EASA, 2010: EASA2010: Crisis and imagination

Maynooth, 24/08/2010 – 27/08/2010

Authors and papers

This page lists all the accepted papers by author. Click on a workshop reference to see the workshop page and paper details.

Abu Ghosh, YasarThe Gypsy bio(graphic) power: 'out of time' as a topoi in Romani life histories W113
Ådahl, Susanne'Mama Maendelo': a look into the life work of Finnish anthropologist Marja-Liisa SwantzW105
Adam, JensTransnational cultural interventions in areas of conflictW100
Adt, ValérieBreast feeding versus formula feeding: which views do mothers refer to? W056
Aguiar, Jose Carlos GPolicy franchising: global neoliberalism and the control of new illegalities in Latin AmericaW092
Aistara, GuntraSweating for sustainability: resilience through diversity on Latvian eco-health farmsW019
Akalin, AyseThe illegality of legality: the Work Permit Law for Foreigners in TurkeyW092
Akello, GraceAn evaluation of healthcare services' provision in relation to children's perspectives: a reflection of dilemmas in applied medical anthropologyW121
Al-Mohammad, HayderRavelling/unravelling: being-in-the-world and falling-out-of-the-worldIW007
Alfieri, ChiaraBest or worst? Diverging interpretations on breastfeeding amongst African HIV positive mothers in the era of 'normalization' of AIDS preventionW056
Almeida, CarlaMozambique Island, celebrations of the slave trade abolition: taking historical memories for meaning the presentW029
Altun, MuratAn early case of neo-liberal historiography: the invention of Soixante-Huitards in Turkish mainstream media and the crisis of historicity in TurkeyW043
Alvarado Leyton, CristianNarratives of identity among German-Argentinean women in Buenos AiresW074
Amante, Maria de FátimaThe politics of reconstructing locality from a distance: actors and strategies W120
Ambaye Ogato, AnataIdentification through men:a moment of empowerment?W089
Andersson, Kerstin BImaginative acts and the Kolkata eliteW079
Andreas, MarcusAn exercise of imagination: ecovillage endeavoursW019
Andreeva, Larissa"Orthodoxy - State - Russian Ethnicity": A Possible Aberration of Pre-1917 Imperial Ideology in Post-1991 RussiaW051
Antonijevic Ubois, SmiljanaUser-generated content and cultural heritage: rewards and challenges W068
Arantes, Lydia MariaBrazilian images of 'Life in Europe': the power of discourseW036
Aranzadi, Isabela deAn Atlantic drum's journey after the slavery from Africa to the Americas and Back: Annobonese and Fernandino musical cultureW027
Archambault, JuliePhones, foreigners, and the fluctuating digital divide in Southern MozambiqueIW003
Ardèvol, ElisendaEngagement and creative labour in new media practicesW068
Arenas, IvanFrom the ballot to the barrio: finding hope in community in Oaxaca, MexicoW025
Árnason, ArnarDeath, crisis, rhetoricW013
Árnason, ArnarDeath on roadsW064
Arnaut, KarelMaking space for performativity: publics, powers, and places in a multi-register town festival (Bondoukou, Côte d'Ivoire)W029
Arzyutov, DmitryDesigner of 'Indigineity Factory': anthropologists role in Altai culture commodificationW095
Ask, KarinAfghan women reconstructing their life worldW025
Askland, Hedda HaugenFighting for the homeland: East-Timorese refugees and the reproduction of locality in exileW037
Assmuth, LauraClara Gallini: a career spanning six decades of Italian anthropologyW105
Baas, MichielImagining a future in-between: transnational desires among Indian students in AustraliaW036
Bacchiddu, GiovannaFear and prayers: negotiating with the dead in Apiao, Chiloé, southern ChileW013
Bacciocchi, LucaBetween global desires and local (im)possibilities: the migration from Sri Lanka to Italy W036
Badescu, GruiaReading post-war Sarajevo as textW084
Bajic-Hajdukovic, IvanaFrom the 'Embargo Cake' to the 'Tycoon Cake': food shortages, changes in everyday diet and new recipes in post-1990 SerbiaW010
Bal, EllenAspiring migrants and imagined futures 'away from home': The construction of migration aspirations among young people in rural and urban BangladeshW036
Balandina, AlexandraDeveloping strategies for growing roots: an autobiography of displacement, migration and repatriationW065
Ballard, RogerApplied anthropology: a viable career path?W077
Balzani, MarziaAhmadi Muslims and asylum: strategic representations W005
Baral, AnnaRoots for future in an African 'cultural kingdom'W074
Baranski, JanuszMuseum as a place of self-knowledgeW071
Barberani, SilviaAlimentary rhetorics and creative practices: (re-)imagining the self and the world in a time of crisisW010
Barbier, NicolasHuman conflicts since the reintroduction of the wolf in IdahoW069
Barendregt, BartEmerging futurities in Muslim southeast Asia: science fantasy, digital development and the urge for moral technologyIW003
Bathaïe, AzitaThe Afghan migrants from the frontiers of Iran to EuropeW054
Bayer, JuliaAwareness training for journalists and its potential for the promotion of media diversityW042
Bayrakdar, DenizIstanbul 2010 the European capital of culture: 'What really did happen between the images 1960-2010s?'W043
Beaudevin, ClaireIndividual and national crises: management of inherited blood disorders in the Sultanate of OmanIW006
Beckmann, Gitte"They call them lababa or obange - stupid"W101
Bedard, BethIndigenous response to cultural vulnerability and mining in CanadaW125
Behague, DominiqueCrisis and permutations of power in Southern Brazilian psychiatryW106
Beltran-Antolin, Joaquin"Crisis, what crisis?" Chinese life inside the diasporaW061
Benadusi, MaraPerforming community design after disaster: humanitarian floats in post-tsunami Sri Lanka W083
Benga, AlvaresCulture, exploitation of resources and conservation: Anadara senilis L (1758) in the Saloum Delta in SenegalW029
Benson, PeterTobacco, infectious disease, and global public healthW033
Berckmoes, LidewydeYouth and identity during election time in BurundiW078
Beretta, SaraIndividual fun can't equal collective one: digital visions and auto-representations on Chinese webW049
Berg, CatoImagining fish and rivers in Aurland, NorwayW038
Bernstein, JuliaRussian food shops in Israel and Germany: different national symbolic participations and virtual transnational enclaveW018
Bertelsen, Bjørn EngeThe violence of the spectral assemblage: trajectories and imaginaries of Mozambican sovereign formationsW103
Berthod, Marc AntoineDo we have the right to grieve at work? W070
Bertoni, FilippoAnomic anticipations: imagination and action in a context of crisisW060
Besnier, NikoThe imagination of tradition: pawnshops and anxiety on the edge of the globalPlenary B
Bestard, JuanThe theory of justice and the ethics of kinshipW007
Beyeler, SarahThe self-representation and striving for recognition of Ahmadi-women in Switzerland: a qualitative-empirical approachW005
Bizas, EleniPedagogies, aesthetics and notions of being: the cultural footprint of Senegalese dancers' trans-Atlantic movement on New York City Sabar classesW041
Bjerén, GunillaChanging household dynamics in urban EthiopiaW028
Björklund Larsen, LottaIllegal yet licit: justifying informal purchases of work in contemporary SwedenW096
Blazquez-Rodriguez, MaribelCrisis inside medical vision of pregnancy and labour health care attention? Results from an ethnography in MadridW121
Blum-Ross, AliciaFocusing-in: youth filmmaking as place-makingW017
Bodirsky, KatharinaBe different, be productive, be Berlin: conditions of belonging in the 'creative city'W115
Bofulin, MartinaSending love through infant formula: (re)making of the Chinese transnational family in EuropeW018
Boissevain, KatiaEvangelism in Tunisia: accommodating Christian conversion in a Muslim context W063
Bonaccorso, MonicaVolunteers and poor: community health workers in informal settlements in NairobiW077
Bondanini, Francesco BrunoStudying immigrants' identities on the frontiers of EuropeW054
Bondarenko, Dmitri"Orthodoxy - State - Russian Ethnicity": A Possible Aberration of Pre-1917 Imperial Ideology in Post-1991 RussiaW051
Borelle, CélineThe crisis of French psychiatry through the case of autismW123
Borelli, CaterinaAnd now what? Analysing the transition from a socialist city in postwar SarajevoW084
Boret Penmellen, SebastienWhen life crisis meets environmental crisis: imagining death and ecological immortality in Japanese tree-burialW013
Boswell, BevanA quest for justice? The Mauritius Truth and Justice CommissionW117
Boswell, RosabelleA quest for justice? The Mauritius Truth and Justice CommissionW117
Botticello, JulieNigerian children born in England: the search for 'roots' amid ruptureW074
Boulianne, ManonSocial innovation, social economy and economic imaginations in QuebecPlenary B
Bowsher, AndrewDigital sound technologies: the renegotiation of music production, consumption and collecting practicesIW003
Boyer, DominicPortable analytics and traveling theoryW007
Boylston, ThomasContemporary living in very old places: stability, instability and Orthodox Christian historical subjectivity in Zege, EthiopiaW002
Braemer, MarieHonda Future Neo GT: motorbikes, men and mobility in urban Vietnam W060
Branda, Alina Ioana'Virtually Jewish': life histories, past and futureW067
Brebant, EmilieRwandan visionaries of the Virgin Mary: 'competing discourses' and transnationalizationW032
Bregnbæk, SusanneThe fragility of the elite: on the double-binds of higher education in BeijingW079
Bresnihan, Patrick(Post) Political Ecology: Moving towards ConsensusW038
Broch, Harald Beyer'Welcome onboard'W038
Brodwin, PaulThe crisis of futility: clinical ethnography and the moral landscape of community psychiatry IW006
Brownlee, AttractaTraveller women and ritual power W099
Brum, CeresMaison du Brésil: a student house for the brazilian elites in ParisW079
Brumann, Christoph'UNESCO is a special animal': questions of agency in a multilateral institutionW100
Bryce, DerekExhibiting the Orient: 'post 9/11' representations of the Near East in UK museumsW071
Budka, PhilippPopular culture and music in an indigenous online environmentW068
Buergi, Birgit RuthMending and bending antimalarial drug innovation at times of emerging multi-drug resistance in Southeast AsiaW091
Bullen, MargaretWorking for change from within: applied anthropology in the Basque CountryW077
Burlacu, MihaiThe Istro-Romanians: perspectives regarding the legacy of a cultureW065
Busch, SidselFrom medicalization to psychologization: coping with voice hearing in self-help groups in DenmarkW123
Buscher, AustinAuthority in alternative spiritualities: fact or fiction?W014
Buzalka, JurajAgrarian tolerance in Eastern Europe: community, market, and politics under global crisisW035
Cabot, HeathRe-articulating the ethnos: language, blood, and belonging in AthensW059
Caldwell, MelissaFrom socialist egalitarianism to postsocialist discrimination: theorizing and implementing race in the new RussiaW059
Callan, HilaryAnthropology in pre-university education: a UK case-history of 'multiple publics'W004
Campbell, BenCultivating knowledge and practiceW019
Campbell, LiamThe Foyle River catchment: people, place and nature - estrangement and connectionW087
Canals, RogerTransnational objects, transnational cults: Afro-American religions in EuropeW018
Candea, MateiOther worlds close to home: ethological methodology as a holding in abeyanceW003
Cantinho de Jesus, Vanessa"Out of water?" Material culture, migration and the positioning strategies of a group of adolescents in a neighbourhood of LisbonW122
Capelli, IreneSocial bonds and structural boundaries: pluralism, experience and risk in the birthing process in an eastern Moroccan oasisW121
Capello, CarloThe social context of hrigue: a Moroccan viewW054
Carbonell, EliseuForecasting in changing waters: fishermen, ethnoclimatology and climate changeW087
Carbonella, AugustDispossession, disorganization and the anthropology of labourIW001
Čargonja, HrvojeExperience and expectation - interpreting religious experience narratives in the Hare Krishna movementW002
Carnegie, Elizabeth(Re)Constructing Cappadocia? Museum mediated memories and the interpretations of the shared past within the World Heritage Site of Göreme W071
Carnegie, ElizabethExhibiting the Orient: 'post 9/11' representations of the Near East in UK museumsW071
Caroso, CarlosContemporary approaches to old and new questions of anthropology in BrazilW004
Carriconde, RaquelThe street, the square and the stairway: informal ways to manage the differenceW053
Carrier, James GIntroductionIW001
Carvalheira, RaquelMeanings of culture and heritage in Essaouira, MoroccoW039
Casa-Nova, Maria JoséPerceptions of body and illness in the context of ethnicity.Thoughts arising from ethnographic field work W055
Cassidy, TanyaIreland, Irish Women and Lactation Surrogacy: Imagining a world where it takes a community to feed a child.W056
Cepaitiene, AuksuoleDaily matters, silences and fragmentation of social spaces in LithuaniaW115
Cervinkova, HanaRe-telling urban heritage through Action AnthropologyW045
Cevese, Rossella"I have to know this baby, he will be like my son": considerations on migration and milk banking in ItalyW056
Chatjouli, AglaiaThalassaemic lives as stories of becomingIW007
Chaudhuri, BidishaGood governance in India: interplay of politics, culture and technology in e-governance projectsW119
Chelcea, LiviuWork-discipline and corporate culture: temporal regimes in a multinational bank in RomaniaW023
Cholia, Harpreet'Moving on up': the South Asian public's creation and influence over public spacesW017
Christensen, Maya MynsterTransforming hope: from empty time in Sierra Leone to full time in IraqW060
Cimdina, AgneseHinder or advantage? Interpretation of the law in the context of international entrepreneurshipW096
Ciotti, Manuela'They have always been post-secular': arguments on the 'political' from a subaltern community in north IndiaW051
Citroni, SebastianoSociality events in urban settings and the generation of public sphereW118
Clark, BrendonFrom studying 'users' to generating 'publics' in design research: mutual accountability as a generative forceW047
Clavering, EmmaA crisis in the genes? Children and young people's responses to processes of medical labelling through paediatric geneticsW093
Clough, PaulNarratives of self and other in migration trajectoriesW054
Clua Fainé, Montserrat'Race', 'culture' and 'mixture': changing criteria in defining national membership in Catalan nationalist discourseW059
Coelho, Maria ClaudiaNarrating experiences of victimization: emotions and micro-politicsW048
Coleman, E. GabriellaPhreaker/hacker/troller as tricksterIW003
Coleman, SteveImmanence vs. revolution, or why there is no hope (or is there?)IW005
Colpron, Anne-MarieContact crises: shamanic explorations of virtual and possible worlds W003
Commune, NicolasPreventive approaches to health of French ayurveda therapists: An "complementary" inscription with biomedicine?W072
Connor, LindaA rising tide of true democracy? Climate crisis, spirituality and action in a carboniferous zoneW016
Corboz, Julienne'Aren't you really one of us?' Negotiating suspicion and participation in the BDSM scene in Melbourne, AustraliaW044
Coreil, JeannineAnticipated stigma and social position within the Haitian-American communityW081
Cornejo, MonicaThe pursuit of spirituality toward membership and community participation: biographies of Soka Gakkai members in SpainW014
Cortes Vazquez, Jose AntonioDisputed nature: social struggles and the environment in Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park, southeastern SpainW125
Costa, ElisabettaIdeology of internet, activist imaginary, and international humanitarian aid in LebanonW120
Cotoi, CalinEthnicization and (trans) national governmentality: the case of Moldavian CsangosW065
Cottino, Gaia'Health crisis' in the Kingdom of Tonga: critical observations on the obesity issueIW006
Couroucli, MariaRemembering and forgetting the past: memory transmission in GreeceW008
Cousin, Saskia«On reste là!» Values of mobility and immobility in the struggles about clandestine immigrants in FranceW001
Cubero, CarloObservational montage: filming the transnational subjectW066
Culic, IrinaState of imagination: embodiments of immigration CanadaW036
Cunha, ManuelaChanging engagements with immunization: is the 'universal vaccination' principle in crisis?W055
D'Agostino, GabriellaImagined identities. the emergence of modern mimetic subjectivities in global imaginative horizonsW036
D'Angelo, LorenzoBetting on luck or, how to cope with uncertainty in the artisanal diamond miningW098
da Col, GiovanniViral anthropology: humanity and divine parasitism among Dechen Tibetans W003
Dąbrowska, KamilaRelocating significance of materialized memories among postwar Jewish immigrants from Poland W018
Dalsgård, Anne LineWhen a skeleton is all that is leftW060
Danis, DidemTransit migrants shuffling between categoriesW054
Das Gupta, AshokConceptualizing identity movements in IndiaW119
Davidov, VeronicaAfter neoliberalism? Environmental justice and the politics of natural resource management in Rafael Correa's EcuadorW075
Davis, ElizabethCrisis, contracts, and care in Greek psychiatryW106
Davis-Sulikowski, Ulrike'Balls of fire' and other kinds of weapons: a look at the Haitian experienceW110
De Clerck, GoedeleEmancipation processes in deaf communities: how the visual exchange of knowledge on more fortunate life circumstances can compensate for local limiting structuresW101
de Fockert, TirzaPutting the groove back in the anthropology of musicW020
de Koning, AnoukThe space of class: reflections on neoliberal CairoW053
de Lame, DanielleChance as work, chance as destiny?W098
de Silva, MangalikaCriminalized minorities, minor criminals: everyday global terror in the underbelly of Sri Lankan democracyW103
Dean-Haidet, CatherineEngaging paradoxes of grief: ritual from hospice & bereavement spacesW013
Debevec, LizaHow to reach tomorrow: hope, future and everyday religious practice among muslims in urban Burkina FasoW002
Debinska, MariaTransgender lives and the means of social control: the case of PolandW113
Debucquet, GervaiseBreast feeding versus formula feeding: which views do mothers refer to? W056
Dekel, IritMaking the feelings concrete: the rule of experience at the Holocaust Memorial in BerlinW071
del Mármol, CamilaShort trip for the weekend: second homes and new social realities in the Catalan PyreneesW112
Deltsou, EleftheriaExpert knowledge and developmental corporations in GreeceW107
Deneva, NedaEthnicity in flux: Bulgarian Muslims between-and-betwixt Bulgaria and SpainW005
DeNicola, LaneSpimes as material culture: anthropological approaches to (and through) location-aware objectsIW003
Desclaux, AliceBest or worst? Diverging interpretations on breastfeeding amongst African HIV positive mothers in the era of 'normalization' of AIDS preventionW056
DeWan, JenniferThe ethnographer-as-activist: notes on feminism and ethnography in IrelandW045
Di Pasquale, CaterinaThe cultural construction of the remembrance of the nazi-fascist massacre in a little community called Sant'Anna di Stazzema W067
Dicks, BellaParticipation and empowerment for communities in crisis: rhetoric and realityW050
Didonè, ElisabettaThe white veil: a study of the dowry of women in Bengali migration in a country of northern ItalyW089
Dietrich, Martha-CeciliaTake me to a place outside: a study into the bodily and imaginative aspects of imprisonmentW088
Dietrich, Martha-CeciliaTake me to a place outsideW104
Dietz, GuntherPracticing anthropology through intercultural and interdisciplinary mediation: a reflexive ethnography of an 'interculturalizing' higher education institution in MexicoW042
Dietzsch, InaArtists, politicians, academics and a local newspaper in competition for definitions W077
Doering, HeikeParticipation and empowerment for communities in crisis: rhetoric and realityW050
Dorsch, HaukeNoise as style and cut-off ears: Emic aesthetic concepts of JaliyaaW020
Doshita, MegumiThe formation of satoyama: towards restructuring rural societies in JapanW061
Drazin, AdamThe social life of concepts in Design AnthropologyW047
Drazkiewicz, ElaThe faith in development: the case of Polish involvement in AfricaIW005
Dumitru, Razvan'The young and successful': reshaping the public sphere in Republic of MoldovaW012
Dupont-Nivet, MathildeWhat about fish feelings? An inquiry about how fish farmers and researchers approach fish welfare W038
Durand, Jean-YvesRoundabout ethnographyW064
Durão, SusanaMoral projects in social movements: ethnographic explorations in Brazil W048
Durham, DeborahAnother Yugoslavia, another Malaysia: new global futures and impossibility of politicsW060
Dzenovska, DaceThe homesteader and the migrant: ethics and mobility in post-soviet LatviaW001
Eastmond, MaritaThe politics of suffering: asylum-seeking children and the crisis of asylumW081
Economou, LeonidasThe trauma of violence and injustice in the life and song of Stelios KazantzidisW041
Edmonds, AlexanderGlobal beauty: attractiveness as a form of value in capitalist peripheriesW035
Eguavoen, IritNot about water - local discourse and social dynamics around a small reservoir failureW075
Einarsdóttir, JónínaChild trafficking: a 'heavy word' in Guinea-BissauW083
El-Tom, AbdullahiFrom war to peace and reconciliation in Darfur, SudanPlenary A
Embuldeniya, GayathriBeing at home elsewhere: Sri Lankan Tamils' productions of home in Toronto, CanadaW018
Emmenegger, RonyDecentralization to the household in Oromia, Ethiopia: the case of the garee misoma in state-led rural road constructionW090
Engelbrecht, BeateCo-operation and manipulation: experiences from ethnographic filmmakingW044
Enguix, BegonyaIdentities in crisis? Pride parades and imaginationW012
Enn, RosaCultural revitalization as a reaction of the crisis of modernityW037
Epstajn, EmiliaPrivate exhibiting and initiatives: creative alternatives to institutional modes of representing the other/one-self in SerbiaW015
Erez, TamirMission not accomplished: negotiating power relations and vulnerability within the Messianic Jews in Israel W044
Ertan, DenizMixing an imaginary salad: American aesthetics, ambiguity and crisis during 1914-22W020
Espirito Santo, DianaSpirits, lies, and spies in Havana W044
Estalella, AdolfoHope infrastructure: enacting expectations in bloggers' material practicesIW003
Evans, GillianThe Aboriginal People of England: the culture of class politics in contemporary BritainW115
Evans, MarkRoad to the new South: South Carolina and the debate over I-95W064
Ewart, IanInnovation and uncertainty: a new bridge in the highlands of BorneoW047
Eyraud, BenoîtImagination through ordinary crisis - The protection of the Nantez' spending spreeW106
Fagerlid, CicilieParisian performance poetry: cosmopolitanism and democracy in practiceW017
Färber, AlexaCompeting desires for mobility: low-cost-carriers and the transformation of European citiesW001
Favero, Paolo S. H.For an AnthroPoArt: about audio-visual experimentation as a form of political engagementW077
Féaux de la Croix, JeanneThe future of Kyrgyz summer pastures and hydropower: between invoking paradise and state captureW016
Feischmidt, MargitThe altering meanings of 'Gypsy-ness' and the changing regimes of otheringW059
Feldman, JackiePlaygrounds of history, shrines of memory: guided tours as performances of citizenship in memorial museumsW071
Ferkov, KaterinaNon-institutional healing practice as a response to ethical crisis in Slovenia W121
Fernandes Ferreira, ElianeKnowledge of the forest - the endeavour to save a common spaceW012
Fernández, NuriaThe centralization of the Bubi's chieftaincies and the Spanish colonial expansion in Bioko's islandW022
Ferran, HugoThe musical expression of identity in the Maale patrilinear society (Southern Ethiopia)W089
Ferreira, SóniaThe anthropologist as suspect - when the past isn't such a foreign countryW044
Fialova, LydieCage beds, walls and bridges: symbolic dimension of the proposed transformation of psychiatry in the post-1989 Czech RepublicW106
Figueiredo, PatrickFor an anthropology of the frontier: the walls of Ceuta and MelillaW111
Fillitz, ThomasGlobal culture and local arenas: cultural power regimes of the authenticW095
Filmstream, TheTransfiction W104
Filmstream, TheRoma Boys – The Love StoryW104
Filmstream, TheOwners of the WaterW104
Filmstream, TheThe Meaning of LifeW104
Filmstream, TheBalkan Rhapsodies: 78 Measures of WarW104
Filmstream, TheRapresentW104
Filmstream, TheThe Bagyeli Pygmies at the Fringes of the WorldW104
Filmstream, TheToday the Hawk Takes One ChickW104
Finlay, AndrewCommunal categories, normative ethnicity and the peace process in IrelandW078
Flikke, RuneImagining fish and rivers in Aurland, NorwayW038
Fontefrancesco, Michele FilippoCrafting the local: collective trademark and tradition in Valenza, ItalyW039
Forbess, AliceBetween God and Caesar: Orthodox monastics in two political settingsW051
Forero Angel, Ana MaríaImagination, crisis and narratives among Colombian officers: citizenship and history among the military elitesW079
Formenti, AmbraAtlantic spiritualities: African Pentecostal churches in LisbonW063
Fox, KatyHope, autopoiesis and permaculture in Romania and the UKW019
Frangella, SimoneMobility and the ethnographic account: reflections on a fluid toolW007
Friedman, JonathanNot globalization: on the relations between class and culture in the light of the current crisisIW001
Frigolé, JuanShort trip for the weekend: second homes and new social realities in the Catalan PyreneesW112
Fuentes, AgustinBlurring the biological and social in human becomings IW007
Fusari, MassimilianoFrom account to narrative: Quranic school in Damascus as a case study for visual inter-actions in public anthropologyW077
Gabbert, Echi ChristinaInnovative mothers - radical daughters: agency among Arbore women (Southern Ethiopia)W089
Gabbert, WolfgangSocial upheavals and relative deprivation: the 'Great Awakening' in late 19th century Caribbean NicaraguaW022
Gaibazzi, PaoloStaying as a virtue: migration and the imagination of immobility in The GambiaW001
García Valencia, Enrique Hugo600 years of crisis: conquest and marketW095
Gaudette, PascalJembe hero: West African drummers and global mobilityW001
Geana, GheorghitaBurial as wedding: a creative ritual solution to an existential crisis W013
Geets, SiobhanTurkish immigrants in Vienna: a case studyW122
Geisenhainer, KatjaThe unfinished life and work of Marianne Schmidl (1890-1942)W105
Gellner, DavidActivists and civil society as mediating categoriesW007
Gergaud, SophieLakota land: imagining a new sustainable way of livingW069
Gerold, JanaCare and love: how does this go together?W102
Gerritsen, Roos'Cut the cutout culture!' Shifting urban landscape and the politics of spectacle in ChennaiW053
Gibert, Marie-PierreRe-enchanting Britain through a musical idealised multicultural past: 'Al Andalus' in the UKW074
Gibson, DianaThe use of pharmaceuticals and plant medicines for tuberculosis among the Ju/'hoansi San of NamibiaW091
Gingrich, AndreThe return of the indigenous: the 'autochtonous' and their 'homelands' in Central EuropeW115
Giordano, CristianaTranslating Fanon in the Italian context: rethinking the ethics of treatment in psychiatryW106
Giri, Ananta KumarCompassion and confrontation: new horizons of human development, social transformations and planetary realizationsIW005
Glauser, LauraExpert discourses on entrepreneurship in career servicesW107
Goddard, VictoriaSpaces of loss, spaces of hopeW016
Golden, JulietRe-telling urban heritage through Action AnthropologyW045
Goldsmith, MichaelAnthropology's audiences in Aotearoa and abroadW004
Gomes, SheleneIn His Majesty's land: the 'place' of Ethiopia in Rastafari worldviewW027
Gómez, EdgarEngagement and creative labour in new media practicesW068
Gonçalves da Silva, HelenCrisis and permutations of power in Southern Brazilian psychiatryW106
Gore, GeorgianaFlash mob dance: a transnational space for creative resistance or for the extension of consumer capitalism?W041
Götsch, BarbaraReflections on a "collective brain" at workIW007
Gołębniak, MarcinA memory in crisis? Biographical research on the institutional migration of Greek child-refugees to PolandW116
Graburn, NelsonFilm, video and TV as assimilation and resistance among the Canadian InuitW069
Graham, JaniceDiverse anthropologies dealing with fickle funders: cleaving 'health' from the funding priorities of the Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council in CanadaW004
Grassiani, ErellaJuggling positions: between peace activism and studying soldiersW086
Grätz, Tilo Radio Stars in Benin (West Africa)W068
Gregoric Bon, NatasaFrom routes to roots: pilgrimage to Stavridi in Himarë/Himara of Southern AlbaniaW074
Gren, NinaEducating Gaza's children: a remedy to the crisis?W083
Gretarsdottir, TinnaDeath, crisis, rhetoricW013
Gretarsdottir, TinnaDeath on roadsW064
Grill, Jan'It's building up to something and it won't be nice when it erupts.' Contested modes of belonging in 'multicultural' and 'run-down' neighbourhood of Scottish cityW115
Grossi, AntonellaUn interespace de la mémoire: les sépultures des cimetières ParisiensW013
Grossman, AlanPromise and unrest: an affective economy of global care workW066
Grossman, AlanPromise and UnrestW104
Grossman, AlyssaLumina amintirii (In the Light of Memory)W104
Gruénais, Marc-EricAre anthropological data always useful for public health programs? The experience of case review audits for obstetrical care in Burkina FasoW026
Grønseth, Anne SigfridTamil refugees in low status 'dirty work': challenging identity and solidarityW081
Guarné, BlaiEast Asian imaginings of crisis: an introductory approachW061
Gudeman, StephenVis Vitae: the path not takenPlenary B
Guerrero, JoaquínThe recognition of disability: toward political programs in Spain since 1982W101
Guerrero, JoaquínSocio-cultural influence of immigration in informal caregiving at elderlyW102
Guillermet, ElisePoor vulnerable orphan versus priest, working girl and PresidentW093
Gusman, AlessandroPlaces and cult of the dead in Piedmont: what funerary culture for the future?W013
Hafsteinsson, SigurjonDeath, crisis, rhetoricW013
Hafsteinsson, SigurjonLocalizing the turf: museum politics and global changeW037
Hafsteinsson, SigurjonDeath on roadsW064
Haines, SophieReal roads and imaginary highways in southern Belize: freedom, fear and a potent proposalW064
Hajdakova, IvetaJokes and their relation to crisisIW005
Hakkarainen, MarinaPioneers of the field: women in Soviet Siberian studiesW105
Hall, OliviaStirring the pot in Poland: traditional plum jam and development in the Lower Vistula ValleyW039
Hallam, ElizabethImagining anatomy: making and using three-dimensional models of the human body W047
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Marghescu, GeorgetaDo Istro-Romanian culture have a(ny) future? W065
Marino, SaraMan and technology: how technology affects socializationW120
Markkula, Johanna'Any port in a storm': responding to crisis in the world of shippingPlenary C
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Martinez, DoloresMommie dearest: gender, J-horror films and their remakesW061
Martins, FilipeYouth and family in Cape Verde: practical relations beyond moral crisisW028
Martins, HumbertoShared environments: animals, humans, trees (and machines) in natural protected areas W075
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Maurstad, AnitaCod ontologiesW038
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Murer, JeffreyDefensive fantasies: discursive enactments of exclusion and identity in imagining EuropeW011
Murphy, DavidAt the heart of Europe: the limits of expression in far-right music scenesW015
Murphy, FionaReaching into Pandora’s Box: the place of hope in the space of traumaW016
Mursic, RajkoMore ethnography! Will miraculous mantra help in the times of global crisis? Critical assessment of the anthropological orthodoxyW082
Mutti, ValentinaComing of age in postcolonial island: school children and imaginative worlds in contemporary political crisis of MadagascarW093
Mycock, AmyCultivating community, gardening anthropology: permaculture, local food and engaged research.W019
Nakhshina, MariaLifestyle migration on the White Sea coast in north-western Russia: divergent views on rural lifeW116
Narotzky, SusanaClass revisited: social analysis, the organic intellectual and the production of classIW001
Nashif, EsmailReading the Palestinian Islamic novelW002
Nekorjak, MichalSpatial and social exclusion of Czech Roma: deprived urban localities and segmentation of local educational marketsW099
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Neveling, PatrickSome remarks on the scalar structurations of capitalism and the anthropology of the twentieth century global systemW035
Neyzi, LeylaPostmemories of 1915: how Turks, Kurds and Armenians in Turkey narrate past traumaW067
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Niculae, SimonaReframing forests and identities in a Transylvanian villageW075
Niedźwiedź, Anna'Popular Catholicism' in Ghanaian contextsW032
Nielsen, HenrikNatural resource extraction, CSR and human rights in West AfricaW125
Nielsen, MortenAntithesis without thesis: virtuality and its negation in Maputo, Mozambique W003
Nieswand, BorisYouth Welfare Practices, Ethnicity and the Pragmatics of Inclusion. W059
Nilsson, JohanNew Drinkers, New PlacesIW004
Norbye, Anne-Katrine B.Innovative traditions in new marketsW096
Noret, JoelFamily dynamics and funerals in southern BeninW028
Norman, KarinPrishtina places: shifting experiences of the cityW084
Nowicka, EwaRoma/Gypsy tradition: a sociocultural capital or a burden?W099
Nugent, StephenReflections on the spirit level: anthropology and the eating classIW001
Nustad, Knut GImagining fish and rivers in Aurland, NorwayW038
Nyqvist, AnettePractices of a role model in the nexus of statecraft and market-makingW096
O'Byrne, RyanEmpowering study for refugee background studentsW045
O'Kane, DavidLand reform, civil society and the state in Eritrea and elsewhereW090
O'Rourke, DianeEmpowering study for refugee background studentsW045
Oakley, RobinThe peculiar anthropological imagination and the Heroic PoetsW076
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Ohm, BrittaThe absence of the investigated and the presence of the spectacular state on commercial Turkish televisionW043
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Oloyede, Olajide OloyedeThe making of an African medicine: SutherlandiaW091
Olwig, Mette FogAcquiring 'social resilience' through global and local organizations in the face of flooding in Northern GhanaW083
Onneweer, MaartenThe elusive resources of Kitui, postscripts of a colonial crisis W075
Onnis, StefanoDoes the present disability discourse and politics produce the social stigma? Analizing a paradox, through an ethnographic fieldwork in Rome, ItalyW101
Oomen, JanusThe medical examiner and the asylum seekerW081
Oosterbaan, MartijnUndocumented Christian place-making in the post-industrial European cityW053
Orlic, OlgaRe-creating sense of belonging to community through cultural practices: example of Lumbarda´s CarnivalW037
Orr, DavidCompeting imaginations in the care of mental illness: locating the limits of psychiatry in Cuzco, PeruW106
Orviska, LuciaUnderstanding the circulation of trust and mistrust in the finance world (and imagining the alternatives to prevent the crisis?)W096
Osorio, FranciscoMobile rewards: a critical review of the Mobiles for Development (M4D) literatureW068
Otto, MargretConcepts of peace in a post-conflict period, Sudan 2009W078
Ouattara, Fatoumata Are anthropological data always useful for public health programs? The experience of case review audits for obstetrical care in Burkina FasoW026
Oustinova-Stjepanovic, GalinaIncomplete mystics: religious failure among Roma Muslims in urban MacedoniaW005
Padron Hernandez, MariaCreating difference in Cuba's dual economyW096
Page, Sarah-JaneYoung adults, religious authorities and sexuality: a multifaith discussionW034
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Panella, CristianaThe creation of Illegality and the rhetoric of cultural heritage: the illicit trade of 'Djenne Terracottas' in Mali, West AfricaW092
Papa, CristinaCommodification of traditional knowledge, local subjectivities, and changing social networks: evidence from rural peripheries in EuropeW095
Papadaniel, YannisEnjoying the death of the others? Some anthropological reflections around the volunteer work with dying patientsW013
Pardo, ItaloDangerous governance: second class citizens and the progressive jeopardy to public health in south ItalyW070
Parisi, RosaThe policies of citizenship as social exclusion W059
Park, Hyun-GwiRooted in movement: on the conceptual displacements in the study of diasporas and migrantsW001
Park, Sung-Joon'Free treatment': drug shortages, total planning, and therapeutic markets in mass HIV/AIDS treatment programs in UgandaW091
Parke, ElizabethNing Ying's cinematic handscrolls and roads of BeijingW064
Pasieka, Agnieszka'But please, don't write what we told you': priestly characters in a Polish rural communityW034
Patriarca, MadalenaReimagine the 'human' in medicine: 'crisis rhetoric' and the social and political transformation of contemporary psychiatric careW106
Pedersen, Marianne HolmMaking place in Copenhagen: local lives and ritual performances among Iraqi refugeesW037
Peleikis, AnjaPlaygrounds of history, shrines of memory: guided tours as performances of citizenship in memorial museumsW071
Pelican, MichaelaInternational migration - virtue or vice? Different perspectives from CameroonW001
Pellegrini, PatriciaWhat about fish feelings? An inquiry about how fish farmers and researchers approach fish welfare W038
Penitsch, RegineThe 'Arabs versus African' dichotomy in the Darfur conflictW078
Peperkamp, EstherLeisure and locality in the lives of Polish labour migrants to the NetherlandsW037
Peralta, ElsaRemembering and forgetting the empire: addressing trauma through arts and literatureW067
Pereira, CláudiaMarketing the colonial past: Gaudde dances in Goan tourismW022
Perkins, ClareThe husbandry of technology: ethnographically understanding changing agricultural engagements by UK farm familiesW112
Pernarcic, RadharaniEmerging awareness: the relation and intertwinement between imagination-of-bridging and the imagination-of-becomingW088
Pernes, RalucaThe reinvention of tradition: negotiating land law in periurban GhanaW092
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