EASA, 2010: EASA2010: Crisis and imagination

Maynooth, 24/08/2010 – 27/08/2010


Crisis and conflicts in our ranks

Location Humanities Small Seminar Room 2
Date and Start Time 25 Aug, 2010 at 16:30


Maria Vivod (UMR 7367 Strasbourg France) email
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Long Abstract

Crisis and conflicts are to be explored in several levels of our discipline:

In the fieldwork: the choice of the terrain, the obtained feedback (by the pairs, or research subjects), in the employment, in methodology, in the training.

In the training, in the public image of the discipline, between disciplines within anthropology; in the employment; in accountability of researchers and their institutions; in cumulate knowledge based beyond the trends, fads, and fragmentation of recent decades;

Between laboratories and universities (concurrence); endogenous/exogenous researches; interpersonal and personal relations: between individuals: research subjects, colleagues.

We are interested in individual's- anthropologist's accounts, work, experiences and examples (of their own of fellow researchers) to establish a discussion and analyze how they face critic by their pairs, the institutions they belong, the conflict situation they encounter due to their choices of field, method, or data collecting, etc. The manner of these researches how they represent, imagine themselves, as individuals facing constant struggle; the meaning given to them, the 'public image' in creation. These experiences enter rarely in the written accounts of an anthropologist. The aim is to hear and discuss field notes, findings and experiences putting the researcher in a multidimensional crisis - ethical, professional, methodological, moral, etc. Is the discipline undergo a croissant pressure from the behalf of pairs, institutions, publishers, research 'subjects', competition, scholars from other disciplines, scholar traditions, etc? What is the reasoning employed to cope with these difficulties, conflict situations, what are the temptations one faces?

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The choice of the terrain: problems, dilemmas and resources of being an 'halfy'

Author: Lucia Rodeghiero (University Milano Bicocca)  email
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Long Abstract

I will analyze my fieldwork experience in Slovenia, where I struggled with my double identity, being an Italian researcher with a Slovenian mother. I partly participated in the Slovenian identity I was studying and that influenced all my ethnographic experience, during both my stay on the field and the writing period at home.

The dilemmas I had to face did not concern the possibility of doing native ethnography, but that of having a split self, always feeling tension between the two cultures. My biography also caused an unexpected crisis, as my self-perception was sorely distressed.

From an epistemological point of view I had to deal with the absence of a clear self/other distinction, which seems to be crucial to the anthropological paradigm; that was part of the way I tried to imagine and build my scientific reliability.

Finally, from an ethical point of view I often had to cope with the uncomfortable sensation of using part of a knowledge I acquired in my life long before I decided to become an anthropologist, and I thought it was a kind of betrayal.

This workshop is closed to new paper proposals.