EASA2012: Uncertainty and disquiet

Nanterre University, France, 10/07/2012 – 13/07/2012

Authors and papers

This page lists all the accepted papers by author. Click on a workshop reference to see the workshop page and paper details.

Abramson, AllenWhere should we play tomorrow? 'Extreme sport', uncertain environment and the ludic excesses of the post-sovereign subjectW099
Abu Rabia, ArefSufi shrines and dreams in PalestineW133
Achermann, ChristinStruggling over exclusion: the decision making process on the deportation of foreign national offenders from SwitzerlandW086
Achino-Loeb, Maria-LuisaCaught between public framing, legalities, and reality: the case of undocumented immigrants in ItalyW108
Acosta Garcia, Raul GerardoModelling deforestation: affective appeals to science, tradition, and the globalW097
Adamczyk, ChristianeIntegrating the 'other Rwandans': power and homogenisation policies in RwandaW057
Aguiar, Jose Carlos GIllegality mesh: the spatial entanglement of criminal and informal activities in urban enclavesW116
Aguirre Vidal, GladisCaring for the caregiver: Ecuadorian migrants and family in the global economyW033
Ahlberg, KarinIntroduction: living and researching (in) uncertainty after the fall of MubarakW015
Ahlin, TanjaWomen betwixt and between: social change, gender struggles, and eating disordersW093
Ainslie, AndrewHarnessing the ancestors: uncertainty and ritual practice in the Eastern Cape provinceIW009
Aistara, GuntraBread and tomatoes: the shifting moral-political economy of local food systems in Latvia from the Soviet times to the EUW079
Ait Mous, FadmaGenre et propriété au Maroc : la mobilisation de femmes autour des terres collectivesW074
Akhtar, IqbalDream visions of the saints In Khōjā kahaṇī literatureW133
Aksyutina, OlgaRethinking the practices of self-organization in South Africa: the self-empowering experience of the 1980s and it's role for the contemporary protest communitiesW121
Al Dabaghy, CamilleArchives, life-trajectories and institutional (un-)learning: working on embeddedness mechanisms of globalized norms in a Malagasy urban municipality.W026
Al-Mohammad, HayderThe tremulousness of bodily-being: a kidnapping in IraqW122
Alamillo-Martínez, LauraNever good enoughIW006
Albanese, JeffreyPermanence and transience in US homeless tent citiesW034
Alcano, Matteo CarloInvisible disorders: sorcery and misfortune among East Javanese sex-workers in Bali (Indonesia). W065
Alga, Maria LiviaQuestioning gender and politics of identity: activist coalitions and street protest in Palermo, ItalyW093
Ali, PerveenLitigation as performance: legal status in liminal spaces after South Africa's xenophobic attacksW048
Ali, PerveenSuffering vs. threatening bodies: vulnerability and sovereignty in the Iraqi refugee resettlement programW057
Allamel, FrédéricThe Houmas: from resilience to an exodus foretoldW130
Allison, ChristineUncertainty and the subaltern: the search for Yezidi identityW025
Alpes, JillDeportation and bad luck in Anglophone Cameroon: towards a legal consciousness of migration policyW086
Alphandéry, PierreMais qu'est-ce qui se trame ? Identification des Trames Vertes et Bleues en Ile de FranceW089
Alunni, LorenzoRoma populations and the Italian health system: describing and reproducing misunderstandingW084
Alvarez Agüí, NuriaConstruction of an 'internal enemy' and affirmative action: the 'good' and the 'bad' cités young peopleW076
Alves de Matos, PatríciaThe injured precariat and call centre labour: shame, stigma and downward social mobility in contemporary PortugalW070
Alzouma, GadoMobile phone and social inequalities in Africa: what really changed?W080
Amit, VeredThe periodicities and serendipities of educational migrationW118
Amster, MatthewViking religion (Forn Siðr): legitimacy, spiritual creativity, and conceptions of identity in contemporary DenmarkW117
Amy de la Bretèque, EstelleVoices of sorrow: laments, epics and melodised speech among the Yezidis in Armenia.W003
Anastasoaie, Marian ViorelHurricanes, the revolutionary state and moral debates in contemporary CubaW124
Ancian, JulieJudging newborns' murders in FranceW042
Anderfuhren, MarieParental delegation of childcare of young children to domestic workers: risks and expertiseW043
Anders, GerhardThe global war on drugs in practice: From international conventions to intelligence fusionW026
Andersson, Kerstin BThe intellectual elite, uncertainty, anxiety and changing power positionsIW006
Anghel, Remus GabrielFacing deindustrialization: migration and its effects in two Romanian localesW045
Annist, AetCareful not to care: care for self and community in times of crisesW033
Anton, Lorena'Ça prend du temps…' : Anxiety and Reproductive Health Practices in the Context of Moroccan Migration in South-West FranceW028
Apostoli Cappello, Elena La proximité culturelle dans une ethnologie des mouvements altermondialistes: dimensions emic et ethic de la théorie sociale W121
Aramburu Otazu, Miguel JavierBridges and trenches: the process of place-making among migrants in Catalan working-class neighborhoodsW062
Arantes, Lydia MariaSelling handicrafts on Etsy, VonDir, DaWanda & Co: resisting uncertainty of global markets?W100
Araya, Ricardo'It's inbred into you, it's a manly thing, you don't go to the doctor': men, masculinity, diagnosis and help seeking for depression and anxiety in a UK cityW013
Ardèvol, ElisendaMedia/social space: re-thinking social change through space and materialityW080
Arhem, KajTaming the forest: development, conservation and the devolution of forest land in upland VietnamW097
Århem, NikolasTaming the forest: development, conservation and the devolution of forest land in upland VietnamW097
Árnason, ArnarFear as a total social factW024
Arnaus, MartaL'interaction sociale et la construction de la confiance autour de la pratique économique des tontines dans une société d'immigrés africains à Barcelone (Espagne)W083
Arnone, AnnaThe time warp: the formation of Eritrean identitiesW001
Arpin, IsabelleThe Mercantour biodiversity inventory, at the interface of systematics, ecology and nature managementW023
Asai, YuichiEnvironmental discourse as poetry: nature interpretation ritual in a Japanese Eco-InstituteW081
Aslam, Maleeha The nexus between Muslim masculinities, jihadist Islamism, and terrorismW072
Astrinaki, UraniaConstitution Square, Athens: disquieting politics, haunting memories, spectral futures, unfathomable crowdsW025
Athias, RenatoThe Indians, the supreme court and the indigenous rights in BrazilW005
Atkinson, Sally"Our brains would be nothing, without yours": managing anxiety and expectations in a dementia research communityIW006
Atlani-Duault, LaetitiaShattered credenceW112
Aubin-Boltanski, EmmaVendredi saint chez Catherine de Nab'a (Beyrouth) ou la réactualisation d'un mythe religieux W087
Avilés, KarlaStigmates sociolinguistiques: affects et effets discursifsW091
Avramopoulou, EiriniThe cost of other desires: the political economy of visibility and LGBT activism in IstanbulIW007
Bacchiddu, GiovannaLittle expertise, plenty anxiety: a counter case from the international adoption scenarioW043
Badescu, GruiaViolent space: readings of urban memory and anxiety in SarajevoW029
Badescu, Gruia"Etre demoli" à Bucarest, entre continuité et rupturesW032
Badescu, GruiaWhose house is this? Uncertainty, ownership and urban memory in KorçaW032
Badii, MichelaThe 'certainty' of heritage: slow food as an 'ethical food' management agency - traditional food policies in contemporary TuscanyW079
Bähre, ErikThe redistributive economy: insecurity, insurance, and ontologies of wealth in Cape Town, South AfricaIW009
Bakunina, AlinaAsceticism as a source of alternative epistemology in Eastern ChristianityW101
Bal, EllenTeaching anthropology to kids who do not want to learn itW011
Balzani, MarziaAnxious times: the 'problem' of Muslim women's education, work and failed marriagesW064
Bandak, AndreasMessages of unity, practices of discord: thresholds of certainty among the followers of Our Lady of Soufanieh W101
Bank, LeslieBetween Umzi and the Ndlu: house and homestead in the former TranskeiW030
Bar-On Cohen, EinatThe Symbol as the trickster of anthropology W063
Baranski, JanuszTourism: a contemporary rite de passageW020
Barassi, Veronica Long abstract: media imaginaries: social media, imagination and political action in Italy and SpainW080
Barbé i Serra, AlbaThe drag king performance: a complex set of tensionsW021
Barberousse, AnoukDoes the "Barcoding of Life" toolbox actually identify species? W023
Barbosa, LiviaUses of denim to rethink social stratification in BrazilW038
Barbulescu, ElenaDe-localizing the rural healing in Romania: seeing a physicianW084
Bargna, IvanVampires and fear between Hollywood and BandjounW126
Baril, AlexandreTransformations corporelles et analyses intersectionnelles : repenser les amputations volontaires (transcapacité) à la lumière des apports théoriques et politiques des études transW021
Barnard, AlanHuman origins: the potential for social anthropologyW007
Baroiller, AurélienForms, imaginary and identity: some material culture dynamics of the Kanak tombsW018
Baroin, CatherineLes droits sur le bétail, clés de l'organisation sociale chez les Toubou (Tchad, Niger)W074
Barros, VitorImmigration, surplus life, and the ethnopolitics of careW102
Basnayake, PrabhathiTackling life, uncertainty and diabetes by a group of South Asian migrants IW003
Bate, BernardWe have never been public: communicative praxis and the illusions of political modernityW081
Bates, SeumasOil men vs oiled men: sharing space and (re)defining boundaries on the Louisiana Gulf coastW056
Baujard, Julie"No Future"? Protracted refugee situations in Delhi (India)W073
Baumann, BenjaminIn the land of Pii Poob and Pii Grasueh: how malevolent magic epitomizes Khmerness in contemporary ThailandW065
Baxerres, CarineHow is it going to ended? Pregnancy in a context of high maternal mortalityW061
Beaud, SylvieA multi-religious ritual supporting the local Han identity: a case study on the Guan Suo Opera (Yunnan, China).W068
Beaudoin, SamuelExpecting a baby following a stillbirth: un/certainty between medical sciences, public health policies and parents' experiences in contemporary QuebecW104
Becker, JohannesLocalising collective belongings: Palestinians in the Old City of JerusalemW015
Becut, AndaThe market orientation of the households and the family relations in the Voinesti villageW090
Bedorf, FranziskaFrom ultimogenitur to senior club: negotiating certainties and uncertainties of growing older between rural Mexico and urban ChicagoIW003
Beekers, DaanPiety as everyday struggle: young reformist Muslims and their Christian counterpart in the NetherlandsW064
Bell, LindsayManufacturing the natural: diamond tourism in Canada's NorthW107
Bell, SandraSmart grids: evolving relations between suppliers and consumersW050
Ben David, Rachel'Hunting' the visual: Anthropology of safari tourists who capture the uncertain W131
Ben Hounet, YazidL'attribution de la propriété foncière agricole en Algérie : piste pour une ethnographie du droit d'accèsW074
Benadusi, MaraThe two-faced Janus of disaster management: still vulnerable yet already resilient W130
Bender, CoraPraying and writing: coming unstuck from diabetes and depression in indigenous modernityW092
Bendix, Regina F."No children please!": the boundaries of "crime as usual" among German "Tatort" viewersW037
Bendixsen, SynnøveMourning and belonging: The becoming political of irregularized migrants in Norway W108
Bennett, GaymonVocational disquiet: on the affective life of negligenceW111
Beretta, SaraDocumentary filmmaking and artivism in contemporary China.W075
Berg, Dag ErikMadiga Dandora and their demand to sub-categorise a constitutional categoryW067
Berg, UllaEconomies of affectW090
Berglund, EevaDesign for a better world, or conceptualizing environmentalism and environmental management in HelsinkiW097
Berquiere, ThierryLes textures affectives de l'habillementW109
Berriane, YasmineGenre et propriété au Maroc : la mobilisation de femmes autour des terres collectivesW074
Berti-Tarabout, DanielaThe technicalities of doubting: temple consultations and district courts in IndiaW060
Bertoni, FilippoVined together: human-plant entanglementsW106
Betti, MariannaGrowing older and endurance among the Turkana of Northern KenyaIW003
Bhimji, FazilaUndocumented immigrants and the city in the age of uncertaintyW034
Biehl, KristenGoverning through uncertainty: "refugeeness" in TurkeyW073
Bille, FranckCollaborative denial: the museums of Heihe (China) and Blagoveshchensk (Russia)W110
Bille Larsen, PeterDevelopment and anthropology in the Peruvian Amazon: exploring paths of engagementW009
Binter, JuliaExhibiting disquieting histories: "What We See" as a critique of ethnography's anthropometric past in Cape Town, Basel and ViennaW110
Bira, MonicaLe musée d'histoire entre les incertitudes de l'histoire. La perspective roumaineW032
Björklund Larsen, LottaCauses, reasons and justifications when buying work informally in SwedenW010
Blanes, RuyPossession, mediation and imagination in an Angolan prophetic movementIW001
Blom, AmélieDo jihadi martyrs really want to die? An emic perspective on the uncertainties of self-sacrifical radicalization in PakistanW008
Blom Brodersen, MarianneConstructing and conceptualizing a contested space: knowledge and cosmology among the Gitanos of El RastroIW004
Blondet, MariekeUncertainties and anguishes facing Natura 2000: how local people deal with biodiversity conservationW089
Bluehberger, Jutta"I know Allah hears my prayers, but will he answer?": the uncertainties of informal prayer for Muslim women in MaliW064
Boccanfuso, PierreThe Shaman, his nephew... and the captainW134
Bodineau, SylvieFigures of "child soldiers" within the discourse of child protection practitioners and related programs and policies in the Democratic Republic of CongoW054
Bodirsky, KatharinaThe intercultural alternative to multiculturalism and its limitsW062
Boe, CarolinaThose who may be left behind: facing the uncertainties of immigration detention, incarceration, and the potential deportation of a family memberW086
Boermel, AnnaOf Salted Strawberries and Vegetable Cleansers: How new hygiene practices in Beijing have emerged in response to infectious diseases and contaminated foodW128
Boholm, ÅsaIntelligent nano: anthropomorhic matter and human machineryW106
Boissevain, KatiaFrom sub-Saharan Africa to the Maghreb: Revitalization of Christian Churches and Landscapes in TunisiaW016
Bondanini, Francesco BrunoSilent uncertainties: trust, law and integration among migrants, academics and citizens of the Spanish enclaves of Ceuta and MelillaW069
Bondarenko, DmitriThe use and abuse of historical memory in nation-building: Tanzanian and Zambian university students' attitude to the colonialism-born minoritiesW001
Bonhomme, JulienGod's graffiti: prophetic writings and politico-religious imagination in postcolonial GabonIW001
Bonhomme, JulienGod's GraffitiW134
Boni, StefanoAssemblies and the struggle to diffuse power: ethnographic examples and contemporary practicesW121
Bonifacio, ValentinaStorytelling the fight for land of the Paraguayan Maskoy at the crossroad of different ontological dimensionsW017
Bonnin, ChristineNew markets in upland culture: state development agendas and ethnic minority traders of 'cultural commodities' in northern VietnamW100
Boret Penmellen, SebastienTrees of conjugal remembrance: kinship, mourning and death in Japanese tree-burialW085
Borges, AntonadiaLiving together apart: some land restitution implications for the living and the dead in Ingogo (KZN)IW009
Botea-Coulaud, BiancaDe la production de l'(in)certitude en contexte de requalification urbaine. Pratiques de l'espace et rapports au temps sur deux terrains en Europe (Roumanie, France).W032
Bouagga, YasmineRitualizing uncertain rehabilitation: parole hearings in prisonW060
Bouillier, VeroniqueThe different times of doubt in French Assises CourtsW060
Bouly de Lesdain, SophieElectricity as a cultural concept implicated in everyday practices: a comparison of French and Norwegian responses to policy appeals for sustainable energyW050
Bozzini, David"Shall we fear the regime?": anxiety and reflexivity of Eritrean migrants in SwitzerlandW024
Brabec de Mori, BerndSonic beings? IntroductionW049
Branda, Alina IoanaInternalizing fear: a case studyW024
Brandes, StanleyThe belief in animal immortality as a source of uncertainty and disquietW087
Bräuchler, BirgitTraditional elites, culture and peacebuilding: anthropology's (possible) contributions to peace researchW035
Brebant, EmilieProcessing the past through religious representations: the prophecy of the genocide as an alternative to Rwandan official memoryW001
Brisbois, XavierBeing alone among others : the ambivalent interpretation of sound in the subway, between isolation and relation W088
Brives, CharlotteDoing science in a period of crisis: the case of a clinical trial conducted in Abidjan, Ivory CoastW104
Brivio, AlessandraVodun face the uncertainty of society W087
Broccolini, AlessandraThe politics of Intangible Cultural heritage in Italy in the "UNESCO age": anthropological perspectives.W094
Broch, Harald BeyerA Norwegian Klondike at seaW097
Bruckermann, CharlotteA Chinese earthquake rumour and its repercussionsIW008
Brun, CathrineStuck in the present, captured by the past: time perspectives on protracted displacement.W073
Bruun, Maja HojerBalancing community and economy in cooperativesW090
Bubandt, NilsThe paradoxes of money: faith and gold in a Sufi orderW101
Buch Segal, LotteWives of Palestinian life prisoners, between mourning and melancholiaW085
Buchberger, SonjaBeing open to the world in Tunisia: 'L'idée du couch' as vernacular cosmopolitanismW036
Buchowski, MichalPostmodernism and post-socialismW006
Buckner, MargaretGlances of collaboration during a filming session with bonobosIW005
Budniok, JanWhen judges feel misjudged: (en)countering doubt in Ghanaian courtsW060
Bukovcan, Tanja'Incompetent, irresponsible and ignorant?': Ethnography of parenting in high-conflict divorcesW043
Bunescu, IoanaLocal Practices of Participation of Academic Staff in the Context of Internationalization of Higher Education. A comparative study Denmark/Sweden.W011
Bureau, EveLes significations locales d'une norme globale : la participation des usagers dans les programmes de lutte contre le sida au CambodgeW026
Burlacu, Mihai"We don't sell our country!": from xenophobia to xenophilia in postcommunist RomaniaW024
Büscher, BramConceptualising lived experiences within the political economy of the Ecotourism/Extraction NexusW107
Caduff, CarloThe pandemic performativeW026
Calheiros, OrlandoThe story of two: knowledge and dissimilarity among Aikewara people.W063
Calvo-Gonzalez, ElenaThalassaemia and 'whiteness': ancestry and racial identity in contemporary BrazilW014
Calzolaio, ChiaraEthnographie de la violence à Ciudad Juárez, possibilités théoriques et défis méthodologiques.W066
Campbell, BrianSilent uncertainties: trust, law and integration among migrants, academics and citizens of the Spanish enclaves of Ceuta and MelillaW069
Campeon, ArnaudThreat, impact and integration of crisis in situations of Alzheimer disease (AD): qualitative analysis of care trajectories and arrangements of patients suffering from AD in FranceW039
Campos Calvo-Sotelo, JavierSonic affinity: aural environments and the musical brainW007
Canals, RogerReligions against the State: a study of the practice of Afro-American religions in contemporary Puerto Rico from a visual anthropology perspectiveW047
Cano Castellanos, Ingreet JulietEntre rêves de colonisation et discours écologiste. Les enjeux de l'appropriation paysanne de la forêt Lacandona (Chiapas, Mexique)W089
Canuday, Jose JowelEmbodying cosmopolitanism: dance heritage, music videos, and the embrace of global imaginaries in Sulu and ZamboangaW036
Canyelles Gamundí, CaterinaSubverting the hegemonic gender order: the experience of prisoners of the Communist Party of Peru - Shining PathW013
Capelli, Irene"'fuqash 'arafti fi rassek hemla?' Discovering, hiding and experiencing pregnancy and reproduction in the lives of single mothers in Morocco"W028
Capello, CarloDouble presence or double exclusion? Ethnographic notes on migration and structural violenceW069
Capponi, GiovannaTrance-national Gods: Reinventing the Social and Ecological Space of Brazilian candomblé in Northern ItalyW016
Carasa, Fernando JoseCritical political movement: an anthropological perspectiveW121
Carbonell, EliseuNot just any port after a storm: patronage, political opportunism, cultural heritage, and maritime identity on the Catalan CoastW069
Carbonnel, LaureLa figure du bouffon malien dans le prisme de l'incertitudeW046
Cardoso, AntónioThe past that does not pass: memories, events and trauma in the far-left militant Portuguese Maoist W031
Carey, MatthewUncertain others: a quantum theory of truth and its Moroccan advocatesW015
Carnassale, DanyInvisible migrants: multiple identities and (self)exclusions of African homosexuals living in Italy.W048
Carolino, JuliaUneven socio-spatial capacities and the legalization of a migrant squatter settlement in Greater LisbonW051
Caron, Emmanuel"I have nothing to do and I came here": an ethnography of inactivity in urban ChinaW095
Carro-Ripalda, SusanaYou cannot take the researcher out of the evaluator: epistemology and ethics of anthropological collaborations in public healthW051
Carroll, KhadijaAll the radical interventions we never made: anthropology museums' uncertain responses to interventions by contemporary artistsW115
Carta, SilvioA difficult marriage: ethnographic film and mainstream anthropologyW012
Cartron, BenjaminBeing alone among others : the ambivalent interpretation of sound in the subway, between isolation and relation W088
Casado i Aijón, IrinaImmigrant and autochthon ethnic minorities using Catalan public health services: reflections and research experiences from applied anthropologyW084
Cash, JenniferWorking for wine: rituals of self-sufficiency and hospitality in MoldovaW120
Cassidy, RebeccaVirtual risks: the UK remote gambling industryW019
Castillo, Maria del CarmenWhen death is dressed as Bride: burial garments among TacuatesW085
Cavatorta, GiovannaMale irregular Senegalese migrants throughout Italian soilW108
Cecconi, AriannaFaire la « paix » dans la nuit. Rêves et apparitions des âmes dans le contexte post-violence des Andes Péruviennes. W035
Celle, AgnèsSurprise as a vector of uncertainty in verbal interactionW091
Cerri, ChiaraLe soin des personnes âgées en Espagne: vers le Social Care pour une responsabilité sociale du soin.W033
Chaker, RawadPublic space, unpredictability and social tiesW115
Challinor, ElizabethShifting tactics of care and chance encounters: Cape Verdean students in PortoW033
Chalmers, PaulInformal food trade and the community in La Paz, BoliviaW100
Charbonneau, JohanneThe paradoxes of blood donors' representations of blood: a complex scientific, religious and cultural amalgam W105
Chatjouli, AglaiaThalassaemic stories of blood: the "blood of others" as a therapeutic mediumW105
Chatty, DawnUncertain times made normal: revisiting perceptions of uncertainty in modern SyriaW015
Chenhall, RichardIchi on Jo´butsu: seeking the Buddha through a single toneW049
Cherlet, JanThe deployment of integrated water resources management in Mali: an actor-network analysisW097
Chevalier, SophieHow to consume? Shopping and consumption practices among Durban's middle classesIW009
Christensen, Bodil JustPracticing nutrientsW113
Chu, JessicaDesire in the understanding of 'land grabs' in ZambiaIW007
Cimdina, AgneseIn the name of development: whose knowledge counts?W127
Ciubrinskas, VytisFacing new otherness: uncertainty and social fears in LithuaniaW024
Clarke, JenniferActs of recovery: environment in art, art in environmentW115
Clausen, NielsChildren with cancer crossing border zonesW103
Clave-Mercier, AlexandraDes situations liminales en translocalité : expériences de subjectivation et dynamiques identitaires de migrants roms bulgaresW048
Clerc-Renaud, AgnèsEpreuves et preuves dans la construction sociale d'une sainte "populaire" (Nord Ceará, Brésil)W087
Clough, PaulElucidating direct speech by writing in the common tongue: the future for anthropological writing?W092
Clua Fainé, MontserratMulticulturalism, identities and national uncertainties in south-western Europe: the rise of xenophobia and populism in Catalonia (Spain)W062
Coates, JamesXiongdi in Ikebukuro: friendship as/instead of community amongst Chinese migrants in TokyoW072
Coderey, Céline« No witch, no village » : the therapeutic role of sorcery (and countersorcery) in Arakan (Burma)W065
Coelho, Maria ClaudiaSocial grammars of hope: from theory to practicesW002
Coen, CaitríonaSafe as show houses: an ethnography of the property crash in Ireland IW008
Coleman, SteveAddressing uncertainties and doubts about the viability of local linguistic and cultural life in Europe: contributions of linguistic anthropologyW081
Coleman-Fountain, EdmundUncertain developments: exploring the significance of impaired bodies in stories of agingW103
Coletto, MicheleLa migration entrepreneuriale italienne en Roumanie vue par le prisme des discontinuités productivesW032
Collins, LauraBusan encountersW114
Collins, PeterVernacular Quakerism and the certainty of uncertaintyW087
Colopelnic, NicoletaStories in the waiting roomW095
Coman, GabrielaSpeaking about the ethnicisation of Cluj-"Napoca" city (Romania) with its inhabitants: memories, silences, and refusal of the public rhetoricW031
Condevaux, AurélieComment résister aux stéréotypes : les identités de genre dans les performances touristiques polynésiennes/Resisting stereotypes : gender identities in Polynesian tourist performancesW013
Constantine, JenniferBrazilian imaginaries of Africa and South-South CooperationW114
Cornejo, MonicaUncertain future welcomes rites: spiritual pluralism in SpainW117
Cornwall, AndreaProvoking uncertainty, engaging disquiet: working against the grain as a "development anthropologist"W009
Cortes Vazquez, Jose AntonioTourism, natural resource management and environmental readings in Protected AreasW097
Cotter, ColleenThe ethnographic advantage and the analysis of news languageW081
Course, MagnusFrom fox to clown to whiteman: a genealogy of Mapuche trickstersW063
Couto, CarlosConceptual uncertainty between development anthropology and rural development aidW009
Cowan, JaneTransparency, equality, universality, non-politicization? The multifarious effects of new norms for human rights monitoring in the Universal Periodic Review at the UN Human Rights CouncilW026
Cramer, Helen'It's inbred into you, it's a manly thing, you don't go to the doctor': men, masculinity, diagnosis and help seeking for depression and anxiety in a UK cityW013
Crane, ToddAdaptation as process, adaptation as goal: knowledge frames as adaptation politicsW127
Cruces Villalobos, FranciscoEmerging urban practices in Madrid: between the uncertain and the newW129
Cubero, CarloDe-fetishizing EU immigrant integration: transnationalism as integrationW057
Cuisance, Marie-LaureRedefining standards: how Insurance (re)makes claim-types according to "day-to-day catastrophes"?IW002
Culic, IrinaIdentity reloaded: economic class immigration to Canada and the remaking of the selfW025
Cunha, ManuelaThe burden of proof and the burden of stigma: categories of suspicion and DNA forensic databasesW041
Cunha, ManuelaMothers caught in a contradiction: intensive parenting from behind barsW043
Curran, Amiee E'So much more than a doll': the use of reborn dolls in constructing motherhood identitiesW028
D'Amico, LindaRights to Sumak Kawsay (k. well-being) and Pachamama (k. Mother Nature) in Intag, Ecuador: is sustainable mining possible?W107
D'Angelo, LorenzoMining and social memories in Sierra LeoneW001
D'Onofrio, Salvatore"Compère (attends) une minute, ne te fâche pas!". La mobilisation de la parenté spirituelle dans la résolution de conflits de la vie quotidienne en SicileW119
Dalby, ScottAesthetics of conviction: cultivating Chinese state and Falun Gong aesthetics of illegality, surrender and contestationW040
Dalgas, KarinaTwo years and you are out: Insecure futures and ambiguous family relations among Filipinos in the educational "cultural exchange" au pair program in DenmarkW118
Dalsgaard, SteffenThe field as a temporal entity and the challenges of the contemporaryPlenary C
Darieva, TsypylmaPlacing a Mosque in Yerevan: Invisible Place, Multiple Names?W016
Davidov, VeronicaKarelian birches, elite minerals, and eco-resorts: understanding the Northern Veps' relationships with nature and the stateW107
Davies, MichaelContaminated lineages: intra-uterine environments and the transmission of fatW113
Davis-Sulikowski, UlrikeMayhem, murder, mystery: un/certainty and the issues of knowing and understanding in tv crime seriesW037
de Bruijn, MirjamAfrica's changing mediascapes: mobile technology and community formationW080
de Fornel, MichelDealing with uncertainty in medical pain consultationsW091
de Koning, AnoukRedeeming abject space: gentrification in Amsterdam's DiamantbuurtW078
de L' Estoile, BenoîtThe forest and the trees: networks, comparisons and generalizations in ethnographyW083
de la Fuente Garcia, DavidThe role of the music within the Basque National MovementW040
De Largy Healy, JessicaMaking "true" pictures: certainty and uncertainty of authenticity in Yolngu ritual and film archivesW012
De Matteis, Stefano Rebels, indignants and OWSW020
De Neve, GeertMoney, marriage and morality: moral evaluations of love marriages in a South Indian industrial townW071
De Rosis, CarolinaHIV-positive women and precariousness in the Ethiopian city of Gondar: the disease as a factor of social integration in the face of uncertainty and chronic disquietIW003
De Zordo, SilviaLate abortion in Italy: conflicts around the fetus' "life" & "death" in public maternity hospitalsW042
Debinska, MariaUncertain vocabularies and imported discourses: transgender encounters with Polish law over the last 30 yearsW021
Debos, MarielleA shortened time horizon: the meanings of mobility for intermittent men in arms in ChadW008
Declich, FrancescaComing of Age in ExileW134
Deiana, Federica"Close your eyes and let yourself go": the construction of trust in a treatment for eating disordersW132
Delouis, Anne FFrench far-right trajectories: against a multiculturalism that dare not speak its nameW062
Demarchi, NoraOù, quand et comment il est intervenu : remèdes contre le doute et témoignages de l'efficacité d'un saint à travers l'analyse des ex voto.IW005
Demossier, MarionSarkozy and the Roma: performing securitizationW102
Denham, AaronTowards a social and cultural psychodynamics of infanticide: the spirit child in northern GhanaW042
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