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27 June, 2013

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
11:30C5.02P001African dynamics in multi-definitional governance, which governance and whose governance?email
11:30C6.02P006Large-scale land acquisitions and related resource conflicts in Africaemail
11:30C6.06P011A new scramble for Africa? The rush for energy resources southwards of the Saharaemail
11:30C2.01P013Governing AIDS through aid to civil society: power, responsibilization and resistanceemail
11:30C5.01P028Thinking about multipolarity through the boundaries of state and non-state poweremail
11:30C2.05P030Literatures in African languages and nationhoodemail
11:30C6.08P038The African Union and the challenges of regional integration in Africa in a multipolar worldemail
11:30C4.01P040Acting in the name of the state: practices, practical norms and the law in booksemail
11:30B2.01P047Studying Islam and Christianity in Africa: comparisons and interactions (IAI panel)email
11:30C5.06P054Between internal and external: exploring the dialectics of peace-building and state-building in Africaemail
11:30C6.09P055Workers across Africa: global and transnational labour history and labour studiesemail
11:30C6.10P056Middle classes in Africa: the making of social category and its social meaning and usesemail
11:30C5.05P060Cape Verdean diaspora: dialogues and contemporary relationshipsemail
11:30B2.02P068Interactivity and the formation of figures of legitimate authority in Africaemail
11:30C3.01P069Linking culture and development in Africaemail
11:30C1.04P075The 'silent revolution'?: the feminization of the labour force and gender dynamics in Africaemail
11:30C5.07P077Seeking strategies for Africa's growth and development within a multipolar worldemail
11:302E05P079UN policies and local realities in contemporary Africaemail
11:301E10P084Press freedom and right to information in Africaemail
11:30C5.08P091Crude moves: social fields of global oilemail
11:30C3.02P092Contestation and political change: exploring patterns across borders and regionsemail
11:30C4.02P106The making and unmaking of the postcolonial African archive in a transnational worldemail
11:302E07P119Afro-Brazilian readings: multiple analyses of the African diaspora in Brazilemail
11:302E08P121Spirit of placeemail
11:30C1.03P127The idea(s) of Africa(s) in a multipolar world: ways beyond the predicament of essentialismemail
11:301E08P131Urban imaginaries in Africaemail
11:30C5.09P142Housing suburbs in African cities: new urban paradigmsemail
11:30C4.05P149How much development through aid?email
11:30C2.02P152Administrative and legal documentation in pre-colonial Africa and beyondemail
11:30C4.06P158Native legislations and repressive realities: the indigenato and colonial labour in comparative perspective (1890-1961)email
11:30C4.07P160ICT and networks in Africaemail
11:30C6.01P162Digipolities: conflict and media in Africaemail
11:30C4.08P172Drug trade, control and consumption in Africaemail
14:30B2.01P036The African response to the choice of the language of instruction in the global worldemail
14:30C4.06P155Un/making difference through performance and mediation in contemporary Africaemail
14:30C4.05P167Managing other people's money: financial services in sub-Saharan Africa after structural adjustmentemail
17:00C4.08P014Regional cooperation and integration in sub-Saharan Africaemail
17:00C6.02P017Reciprocal comparison for post-colonial Africa: colonial legacies, political trajectoriesemail
17:00C6.07P021Conflict minerals, property rights and transnational resource governance: a new African 'resource curse'?email
17:00C4.01P101Local politics and national identities: South and southern Africaemail
17:002E05P107The transformation and redefinition of honour, status and moral authority patterns in contemporary Africaemail
17:00C5.09P157Philosophy in lusophone Africaemail
17:00C5.01P169Religion and media in twentieth-century Africaemail
17:00C6.01P177Diaspora in East-Central Africa: histories of memory, mobility and belongingemail

28 June, 2013

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
10:30C2.01P004New players and management of natural resourcesemail
10:30C6.01P007African nationalisms as subjects of historical researchemail
10:30C6.02P010Cartografias dos silêncios poéticas emergentesemail
10:30C6.06P015Exploring glottopolitical dynamics in Africa: the Spanish colonial past and beyondemail
10:30C5.01P023Words, arts and migration in Africa: narrative explorationemail
10:30C2.02P033Hidden dimensions: demographic trends and sexual culture in contemporary Africaemail
10:30C6.07P037Diasporas and national development in Africaemail
10:30C2.05P039Political change and ICT in Africa: methodological innovations and ethical challengesemail
10:30B2.01P041The nationalism of the 'five': the liberation struggle and post-independence trajectoriesemail
10:30C6.08P043BRICS and Africa: the increasing engagement of emerging powers in a resource-rich continentemail
10:30C6.10P057Cooperation under asymmetric conditions: Africa and the emerging powersemail
10:30C5.06P061Africa in the Indian Oceanemail
10:30C5.07P064Urban governance in Africa: a grounded inquiryemail
10:30B2.02P070African experts in the international government of Africaemail
10:30C1.03P071African studies: scholars and programsemail
10:301E06P074The Lord's Resistance Army conflict after 2006: local and regional dynamicsemail
10:30C1.04P083Revolution 3.0: iconographies of utopia in Africa and its diasporaemail
10:30C5.05P088Breaking knowledge barriers: Africans and Africanists and the politics of collaborationemail
10:302E05P090Migration and memory in/from Africaemail
10:30C6.09P093Security complexes and complexities in the eastern DRCemail
10:301E10P096Promoting sustainable urbanization in Africaemail
10:30C5.08P103Mobilities and trans-border cultural identities: contesting boundaries and postcolonial restrictionsemail
10:30C5.09P112Mutual aid practices in African space: analysing economic and social impactsemail
10:301E08P115Neglected tropical diseases and African developmentemail
10:30C3.01P118Africa's changing educational landscape in a multipolar worldemail
10:302E07P120Secession: the key to unlocking Africa's potential?email
10:301E07P123Intergenerational relations amongst African migrants in Europeemail
10:30C3.02P125The politics of whiteness in Africaemail
10:30C4.01P128African women's commitment to internationalisation and transnational movementsemail
10:302E06P133The roots of Horn of African conflictsemail
10:302E03P137African urban spacesemail
10:30C4.02P139Recovering the dynamism of African people: contemporaneous history (20th and 21st centuries)email
10:30C5.02P146International and domestic actors in the reconstruction of Angolaemail
10:30C4.05P151Heroes in Africaemail
10:30C4.06P159Rethinking Islam and Islamic militancy in contemporary Africaemail
10:30C4.07P163Defining peace, security and democratization: the African Union and multi-layered arenasemail
10:30C4.08P165Novel spaces for African youth: creativity, entrepreneurship and political actionemail
10:302E04P166South-South linkages: Africa and the emerging powersemail
13:30C5.05P008Beyond checks and balances: policing democratic regimes in Africaemail
13:30C2.01P031The evolving social role of oral literatures in 21st century African communitiesemail
13:30C4.07P171Multipolar religious production: old and new trendsemail
16:00C2.05P050Agricultural export production, wage employment and certification schemesemail
16:00C6.02P058Writing the world from another African metropolis: Luanda and the urban questionemail
16:00B1.04P082Moving markets, travelling goods: exploring the paths of trade in Africaemail
16:00C5.02P099The role of regional economic communities for political and security issuesemail
16:00C6.09P104Repatriating from camps to post-conflict societies in southern Africaemail
16:00B1.03P110Pressure on and support for Africa's non-democratic regimesemail
16:00C5.08P122Unspectacular politics of land: actors, sites, strugglesemail
16:002E10P124New players in sub-Saharan Africa: the influence of South-South investors and immigrant firms on local developmentemail
16:002E08P135Regionalism in Africa: beyond EU-centrismemail
16:00B2.02P138African studies and social mediaemail
16:00C5.09P140Therapeutic technologies in contemporary Africa: creativity, appropriation and emerging forms of practiceemail
16:00C4.05P141African studies in a multipolar world: is there a European perspective?email
16:00C3.01P143The dynamics of the popular: social media, popular communication and challenges to power in contemporary Africaemail
16:00C4.01P153The entrails of 'beautiful' and 'proper' cultural heritage: diggers, middlemen and white collars in the grey trajectories of the transnational African art tradeemail

29 June, 2013

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
09:00C2.01P003Courts and politics: dynamics and challenges for the effectiveness and legitimacy of Africa's judiciariesemail
09:002E03P005Africa's resource blessing: pathways to autonomy in a conflicting donor worldemail
09:00C2.05P009The European Union in Africa: human security and crisis managementemail
09:00C6.02P012Dynamics of contention: between state, society and the internationalemail
09:00C6.06P018The politics of history in contemporary African border disputesemail
09:00C4.01P019Fieldwork in conflict, conflict in fieldwork: methodological and ethical challenges in researching African warzonesemail
09:00C4.08P022Urbanisation and poverty in mining Africaemail
09:00C2.02P026Aid and authoritarianism in Africaemail
09:00C6.07P029Body, culture and social tensionsemail
09:00C4.05P032Regional integration in Africa: challenges and opportunitiesemail
09:00C4.06P034Gender, sexuality and pleasure: postcolonial feminist approachesemail
09:00C4.07P035Angola in the aftermath of civil war: overcoming the impacts of protracted violenceemail
09:00C6.08P044Policing, punishment and politics: movements across legal and extra-legal places and institutionsemail
09:00C5.01P045African indigenous knowledge and languages: perpetuating communication and developmentemail
09:00C5.02P048The social construction of practical norms: everyday practice at the margins of rules and lawsemail
09:00C6.10P059Narrating political legitimacy in contemporary southern Africaemail
09:00C5.06P063When food is short: rural and urban household strategies sustaining livelihoodsemail
09:00C5.05P065Citizen participation, religion and development: new social actors for a changing world?email
09:002E10P076Work ethics, labour and subjectivities in Africaemail
09:00C1.04P080Compared political systems of sub-Saharan Africa: endogenous and exogenous factors in the construction of political frameworksemail
09:00C5.07P085Living in transnational families between Africa and Europe: the centrality of a gender approachemail
09:002E06P097Waging peace: using military resources for conflict resolution in Africaemail
09:002E04P105Uncertain transitions: democracy and the challenge of poverty in southern Africaemail
09:00B2.01P108Moving jobs, moving workers: examining the threats and opportunities of globalization for workers in Africaemail
09:002E07P109Global and transnational connections in contemporary African arts and creative practiceemail
09:00C6.01P111Alternative ideas on Portuguese Africa development in late colonialismemail
09:00B2.02P129Health and governance in sub-Saharan Africaemail
09:002E08P130Possession by dispossession: interrogating land grab and protest in Africaemail
09:00C1.03P134Tourist mobilities in contemporary Africaemail
09:00C5.08P145The theory and methodology of representation(s): the analytical potential of a concept for contexts of transformation and innovation in contemporary Africaemail
09:00C5.09P147Dynamics of African educational systems: compromise between quantity and qualityemail
09:00C3.01P150History and contemporary memory in Angolaemail
09:002E05P173Inequalities and multi-governance levels in education public policies in Africaemail
09:00C3.02P174New topographies of African migration: education, entrepreneurship and trade from Africa towards East and Westemail
11:30C4.02P025African perspectives on Libyaemail
11:30C6.09P046New trends and dynamics in African civil societiesemail
11:30C6.01P161Cultural productions in the context of slavery: slave narrative, narrative of the self and religious configurationsemail
14:30C6.02P016Religion, secularism and developmentalism: interrogating contemporary African philosophy of religionemail
14:30C3.02P024The revolutionary violence in southern Africa: regional conflicts and alliancesemail
14:30C4.02P027Territory and community: the scalar dimensions of political authority, identity and conflict in contemporary Africaemail
14:30C6.09P052Designing African creative citiesemail
14:30C6.01P053Linguistic dynamics in Africa: varieties of Portuguese and Portuguese-related creolesemail
14:30C6.10P062New urban/rural linkages in a multi-polar Africaemail
14:30C5.01P066Art and social engagement: aesthetic articulations in African urban spacesemail
14:30C2.01P067Voting beyond Africa: African migrants' political participation in the electoral processes of their countries of originemail
14:302E10P072Peacekeeping economics in Africa: sites of diffusion and exclusion?email
14:30C5.05P073Large-scale agro-business meets African smallholder farmers: how can they enter happy marriages?email
14:30C2.02P081Portuguese Jews and Africans within a connected world: can we speak of 'racial thought' with regard to late 16th and early 17th-century Guiné do Cabo Verde & Amsterdam?email
14:30C1.04P086Challenges and prospects for the EU-Africa partnership in the coming yearsemail
14:30C5.07P087The African standby force ten years after its creation: between obstacles and prospectsemail
14:30C2.05P089Institutional transformations in southern Africa since 1990email
14:302E05P095The road to perdition: road danger and predatory transport policies in Africaemail
14:302E06P102Heritage, partrimonialization and preservation of tangible and intangible cultureemail
14:302E07P113Multi-polar urban spaces in Africa: everyday dynamics, creativity and changeemail
14:30B2.01P116Intergenerational relationships and inequalities in old age in Africa: contrasted viewsemail
14:302E08P132Africa's maritime domain securitizationemail
14:30C3.01P144Medical innovations and health inequalities: sexual and reproductive health put to the test of factsemail
14:30C5.08P154Multinational enterprises in Africa: corporate governance, social responsibility and risk managementemail
17:00C6.06P002Asian soft powers in Africaemail
17:00C4.01P049Egypt's unfinished revolution: socio-economic policies after the fall of Mubarak's regimeemail
17:00C4.05P051The ICT revolution: promises and possibilities for political growth in Africaemail
17:00C4.06P078African resistance in an age of fractured sovereigntyemail
17:00C6.08P114Borders show business: performing states in the borderlandsemail