EASA2014: Collaboration, Intimacy & Revolution


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31 Jul, 2014

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
14:00A-121IP01Forced collaborations: collective responsibility and unequal sacrifice in a Europe in crisisemail
14:00S-236IP06Collaboration, (in)determinacy and the work of translation in development encountersemail
14:00S-235L115Black and white stills: catching and placing lightemail
14:00S-235P003In search of concealed truth: revealing, unraveling and debunkingemail
14:00S-420P010Applied anthropology as a source of innovation (EASA Applied Anthropology Network)email
14:00S-232P019Writing across borders: textual mediation and collaboration in an interconnected worldemail
14:00A-242P025Governing by numbers: audit culture, rankings and the New World (Re)orderemail
14:00T-304P027Immateriality, mobility and the network (ANTHROMOB)email
14:00A-303P029The post human: what is it good for? Anthropological perspectivesemail
14:00M-218P047Anthropology of art: today and tomorrowemail
14:00T-416P052On the margins of history: keeping a step aside of crisisemail
14:00T-314P056Obsession with changeemail
14:00S-422P066Bodies out of bounds: anthropological approaches to obesity practicesemail
14:00S-238P069Moving people: anthropologists adopting, interrogating and refuting governmental categorisations (ANTHROMOB)email
14:00T-307P088The technologies and techniques of guiding: tour guides as cultural mediatorsemail
14:00M-225P111Collaboration in visual work: with whom, how, what for? (VANEASA)email
14:00S-243P113Local entrepreneurial responses to global forces: new and alternative enterprise re-configurations in times of crisis and economic hardship (EASA Network for Economic Anthropology)email
14:00A-018P114Future temporalities in anthropological practiceemail
16:00S-235L102An installation matter that matters: stories embedded in things and placesemail
16:00A-046L108Knowledge of spaceemail

01 Aug, 2014

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
09:00A-242IP03The threadbare margins of revolutions: painful participation and failed mutualitiesemail
09:00M-649IP04Collaboratively assembling personsemail
09:00A-121IP05Ethnography as collaboration/experimentemail
09:00S-236IP07Radical collaborations: a relational approach to social transformationemail
09:00M-225L101Anthropology at the edge of the future: forward playemail
09:00A-046L104Not being there - the collaboration of sensesemail
09:00A-222P001Bodies of evidence, experts, and intimacy in the anthropology of security (EASA Anthropology of Security Network)email
09:00T-307P006Intimacy of social memory and the construction of self-identity linked to the Holocaust and forced migrations in the current interconnected worldemail
09:00M-648P007'Grounding': when multiple ontologies meet material factsemail
09:00M-340P009The intimacy of corruption as a conundrum of governance: secrecy vs inflated rhetoricemail
09:00M-134P011Innovation and continuity in times of uncertainty: bridging perspectives on economic lifeemail
09:00S-238P018What to do with 'old' anthropology? Zeitgeist, knowledge and timeemail
09:00A-018P024Soldier, security, society: ethnographies of civil-military entanglementsemail
09:00A-402P026Governing urban commonsemail
09:00T-314P030Innovation and continuity in the anthropology of gender and sexuality (Network for the Anthropology of Gender and Sexuality)email
09:00A-303P035Collaborative intimacies in music and dance: anthropologies in/of sound and movementemail
09:00S-420P036Participatory visual and digital research in anthropology: engagement and innovationemail
09:00A-007P040Technologies of relatedness: different practices of intimacy in Asiaemail
09:00S-333P044Key figures of mobility (ANTHROMOB)email
09:00M-218P049Small places, large issues: thinking through anthropological conundrumsemail
09:00S-116P054Kinning the state - state kinning: reconnecting the anthropology of kinship and political anthropologyemail
09:00S-233P059Topics in the social history of anthropology, in Europe and elsewhere (Europeanist Network)email
09:00S-422P061Religious trends toward intimacy and revolutionemail
09:00T-416P063Anthropological utopias: debating personal, political and idealist expectations in the intersection of theory and ethnographic practiceemail
09:00T-304P085Under suspicious eyes: surveillance states, security zones and ethnographic fieldworkemail
09:00T-409P086Cultural strategies and social conditions of neo-nationalisms in Europeemail
09:00S-243P099Changing intimate exchanges and emerging forms of resistance to intensified self-commodificationemail
09:00S-232P106Rethinking assisted conception: dynamics of law, morality and religionemail
09:00M-342P112Cultural entrepreneurs in Africa: endeavors, constraints and pathways of success (EASA Africanist Network)email
11:00A-046L107Experiments and experience in teaching ethnography: the 'line-up' for example…email
11:00M-342P017Generating value and valuation as collaborative practiceemail
14:00A-002Plenary AEASA beyond crises: continuities and innovations in European anthropologyemail
16:00A-046L105Exploring modes of social practice in art and cultureemail
16:00A-007L114Does the world draw? A collision of approachesemail
16:00S-333P055Protest and politics of grievance in Europeemail
16:00S-232P064Collaboration in criminal justice: actors, processes and translationemail
16:00M-648P105Intimate collaborations and gendered spaces in African citiesemail
16:00S-243P110From cracks to breakdown: disruption in cooperationemail
19:00Astra foyerL113And when the policeman comes, will he dance with us?email

02 Aug, 2014

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
09:00M-218IP02Intimacies of infrastructureemail
09:00A-046L106(Re)creating intimacy through food: searching for (post-)Soviet tasteemail
09:00A-222P002Economies of growth or ecologies of survival? Fear and hope in an overheated worldemail
09:00A-007P005Networking, collaboration and intimacy in the Mediterranean (Mediterraneanist Network)email
09:00T-314P016Feminist activist ethnography and social changeemail
09:00M-225P020Polar mobilities: resilience and transformations (ANTHROMOB)email
09:00S-232P021Crisis, intimacy, and the European subjectemail
09:00A-242P028Infrastructure and imagination: Anthropocene landscapes, urban deep-ecology, cybernetic dreams and future-archaeologiesemail
09:00S-333P034Rethinking research topics in the Anthropocene: anthropological collaborations in global environmental changeemail
09:00M-649P041Farmland as investment in post-Soviet Eurasia: practices, coalitions, moralitiesemail
09:00M-328P042Relational patrons: anthropological perspectives on transnational and intimate art collaborationsemail
09:00M-342P043Re-embedding the market economy: innovation, legacy, and techniques of intimate sociality after socialismemail
09:00S-233P046Give and take: gift exchange in South Asiaemail
09:00A-018P048Cross-border consumption and collaboration in post-Yugoslav everyday lifeemail
09:00S-236P057Urban space under (re)construction: affective and economic geographies under rapid social changeemail
09:00M-340P067Security and citizenship (Peace and Conflict Studies in Anthropology Network)email
09:00S-422P068Boredom, intimacy and governance in 'normalized' times of crisisemail
09:00T-304P074The massacre and its intimacy: violence among neighborsemail
09:00S-116P077Ethnography of the invisibleemail
09:00M-133P078Ubiquitous energy: everyday energy rhythms, practices and experiencesemail
09:00S-420P080Same-sex sexualities and ethnic minorities in Europe (Network for the Anthropology of Gender and Sexuality and the European Network for Queer Anthropology)email
09:00M-648P082The changing landscape of the global political economy and foreign aid: has the Cold War ended? (Anthropology of International Governance Network)email
09:00M-134P087Collective imaginations and collaborative art practiceemail
09:00M-213P092Destiny, fate, predestination: ethnographies of changing forms of political and intimate lifeemail
09:00S-238P094Alliances, networks, and oppositions: the transnational circulation of medical reproductive technologiesemail
09:00A-121P096Child migrants or 'third culture kids'? Approaches to children and privileged mobility (ANTHROMOB)email
09:00T-307P097Post-industrial revolution? Changes and continuities within urban landscapesemail
09:00A-303P098Living with chronic illness: challenges and perspectives across bordersemail
09:00S-243P103Food parcels: intimate connexions in transnational migrationemail
09:00T-409P109Collaborating in the field: participatory forms of anthropological research (re)examinedemail
11:00M-649P014Building promises: how international, state and local actors collaborate on public construction projects in non-democratic environmentsemail
11:00M-224P037The provocateur?email
11:00M-328P070Collaborative revolutions: tracing the variety of responses to current art practices, objects and imagesemail
16:00A-002Plenary BIntimacy, immanence and narrativesemail

03 Aug, 2014

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
09:00A-222IP08The institutionalization of revolutionary movements: ethnographic case studiesemail
09:00M-225L200Anthropologies of artemail
09:00M-134P004Tourism in (post)socialist Eastern Europe (Anthromob; IUAES-TOURISM; EASA Europeanist Network)email
09:00M-649P008The edgy Northern European imaginaries: cultural identity through the looking glass of fabulous ancestors and ludic realitiesemail
09:00T-416P013Collaboration and intimacy in the politics of care workemail
09:00S-236P015Youth and social movementsemail
09:00M-218P022Anthropology as a vocation and occupationemail
09:00S-232P023Contested histories on the move: rethinking memory through mobility and agencyemail
09:00M-213P032Exploring the complexity of heritage practices through cooperationemail
09:00S-428P033Conflicts and social violence in an interconnected and uncertain worldemail
09:00S-116P038Soils, seeds and capitalism: political agronomy and the intimacies of farmingemail
09:00S-238P045Tracing eligibilities: moralities, performances, practices (EASA Network for Anthropology of Law and Rights)email
09:00A-402P050Anthropologies of collective design experimentsemail
09:00M-340P051Prison ethnographies, research intimacies and social changeemail
09:00S-412P053Global appropriation of bio-resources and its impacts on local people in international perspectiveemail
09:00S-420P058Whatever is happening to the critical study of sexual and gender diversity in anthropology? (European Network of Queer Anthropology)email
09:00T-304P060The anthropology of infrastructure: ordering people, places, and imaginariesemail
09:00S-422P062pARTiCI[TY]pate! Collaborative place-making between art, qualitative research and politicsemail
09:00T-307P065Media futures: media anthropology of, for and through the notion of 'future' (Media Anthropology Network)email
09:00T-416P072Anthropology of cure and recovery: collaboration and chronicityemail
09:00T-314P073Religious intimacy: collaboration, collusion and collision in ritual communicationemail
09:00M-342P075Working in the between: theoretical scholarship and applied practiceemail
09:00A-007P076The Future of the Anthropology and Anthropologists of the Contemporary Middle East and Central Eurasia (The Anthropology of the Middle East and Central Eurasia Network)email
09:00A-242P084The worldwide urban mobilizations: conundrums of 'democracy', 'the middle class' and 'the people'. Supported by Focaal and the IUAES Commission on Global Transformation and Marxian Anthropologyemail
09:00S-233P090Himalayan climate change: conflicts and related effectsemail
09:00S-243P091Living together in changing environments: towards an anthropology of multiple natures in Europe and beyondemail
09:00T-409P093The meaning of horses: perspectives on intra-species communicative becomingemail
09:00M-648P095Living with disasters: hazards, continuity and changeemail
09:00M-133P100Exploring change and continuity: readjustment, identity and child mobility in an interconnected worldemail
09:00A-018P101Collaboration between psychiatry and anthropology: nosological and etiological challengesemail
09:00A-303P102The anthropology of public services and bureaucraciesemail
09:00S-403P104The politics of brokerage: intimate interconnections and spaces of collaborationemail
09:00S-333P107Forms of government and everyday economic practices: ethnography and comparisonemail
09:00M-328P108From bodily sensation to symptoms: consequences for healthcare seeking?email
11:00S-233L109Visual anthropology without a cameraemail
11:00A-121P012Independent child migration in an interconnected worldemail
11:00M-133P031Mining technology: practices, knowledge and materials across and beyond the minesemail
11:00S-412P089Roma/Gypsy resilience beyond marginality?email
14:00A-002Plenary CYoung scholars forumemail
16:00S-403L112Cambia idea - wethio khalatt: seeing/participatingemail

Date TBD

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
[TBD]SuperNova cinema hall, Nova buildingF001Film programmeemail