eight yearsP014
Ijichi, NorikoThe cooperation of labor of diving women in Jeju island, South KoreaP099
Ikeda, KeikoSlaying the giant: overcoming awkwardness in the relationship between the study of the US and anthropology in JapanP050
Ikeda, MitsuhoSearching for real "Mam": political issues on civil and indigenous rights among the Guatemala Mam MayaP026
Ikeya, KazunobuHuman history of nomadism and sedentarism among nomadic peoplesP038
Ikeya, KazunobuSedentarizing process and socio-economic changes of Mlabri hunter-gatherers in ThailandP043
Imai, AyaMoving from thin descriptions to a 'thick description' of the violent transformation of social movements in Africa: a case study of MENDP082
Imai, HirooIntra-species difference in the taste receptors of primatesP146
Imamura, KaoruCamel production in Kazakhstan and SaharaP109
Imoto, YukiAutoethnography from the borders of anthropology and Japan: co-constructing narratives of borderland experience among two 'native' female academicsP058
Inamura, TetsuyaChanges in the pastoralism of Merak, in the far-eastern highlands of Bhutan, and their historical and social backgroundP043
Inda, JonathanA not so borderless world: illegality, criminalization, and the policing of immigrationP142
Inose, KoheiWriting against contamination: anthropological analysis of agriculture and research under radioactive threatP024
Inoue, HirokoInternational state-building and cultures of governance: the case of post-1999 Timor-LesteP143
Isaacman, AllenCahora Bassa dam: extending South Africa's tentacles of empireP111
Isaacman, BarbaraCahora Bassa dam: extending South Africa's tentacles of empireP111
Isbister, DongImplications of tourism as a livelihood strategy to Chinese rural women's well-beingP019
Ishida, ChieNationality and descent in legal problems over Japanese migrationP032
Ishigaki, NaokiIndigenous movement in contemporary Okinawa: its history and present situationP077
Ishiyama, ShunSaharan oasis culture and its evolutionP109
Isono, MahoMedical anthropology of medicine or medical anthropology for medicine? Challenges of a medical anthropologist collaborating with medical professionals of cardiovascular diseasesP033
Itagaki, RyutaThe anatomy of Korea-phobia in JapanP132
Itakura, FumiakiThe Japanese imagination of space and televisionP089
Ito, AtsunoriCollaborating with the source communityP094
Ito, Miku"We are business women": West African women merchants doing business in Bamako, Paris, DubaiP067
Ito, YasunobuAnthropological methods for creativity and innovation: observing ethnographic researches used in the context of industry in JapanP084
Iwamoto, MichiyaAbout the Folklore Society of Japan (FSJ)P130
Iwasaki, MasamiWhen the Tsunami hit the Ayukawa whaling townP003
Iwatani, AyakoThe Kalbeliya dance as an articulated form of community memoryP005
Iwatani, HirofumiAn anthropological study of the space industry in JapanP089
Jabiot, IsabelleVisible and invisible beings among individuals to the everyday life (Chefchaouen, Rif Westerner - Morocco)P029
Jagadeesh, VislawathHuman Rights Commission: Indian scenarioP098
Jain, MahaveerRole of education for the prevention and elimination of child labourP034
Jain, PadamCommunication by translationP119
Jain, ShashwatCode switching in the indian contextP119
Jain, ShreyaCode switching in the indian contextP119
Jensen, Casper BruunAquatic ontologies: deltas and development in Southeast AsiaP008
Jin, JingAnalysis of the community nursing demands and the influencing factors among elderly people of KunmingP127
Jin, YihongChina's social transformation and re-construction of motherhoodP127
Joe, IldongFormation of transnational identities through popular media among ethnic KoreansP079
John, KishorPrint versus digital media: teachers' perspectivesP119
Johnson, DavidArchitecture and things: an examination of architecture's encounter with object theory in anthropologyP092
Joshi, PCImpact of Cyclone Aila on the livelihoods of the people of Sundarbans, West BengalP023
Joshi, PCBeliefs and practices in reproductive healthP080
Juniah, RestuWomen as mining workers: challenges between scientific professionalism and innate femininityP001
Kabir, HumayunCustodians of Muslim identity: Islam, state, and the ulama in BangladeshP028
Kadam, ChitraState and civil society in India: anthropological reflections on the role of NGOs in nation-buildingP131
Kagaya, MariFamily and "family-like" people: conflicts over community-based elderly careP130
Kaivanara, MarziehIranian women and education: contestation of traditional gender hierarchiesP001
Kajimaru, GakuReciprocal singing as a musico-linguistic and anthropological practiceP072
Kalegowda, KantarajuIndigenous knowledge and oral tradition among the Soliga - an Indigenous communityP063
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