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30 Nov, -0001

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00:00[TBD]His01Connecting and Disrupting African Collections in European Museums0

Date TBD

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitleNo. of sessions
[TBD][TBD]Anth01Multiple African anthropocenes: universal concepts, local manifestations0
[TBD][TBD]Anth02Hierarchies of knowledge production in academic collaborations between Africa and Europe - Panel of the Association for the anthropology of social change and development0
[TBD][TBD]Anth03Welfare, redistribution and new forms of the "public good" (Panel sponsored by Africa: Journal of the International African Institute)0
[TBD][TBD]Anth04Urban policing and production of the city0
[TBD][TBD]Anth05Conflict urbanisation and urbanity in Africa0
[TBD][TBD]Anth06Islands of peace0
[TBD][TBD]Anth07Politics at the periphery0
[TBD][TBD]Anth08Urban enclaves and the middle class0
[TBD][TBD]Anth09Continuities and disruptions in 'doing fatherhood' in Africa0
[TBD][TBD]Anth10Navigating rupture and continuity in older life worlds in urban Africa0
[TBD][TBD]Anth11Questioning "norms" in/from Queer African Studies0
[TBD][TBD]Anth12Continuities and disruptions in the home-making process of migration0
[TBD][TBD]Anth13Experiencing violent conflicts over the life course and across generations: connections and ruptures0
[TBD][TBD]Anth14Rethinking Urban Theory from African Cities0
[TBD][TBD]Anth15Cryptopolitics: Exposure, Concealment, and Digital Media0
[TBD][TBD]Anth16Contesting Legitimacy in Africa: Accountability, transparency and responsibility0
[TBD][TBD]Anth17Disruptive sectarianism in the Indian Ocean [CRG Africa in the Indian Ocean]0
[TBD][TBD]Anth18Old age and migration: an African perspective0
[TBD][TBD]Anth19Beyond the soft power paradigm: African "uses" of Chinese media0
[TBD][TBD]Anth20Pan African Identities in regards to aesthetic phenomena0
[TBD][TBD]Anth21Making a Living on & off the Road - Trucking and the Politics of Movement and Stoppage in Africa0
[TBD][TBD]Anth22Fulbe connections: West African pastoralists between participation and disruption with society0
[TBD][TBD]Anth23Sexual and Reproductive Rights: conflicting narratives and the future of Gender in Africa0
[TBD][TBD]Anth24Corporate sovereignty: Connections and disruptions of corporate power in Africa0
[TBD][TBD]Anth25Space infrastructures, science and technology in Africa0
[TBD][TBD]Anth26Refugee institutions: changes and continuities in host societies' local "modes of governance"0
[TBD][TBD]Anth27The Transnational Politics and Materialities of LGBT 'Rescue' in Africa0
[TBD][TBD]Anth28Le Mali "post Accord d'Alger" : dynamiques, récits et pratiques du politique entre ruptures et continuités0
[TBD][TBD]Anth29Re-making citizenship: social security and refuge beyond the state0
[TBD][TBD]Anth30Business at work: new ethnographies of private sector dynamics in Africa0
[TBD][TBD]Anth31Decolonising Africanist migration research? [CRG AMMODI]0
[TBD][TBD]Anth32Violent conflict and urban governance [CRG Violent Conflict]0
[TBD][TBD]Anth33Intimate relationships, marriage, and social change in southern Africa0
[TBD][TBD]Anth34African LGBTQ Activisms: Queer Counter Narratives and Arts of Resistance0
[TBD][TBD]Anth35'We need electricity today': narratives and practices of electrical connections and outages in Africa0
[TBD][TBD]Anth36Aspiring Men: Disrupting the narrative of African masculinity in crisis0
[TBD][TBD]Anth37Ritual as performance space0
[TBD][TBD]Anth38Disruptions through deportations within Africa and beyond - Implications for local, (trans-)national connections and development0
[TBD][TBD]Anth39Stories of a rural African working class0
[TBD][TBD]Anth40Photo archives: silence and blindness0
[TBD][TBD]Anth41Materiality and spirit: exploring visuality, citizenship and power in urban Africa0
[TBD][TBD]Anth42Solitude in Africa0
[TBD][TBD]Anth43Encountering Publics in African Cities: Embodied Research and Experiential Learning0
[TBD][TBD]Anth44Affective Connections and the Formation of New African Citizens0
[TBD][TBD]Anth45Ethical certification between traceability and transparency: the future of digital technologies in Africa0
[TBD][TBD]Anth46Decolonizing the academy in future Africa [Roundtable] [CLOSED]0
[TBD][TBD]Anth47Civic Science and Infrastructures of Protection in Africa0
[TBD][TBD]Anth48Crossing boundaries, crossing borders: subversion, disruption and LGBTQ migration on the African continent0
[TBD][TBD]Anth49Landless, waterless, and wireless: Connecting through social media to mitigate disruptions from land dispossessions0
[TBD][TBD]Anth50Troubling growth0
[TBD][TBD]Anth51Kinship ties and networks on the move: strategies for mobility0
[TBD][TBD]Anth52African Studies Associations in Europe - a critical revision of aims and future challenges [Roundtable] [CLOSED]0
[TBD][TBD]Anth53Photographs as objects of affective connection and disruption0
[TBD][TBD]Anth54African Global Travellers: (dis)connections, policies, and imaginations [CRG Africa in the World]0
[TBD][TBD]Art01Friends with benefits? - a critical reflection on patronage and artistic agency in the visual arts0
[TBD][TBD]Art02Breaking with the Past: Strategies of Disruption in South African Visual Arts in the Representation of a New Social Order.0
[TBD][TBD]Art03Diversifying the visual library: Photographic presentations and representations of the African continent0
[TBD][TBD]Art04Yorùbá culture and music as connections, identity formation and disruptions among African Americans0
[TBD][TBD]Art05Reimagining South African Civic Architecture in the 21st century0
[TBD][TBD]Art06"Boomerangs and Roots" - Rumba, Rap and Reggae as African or Afrodiasporic musics?0
[TBD][TBD]Art07Connecting Image and Imagination: the Arts on/and African Slavery0
[TBD][TBD]Art09Micro-Art: Subversion and Rupture in Literature, Visual and Plastic Arts0
[TBD][TBD]Art10African feminisms today: Connections and Disruptions0
[TBD][TBD]Art11Reconnecting African Art and Artefacts0
[TBD][TBD]Art12Comparative cultural geographies of Lagos (Lagos Studies Association)0
[TBD][TBD]Art13Connections and disruptions: African contemporary expressive culture in the global context0
[TBD][TBD]Art14Going beyond disruptions: the opportunities and challenges in researching African contemporary expressive culture [Roundtable] [CLOSED]0
[TBD][TBD]Econ01Non-state investments in natural resources extraction from Asian entrepreneurs in Sub-Saharan Africa: Assessing their transformative and their disruptive effects at the local level0
[TBD][TBD]Econ02The political economy of diversified business groups0
[TBD][TBD]Econ03The afterlife of development0
[TBD][TBD]Econ04Commodifying Africa: Material and Representational Interests, Influences and Impacts0
[TBD][TBD]Econ05Commodity Frontiers and Knowledge Regimes in Africa, 1800 to present0
[TBD][TBD]Econ06Disruptors in the financial markets: creating financial markets at the bottom of the pyramid0
[TBD][TBD]Econ07Towards new hegemonies? The role of new actors in African development cooperation0
[TBD][TBD]Econ08Regional Integration in Africa and Trade Agreements0
[TBD][TBD]Econ09Inside a construction boom: politics, responsibility and the temporalities of urban development0
[TBD][TBD]Econ10Africa's enchantment with large-scale infrastructure projects - Imperial aspirations re- or undone?0
[TBD][TBD]Econ11Non-existing public utilities that disrupt… and existing public utilities that are disrupted0
[TBD][TBD]Econ12The crisis of land In South Africa0
[TBD][TBD]Econ13Financialization and premature de-industrialization in the African context0
[TBD][TBD]Econ14Opportunity and Risk in African Domestic and Regional Value Chains0
[TBD][TBD]Econ15Digital extractivism and data-driven development in Africa0
[TBD][TBD]Econ16Post-conflict reconstruction, peacebuilding and mine action: New worlds in the aftermath of conflict0
[TBD][TBD]Econ17Disrupting the wage: Post-work futures within and beyond Africa0
[TBD][TBD]Econ18Domestic investors in large-scale investments in agriculture and extractives: new perspectives on connections and disruptions0
[TBD][TBD]Econ19A New Political Economy in African Higher Education0
[TBD][TBD]Econ20India's aid and soft power in Africa: connections and connectivities0
[TBD][TBD]Econ21Integration of peasantry into the Global Market: inconspicuous connections and opportunities on the fringes of large-scale investments0
[TBD][TBD]Econ22Resource nationalism in southern Africa: challenges and opportunities0
[TBD][TBD]Econ23"Land Grabbing" and Political economy of investments in export horticulture in Africa0
[TBD][TBD]Econ25Mining's Connective and Disruptive Effects on Human Settlement in Africa0
[TBD][TBD]Econ26The United Nations in Africa, and Africa in the UN: Bureaucratic Wrangling, Translocal Negotiations, and the Politics of Expertise0
[TBD][TBD]Econ27Changing Structural Conditions in the Periphery: African Connections and Disruptions within the Global Economy (Towards Samir Amin's festschrift)0
[TBD][TBD]Econ28Building and connecting Africa: Infrastructure construction and economic development in the XXIst century0
[TBD][TBD]Econ29Disrupting models? "New" Global Players and the Politics of Development in post-Washington Consensus Africa0
[TBD][TBD]Econ30The politics of governing oil in Africa: rupture and continuity?0
[TBD][TBD]Econ31Continuity and disruption in public service provision0
[TBD][TBD]Econ32LIS4D: an ICT4D perspective on latest land information systems developments0
[TBD][TBD]Econ33Commercialising Africa: money, values, visions, dissonances0
[TBD][TBD]Econ34Food, consumption and the home market in African industrializations0
[TBD][TBD]Econ35Tourism in Africa: new hopes, old stereotypes? [CRG Africa in the World]0
[TBD][TBD]Env01Climate change as a vector of migration and conflict in Africa0
[TBD][TBD]Env02Disruptive urbanisms0
[TBD][TBD]Env03African waters: flows, frictions and disruptions0
[TBD][TBD]Env04Spatial Theory and African Urban Studies0
[TBD][TBD]Env05Governing Blue Growth: Maritime Regimes and Oceanic Disruptions across African Waters0
[TBD][TBD]Env06Disrupting narratives of resilience and mobility0
[TBD][TBD]Env07New trends, patterns and dynamics of conflict in Africa: Exploring the rise in conflicts between farmers and pastoralists0
[TBD][TBD]Env08Continuous disruption: materiality, landscape and maritime cultural heritage in eastern Africa0
[TBD][TBD]Env09Space in time: changing patterns of land use, land rights, and landscape narratives0
[TBD][TBD]Env10Rural Transformations in Sub-Saharan Africa - Spaces of Future-Making 0
[TBD][TBD]Env11Housing (in)security and (in)formality: The production of uncertainty in state-led housing projects in African Cities0
[TBD][TBD]Env12Taking the initiative in African cities: Grassroots responses to rapid and mismanaged urbanisation0
[TBD][TBD]Env13Demographic dynamics in Africa: between continuity and rupture0
[TBD][TBD]Env14The Sahel in Turmoil: Political Instability, Resource Conflicts and Migration [CRG Drylands]0
[TBD][TBD]Env15African drylands facing change: interdisciplinary research on climate change, food insecurity, political instability [CRG Drylands] [Roundtable] [CLOSED]0
[TBD][TBD]Env16The politics of life on the urban margins in South Africa0
[TBD][TBD]Hea01Madness beyond psychiatry: a comparative and interdisciplany study of mental disorder in Africa0
[TBD][TBD]Hea02The arts of dying and reviving institutions of health and well-being0
[TBD][TBD]Hea03Insanity and the Moral and Political Economies of Colonial Africa0
[TBD][TBD]Hea04Circulation of biomedical knowledge and materiality between Africa and Asia0
[TBD][TBD]Hea05(Dis)connecting healthcare from the bottom up: digital improvisation, creativity and disruption0
[TBD][TBD]Hea06Madness in Africa: In Official, Everyday, & Vernacular Lives [sponsored by AFRICA: journal of the International African Institute]0
[TBD][TBD]Hea07Remembering Alma Ata? Revisiting 'health for all' amid aspirations for universal health coverage in Africa.0
[TBD][TBD]Hea08Disrupted Minds: Precarity, Politics and Psychiatry in Africa0
[TBD][TBD]Hea09Health indicators, local knowledge and African cultural pluralism: a call for research0
[TBD][TBD]Hea10Population control reloaded: the anti-politics of the family planning enterprise0
[TBD][TBD]His02Storytelling and Social Order in Africa0
[TBD][TBD]His03Alternative Histories of Decolonisation in Southern Africa0
[TBD][TBD]His04From the ashes reborn: reconsidering the "Time of Troubles" in Southern Africa in the context of global history0
[TBD][TBD]His05The Vietnam War in Africa, 1963-19750
[TBD][TBD]His06Late-apartheid South Africa or the 'long transition', 1984-1994: moments of rupture and continuity0
[TBD][TBD]His07Pan-Africanism between Unity and Divergence (1950-60s)0
[TBD][TBD]His08School education and the shaping of colonial and independent states and societies (19th century-1970)0
[TBD][TBD]His09Labour and capital in African mineral production networks [CRG Resource Extraction in Africa]0
[TBD][TBD]His10From global history to globalization: Connections and disruptions in the African Indian Ocean [CRG Africa in the Indian Ocean]0
[TBD][TBD]His11De la colonisation comme vestibule de la société du risque : perturbations et ruptures dans la perception et la gestion des catastrophes dans la société traditionnelle.0
[TBD][TBD]His12African borders: from conflict to coexistence0
[TBD][TBD]His13Transport and Travel - Connections and Disruptions0
[TBD][TBD]His14The past is present: African primary sources and cultural materials in the digital age0
[TBD][TBD]His15Refugee camps in African history0
[TBD][TBD]His16Shaping hearts and minds : African elites' training from the colonial era to the present0
[TBD][TBD]His17Connected decolonisations: networked approaches to anticolonial struggles in Africa, 1950s-80s0
[TBD][TBD]His18Paving roads over well-trodden paths? The (dis-)use of everyday infrastructure from pre- to post-colonial Africa, 1800s to present0
[TBD][TBD]His19Traditional pattern reconfigurations and new networks in East Africa and the Horn of Africa0
[TBD][TBD]His20Who belongs to the new nations? Inclusion, expulsion and xenophobia in early post-independence West Africa (1957-1973)0
[TBD][TBD]His21Disruption and continuity in Cameroon: the Anglophone crisis0
[TBD][TBD]His22What remains of labour: the changing and unchanging working realms of African societies0
[TBD][TBD]His23Cultures of Solidarity, or Towards a Bright New Future: Transnational Exchange in African Liberation Networks0
[TBD][TBD]His24The impact of foreign resources and expertise on building state institutions in Africa0
[TBD][TBD]His26Historical Trajectories of Borders, Borderlands and Frontiers (1830-1950) [CRG ABORNE]0
[TBD][TBD]His27Bearing the heritage of anti-colonial struggles : political socialization and collective action in postcolonial states0
[TBD][TBD]His28Mobility and the struggle for citizenship in colonial Africa. Connecting knowledge and social mobility in colonial Africa0
[TBD][TBD]His29Morality and masculinity in eastern African times of connection and disruption (1800 - present)0
[TBD][TBD]His30African students in European universities from c.1800 to the present: uncovering lost histories, decolonising the academy0
[TBD][TBD]His31Rural Transformations in Sub-Saharan Africa - Histories of Future-Making0
[TBD][TBD]His32Mining, Urbanism and Globalised Trade in Antiquity and Contemporary Southern Africa0
[TBD][TBD]His33Knowledge contest: global development and local survival0
[TBD][TBD]Lang01Connections and disruptions: a sociolinguistic perspective0
[TBD][TBD]Lang02Limits and prospects of African humour0
[TBD][TBD]Lang03Literary Activism in Twenty-First Century Africa: Networks, Commons and Publics0
[TBD][TBD]Lang04Journals as bridge-builders? The politics of publishing and the challenges of disciplinary, geographic and linguistic boundaries (sponsored by the International African Institute)0
[TBD][TBD]Lang05Language and the political imagination: Connections and disruptions0
[TBD][TBD]Lang06Border Crossings and Identity0
[TBD][TBD]Lang07Negotiating Linguistic Disruptions and Connections0
[TBD][TBD]Lang08Aporias of justice and possibilities of redress in contemporary African contexts0
[TBD][TBD]Lang09Connecting people through academic writing - how to bridge the gap? [Roundtable] [OPEN]0
[TBD][TBD]Lang10"Who do we write our research for?" Sharing reflections on decolonising engagement and access to research outputs in the field of African studies0
[TBD][TBD]Lang11Teaching "Introduction to African Studies" [Roundtable] [OPEN]0
[TBD][TBD]Lang12Turning Down the Heat: (Mis-) Representation of African Migration in the Media and the Role of Researchers [Roundtable] [CLOSED]0
[TBD][TBD]Law01Minority rights in Africa0
[TBD][TBD]Law02LGBT human rights in Africa: struggles and strategies0
[TBD][TBD]Law03Law in Africa: charting one's course of action in a field of multiple normative orders0
[TBD][TBD]Law04Scrutiny of the main transitional justice laboratory: Africa0
[TBD][TBD]Law05Courts, Politics and African Democracy0
[TBD][TBD]Law06Legal Bureaucracies: connection and disruption in and beyond the state0
[TBD][TBD]Law07Continuities and contestations in responding to gender-based violence: laws, practices, definitions0
[TBD][TBD]Pol01Studying China-Africa: new themes, new research trends, old problems0
[TBD][TBD]Pol02Normative politics in Africa0
[TBD][TBD]Pol03The inner life of African organizations: Innovative methods and approaches0
[TBD][TBD]Pol04Refugees and the State in Africa0
[TBD][TBD]Pol05Technology and democracy in Africa0
[TBD][TBD]Pol06Islands in the stream or swept along with the flow?: Political disruption and continuity in African universities0
[TBD][TBD]Pol07Transnational Connections and the Liberation Struggle in Africa0
[TBD][TBD]Pol08Election observation in Africa0
[TBD][TBD]Pol09Urban citizenship and mobility between here and there: Understanding political belonging among Africa diasporas0
[TBD][TBD]Pol10The politics of dynasties in Africa0
[TBD][TBD]Pol11Relocating the state in rural Africa0
[TBD][TBD]Pol12Social protests, 'dominant-party systems' and sociopolitical change0
[TBD][TBD]Pol13Women's Voices in Politics and Sexuality in Africa0
[TBD][TBD]Pol14Regime change, democratic experiments and trends in succession politics in Africa0
[TBD][TBD]Pol15Narratives of technological and infrastructure ruptures0
[TBD][TBD]Pol16Who are African politicians?0
[TBD][TBD]Pol17Secessionism in African Politics: Aspiration, Grievance, Performance, Disenchantment [Roundtable] [CRG African History] [CLOSED]0
[TBD][TBD]Pol18The rural frontiers of Jihad: militant careers, political economies and network governance in West and Central Africa0
[TBD][TBD]Pol19Politics after War: Armed actors in post-conflict societies [CRG African Politics and International Relations]0
[TBD][TBD]Pol20Archives, governance and policy-making on the African continent0
[TBD][TBD]Pol21Decolonization and Pedagogy - Disruptions and Connections in the Classroom0
[TBD][TBD]Pol22Migration and inequality: the African migrant and access to public services0
[TBD][TBD]Pol23Emergenc(i)es: Disruptive events and their consequences in African politics0
[TBD][TBD]Pol24Political Orders in the Making: Cases from Inside and Across the Sahara [CRG ABORNE]0
[TBD][TBD]Pol25Urban governments coping with the New Urban Agenda: connections and disruptions0
[TBD][TBD]Pol26Democratic and autocratic disruptions0
[TBD][TBD]Pol27Playing to the crowd: performance and the politics of campaign rallies0
[TBD][TBD]Pol28Faultlines in African Politics: Interrogating citizen agency in political change action0
[TBD][TBD]Pol29Europe's new frontier: Local appropriations of EU policies on the African Continent0
[TBD][TBD]Pol30Populism and democracy in Africa [CRG African Politics and International Relations]0
[TBD][TBD]Pol31Digital technologies and the politics of data in Africa0
[TBD][TBD]Pol32Convergences and Divergences of African State-Making Trajectories0
[TBD][TBD]Pol33International security assistance in Africa: views beyond the policy [CRG Violent Conflict]0
[TBD][TBD]Pol34Political Settlements, Growth Coalitions, and Social Networks: Exploring the Role of Elites for State Trajectories0
[TBD][TBD]Pol35Parties and organisational power: Understanding variation in party organisation and intra-party politics0
[TBD][TBD]Pol36Collective action in disruptive times: mobilizing against neoliberal politics0
[TBD][TBD]Pol37Civil Society Participation in Peace Initiatives of African Intergovernmental Organisations0
[TBD][TBD]Pol38Connecting states and citizens: the impact of political brokerage on African governance0
[TBD][TBD]Pol39Trifurcated States in Africa: Connections to International Humanitarian Aid; Disruptions in the State0
[TBD][TBD]Pol40The politics of national narratives: Performing and challenging dominant ideas of the state in Africa0
[TBD][TBD]Pol41State Capture and its Consequences0
[TBD][TBD]Pol42New frontiers of political economy in Southern Africa0
[TBD][TBD]Pol43The politics of funding knowledge production in Africa0
[TBD][TBD]Pol44Race and Racial Relations: Africa and Beyond0
[TBD][TBD]Rel01Religious activism and disrupted social relations: exploring religion and alienation in Africa0
[TBD][TBD]Rel02Religion and Progressive Activism in Africa0
[TBD][TBD]Rel03Religion multiple: continuities, flows, and "religious diversity"0
[TBD][TBD]Rel04Gathering and Separating in the name of God? Instrumentalization of Religious Rights in Contemporary Africa0
[TBD][TBD]Rel05Entanglements of informality and religion in African cities0
[TBD][TBD]Rel06Mediation and the construction of religious heritages0
[TBD][TBD]Rel07Religion, citizenship and everyday practices in Africa0
[TBD][TBD]Rel08Religious organizations as moral agents in urban Africa0
[TBD][TBD]Rel09Continuities or disruptions? The role(s) of women in African religions0
[TBD][TBD]Rel10Religion and secularism in Africa: challenges to the political order0
[TBD][TBD]Rel11Religiosity on University Campus0
[TBD][TBD]Soc01Mozambique, disruptions and possibilities for the future0
[TBD][TBD]Soc02New surplus populations in Africa: Ruptures and continuities in rural transitions0
[TBD][TBD]Soc03Continuities and disruptions in urban land governance: the rise of the middle-class in Sub-Saharan Africa0
[TBD][TBD]Soc04Education and African youth's 'return' mobilities0
[TBD][TBD]Soc05Epistemic Disruptions and Connections: Dialogues on Decoloniality in/and Feminist African Studies0
[TBD][TBD]Soc06It Is Not About Housing (Only)! Affordable Housing Policies and the Resettlement of Informal Settlements0
[TBD][TBD]Soc07Disruptions in primary school education in Africa0
[TBD][TBD]Soc08The African diaspora: to live away to exist at home?0
[TBD][TBD]Soc09'Innovation or Irrelevance'? An Analysis of New Strategies being used by African Trade Unions to Defend the Interests of Labour0
[TBD][TBD]Soc10Epistemological legacies of empire: Interrogating Eurocentrism in African studies [Roundtable] [CLOSED]0
[TBD][TBD]Soc11Pastoralists' formal and non formal education, between preservation of cultural heritage and needs for opening up to a globalized world.0
[TBD][TBD]Soc12Connecting African studies and mobility studies: theoretical considerations and empirical insights0
[TBD][TBD]Soc13Western citizens and African subjects?0
[TBD][TBD]Soc14Deepening connections among critical change makers in Africa: Experiences from the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program0
[TBD][TBD]Soc15Foreign powers, journalism and the new scramble for Africa0