EASA, 2008: EASA08: Experiencing diversity and mutuality

Ljubljana, 26/08/2008 – 29/08/2008

Authors and papers

This page lists all the accepted papers by author. Click on a workshop reference to see the workshop page and paper details.

Abraham, PriyaBuilding interconnectedness: managing flows and ruptures in a complex international projectW113
Abrell, ElanCreating enemies in the War on Terror: the reinforcement of essentialized cultural difference through "legalized" tortureW026
Abu Ghosh, YasarEscaping Gypsyness: the marginalization of Roma through power and identityW116
Abuhav, OritWedding "GIFTS": entrance-Fee or generosity? Interests, sentiments and mutualityW042
Acerbi, AlbertoDifferent by natureW075
Adam-Maxa, EvaExperiencing Sufi music abroad: the case of Sudanese living in AustriaW098
Adamczyk, Christiane"Today, I am no Mutwa anymore"- Local reverberations of national unity discourse in present-day RwandaW035
Adams, MaryPure cosmopolitans? Keeping community in an international Pentecostal student churchW029
Adorno, RubensAlcohol, crack and therapeutic effects of Santo Daime in homelessness W014
Afonso, Ana IsabelExcellence in stupidityW034
Akello, GraceSilencing distressed children in the context of the war in Gulu: an analysis of its cause and its health consequencesW032
Åkesson, Lisa"They are ungrateful!" Cape Verdean notions of transnational obligationsW042
Albahari, MaurizioEuro-Mediterranean arts and heritage on the southern Italian stageW024
Alber, ErdmuteA brother as saviour: siblings and family in BéninW067
Alcano, Matteo CarloLiving and working in spite of antiretroviral therapies: HIV between control and resistanceIW02
Allen, TimNora's new job: UN coordination in practiceW019
Allenbach, BrigitChildren and youth as diversity managers: religion, ethnicity and gender in Swiss schoolsW031
Allenbach, BrigitChildren and migration in Switzerland: coping with mutuality and diversity in Swiss schoolsW076
Alonso Lorenzo, RocíoFrom "Hard" to "Soft" affirmative action: racial diversity and the use of global policy metaphors in the Brazilian private sectorW021
Altshul, KatarinaLegal pluralism in the wild: rules of encounter and their effects on imaginings and practices of wildernessW069
Alvarado Leyton, CristianOn the significance of German identity and whiteness for Argentinians of German descent in Buenos AiresW046
Alvarez Degregori, Maria CristinaMotherhood and access: the dialectic between health services and the community in Southern MozambiqueW121
Alves de Matos, PatríciaFrom 'mutuality' to 'precariousness': a case-study in the Portuguese call-centre industryW057
Amit, VeredTraining for flexibility: discourses and practices of international student travelW057
Amrouche, NassimLa reformulation d'une contestation identitaire à l'épreuve de la globalisation: l'exemple kabyle.W035
Anders, GerhardGlobal order in the making: the local production of international criminal lawW069
Anderson, SallyLearning to be Jewish: moralities of intergenerational exchange and regeneration in a pluralistic Jewish day schoolW031
Andersson, Kerstin BThe Kolkata intellectuals and elite identityW025
Angelidou, AlikiPathways of anthropology in South Eastern Europe: an ethnographic approach of the discipline and its disciples in Bulgaria and Greece W095
Anteric, Marija“Sustainable” tourism and area studies - west looking east 1932 - 2007W104
Antohin, AlexandraMoral upbringing by the state: the 'Orthodox Culture' concept in Russian public schoolsW031
Anton, LorenaAnthropological inquiries on the politics of memory in contemporary EuropeW089
Antonijevic Ubois, SmiljanaSecond Life, second body: a microethnographic analysis of nonverbal communication in the "Second Life" virtual environmentW071
Antoniou, DimitrisAfraid of the Minaret? Ethnographic elaborations on the semiology of illustrated argumentsW053
Archambault, JoséeRefugee children's status in the Norwegian welfare state and role in their familyW076
Arhem, KajThe revival of the community house (guol) among the Katu of Central Vietnam: empowerment or impoverishment?W062
Arnaut, KarelSpaces of transition? Trajectories of juvenile assertion in urban Côte d'IvoireW080
Arnez, MonikaIslam and empowerment: challenges for young Indonesian Muslim womenW062
Asmussen Frank, VibekeAnthropology of drug policy: how does it fit into already existing drug policy research? W020
Aspraki, GabriellaTrajectories in painW014
Assmuth, Laura"Even our village is part of Europe": rural lives on Europe's eastern fringeW079
Aston, JudithSpatial montage, mutuality and diversity: new possibilities for ethnographic film-makingW038
Astrinaki, UraniaZones of peace and violence or a general state of exception?IW06
Avera, EmilyTransplant anxieties: discourses about bone marrow/haematopoietic stem cell transplantationIW02
Babul, ElifTraining Bureaucrats, Practicing for Europe: Constitutive Bureaucratic Imaginaries in TurkeyW052
Bacchiddu, GiovannaHolding the saint in one's arms. Miracles and exchange in Apiao, southern ChileW011
Bacevic, JanaDisentangling power and discourse: the case of master and "servant" in Serbian higher education reformW034
Baez Ullberg, SusannContesting disaster: politics of memory and oblivion in Santa Fe, ArgentinaW013
Bähre, ErikSouth African fieldwork, intimacy, and anxiety: how methodological problems turn out to be theoretical insightsW097
Bajuk Sencar, TatianaThe Integration of "East" and "West": Slovene Eurocrats and shifts in European identity within the institutions of the European UnionW012
Bakalaki, AlexandraPoverty relief as neoliberal educationW077
Baker, CatherineA public square, a stadium, a theatre: experiencing the nation through popular music in CroatiaW027
Balasescu, AlexandruEthnography matters: multisited research, cultural hierarchies and their ethnographic methodsIW05
Baldisserri, MargheritaThe "Peruvian Association of Siena": negotiation between different cultural identities and strategies of incorporation within the local communityW088
Ballacchino, KatiaThe body in "Giglio Feast" in Nola and in WilliamsburgW011
Ballestín, BeatrizLearning positions as future citizens at primary school: diverse conditions of incorporation for the children of immigrant families in the Catalan coastW076
Ballinger, Pamela“The Mediterranean as it once was” (and will be): valorizing the Adriatic seascapeW100
Ballmann, Manuela"It has always to do with the veil...": experiences with discrimination and racism of muslim women from the Islamic Centre MunichW098
Balzani, MarziaDreaming, Islam and the Ahmadiyya Muslims in the UKW074
Bandak, AndreasOf rhythms and refrains in contemporary Damascus: natality and naitivityW024
Bar-On Cohen, EinatPerfect praxis in Aikidō - take II: a reflexive bodyW005
Baranski, JanuszRituality: a form of hidden ritualIW08
Bardhoshi, NebiThe Westernised law and the local conditions: the case of informal area in Tirana's suburbia.W012
Bargna, IvanThinking about the different meanings of collecting: the case of the collections of images and objects of the Bamileke's community of Bandjoun, CameroonW099
Barlocco, FaustoA tale of two celebrations: the Kadazan harvest festival (Sabah, East Malaysia) as a site of struggleW062
Barrera-González, AndrésSocio-cultural anthropology and the European research area: a Europeanist turn in the discipline? W089
Barth, Manuela"Everything is changing" - on digital imaging practices by amateur photographersW071
Bartha, Eszter"Because I am not happy that Audi is prospering": reshaping workers' nationalist sentiments in postsocialist HungaryW108
Basset, KarineThe french model of national parks: territoriality and temporalityW102
Batista, EvaRoute of conflict and tradition: commemoration parades in BelfastW080
Baxerres, CarineInvestigate the informal market of pharmaceuticals in Cotonou (Benin): between suspicion of treachery and fears of witchcraftW037
Bell, SandraWatching nature: birdwatchers as volunteers for biodiversity monitoringW101
Ben Hounet, YazidBetween custom, Islamic and Algerian laws: diya (blood-money) in the perspective of legal pluralismW069
Ben-Zion, SigalitAre gender roles and ethnicity influenced by tourism in Central Himalaya? W016
Bendix, Regina F.Stalling and speeding: ways of speaking at WIPO's intergovernmental committee on cultural propertyW019
Benson, Michaela Between momentary happiness and lifelong fulfilment: emotional trajectories of British migrants to southwest FranceW109
Berankova, HelenaA local community and a photographer - a photographer and a local communityW058
Berlan, AmandaThe challenges of chocolate: an examination of the ethics of consuming and producing chocolateW001
Bestard, JuanMoralities of nature: kinship, religion and sciences of reproductionW036
Beyer, JudithFrom "flows" back to actors: why "the local" is no longer a place for anthropologyIW05
Bhimji, FazilaSocializing Islam among young British Muslim women across various contextsW031
Bielenin-Lenczowska, KarolinaMuslims and Christian holy places as a strategy of coping with differencesW018
Bille Larsen, PeterGrounding international organizations and indigenous rights in Peru: an anthropological perspectiveW019
Billings, DorothySustainability and folk culture: some features in contemporary lifeIW08
Bindi, LetiziaFrames: toward an ethnography of the EU policies on protecting and valorising cultural heritageW033
Binter, JuliaRepresenting the "Other" in "global documentary": intersections between political commitment and reality claimW086
Birt Katić, DanijelaNext door neighbour relations - the case of a rural community in Patkovac, CroatiaW106
Bitusikova, AlexandraTowards sustainable diversity in the city of BratislavaW006
Bjerén, GunillaCornerstone of local history: an Ethiopian town 35 years laterW114
Bjerregaard, PeterNon-representational and anti-didactic: the ethnographic exhibition as collageW086
Blanes, RuyLetters from the Azores: building an African Church in the DiasporaW029
Blystad, Astrid'My baby is killed when I breastfeed': challenges of selves and sociality in a context of mother to child transmission of HIV in East AfricaIW02
Bocev, VladimirTrends in Macedonian visual anthropologyW058
Bochow, AstridObligation, care, and struggle for personal freedom: siblings within the matrilineal AkanW067
Bodirsky, KatharinaA cosmopolitan Europe? On the politics of culture talk in the rescaling of governance in the EUW055
Boe, CarolinaFieldwork behind bars: researching alien confinement in French prisonsW043
Boesby Dahl, DorteCSR as soft regulation: perspectives of using CSR to improve work environment in small companiesW021
Bohlin, AnnaHomecoming as Heritage: Idioms of Return in the Rebuilding of Protea Village, Cape TownW083
Boholm, ÅsaDecision making in context: a case of Swedish rail planning in practiceW003
Bolton, LissantDescribing knowledge roads in VanuatuW065
Bondanini, Francesco BrunoBlack African heritage in Spain: the forgotten migrationW063
Bondarenko, DmitriWhere postcolonialism meets postsocialism: African migrants in Russia as a new research fieldW089
Bonifacio, Valentina Football and the domestication of money: mimetic strategies of Maskoy people in the Paraguayan ChacoW007
Borgatti, JeanAesthetics and social change in Okpella (Edo State), NigeriaW114
Bossak-Herbst, BarbaraNew patterns of local identity based on the enacted historic landscape: example of the Gdansk (Danzig) recollections literatureW096
Bouju, JackyOrdinary daily social violence in Africa: an offspring of urban anomy and normative confusionW039
Boutieri, CharisDesire for the local in a well-founded tower of Babel: global stories from a Moroccan schoolW113
Bovbjerg, Kirsten MarieStress-management in the flexible work-ethicW057
Brabec de Mori, Bernd"Shipibo-Konibo traditional medicine": the impact of anthropologist's (stupid) questions on an indigenous group's self-perceptionW037
Branda, Alina IoanaOn "at home anthropology": "indigenous" perspectivesW095
Brandtstädter, SusannePeasant lawyers, law activism and the morality of politics in ChinaW069
Brazzale, ClaudiaCrafting cosmopolitanism: the production of postmodern trends in the global regionalist culture of the Italian Nordest W009
Brenner, CarenaDeterritorialization of power: filmic representations as a critique of representationW086
Breznik, MajaEntangled cultural hegemonies in central Europe and beyondW055
Brivio, AlessandraGorovodu in Bénin and Togo: between "syncretism" and "traditional religion"W064
Brorholt, GreteMutuality and flexibility at workW057
Brumann, ChristophEvolving pasts: the anthropologisation of UNESCO World HeritageW019
Brunner, ChristophBass nature and the mutuality of creative ecologies in dubstep music (London UK)W027
Bruun, Maja HojerMarkets and moralities in Danish housing cooperativesW002
Brydon, AnneNarratives of temporality in the making of a vanishing landscapeW082
Bubandt, NilsViolence, empathy, and the ethnography of fakesW053
Buch Segal, LotteEngendering suffering in the Occupied Palestinian Territories: an anthropological investigation of the construction of categories of gender and suffering in psychosocial practice in the West BankW032
Buchowski, MichalIntricate relations between Western anthropologists and postsocialist ethnologistsIW09
Budden, AshwinMedical plurality and experiential dualism: a Brazilian case studyW014
Budka, PhilippIndigenous media technology production in Northern Ontario, CanadaW071
Bukovcan, TanjaFrom ignorance to stigmatization: changing faces of medical pluralismW014
Burlacu, MihaiA lost Roma tale: ethnocentric versus xenocentric attitudes in the Gârcini Roma communityIW08
Buzalka, Juraj'Great transformation' of agrarian tolerance in post-peasant Eastern EuropeW002
Cabot, HeathNew geographies of belonging in the Greek island borderlandsW016
Cadoret, AnneInternational adoption and the construction of a "good" kinship: ethics, justice and truthW036
Caletrío, JavierMediterranean cosmopolitanisms and the mobilities paradigmPlen3
Campbell, LiamFrom land to landscape: from tangible to intangible; recognising a sense of loss and griefW082
Canals, RogerWays of seeing, ways of filming: theory and practice in visual anthropologyW049
Cañás Bottos, LorenzoBanal Millenialism: images of the end of the world among Old Colony Mennonites.W013
Candau, JoelAnthropology, historical and natural science of cultureW075
Canevascini, MichelaEthical implications of an anthropological approach of suicideW037
Cangoz, IncilayMedia technologies at home: how urban poor (culturally) consume mass media?W071
Capello, Carlo'Morocco is a prison!' Culture of migration and imaginary mobility among young MoroccansIW01
Capo-Zmegac, Jasna"Homecoming" and "home" revisited: the case of co-ethnic "return" migrationsW083
Carbonell, EliseuMicromuseums for big questions: collecting maritime remains as an everyday political practiceW099
Cardeira da Silva, MariaBooks on culture as souvenirs of cultural adventureW093
Carey, MatthewGender as a trigger for medical pluralism: differing experiences of madness among Moroccan BerbersW014
Čargonja, HrvojeReligious experience among the members of Hare Krishna community in Zagreb, Croatia: approaches and interpretationsW094
Carlisle, JessicaDiscord and judicial divorce in the Damascus and Marrakesh Muslim family courts: a comparative evaluationW069
Carmichael, CathieMountains, valleys and other divisions in Bosnia and HercegovinaW100
Carolino, JuliaHunting in the Alentejo (southern Portugal): the social and spatial outcomes of 'care' and 'selfishness'W002
Carrier, James GIntroductionW001
Carrithers, MichaelAddress in the second person: a condition of life and anthropologyPlen1
Carro-Ripalda, SusanaFlexibility and friction: conflicts in UK/Spanish health tourism and medical migrationW051
Carter, ThomasRevolutionary blasts: the politics of passion within the celebration of home runs in Cuban baseballW007
Carvalho, Ana MariaLocal ecological knowledge also comes "from books": cultural change, landscape transformation and conservation of biodiversity in two natural protected areas in PortugalW102
Casentini, GiuliaSocio-cultural and political change in a transnational group: the Konkombas (Ghana/Togo)W004
Cavatorta, GiovannaCambodian refugees and naturalizationW072
Cengic, Nejra NunaLife stories as reserach and didactic activityIW04
Cepaitiene, Auksuole'Wagon brothers, wagon sisters': symbolic and actual siblingship in a situation of life crisis W067
Ceuppens, BambiFrom 'the Europe of the regions' to the European Champion League: the electoral appeal of populist autochthony discourses in FlandersW035
Ceyhan, Muge AyanChanging conceptions of personhood in contemporary Turkey: an upper middle class school ethnographyW081
Chan, Yuk WahMigration recycled: Vietkieu and the construction of the Vietnamese modernityW062
Chwieduk, AgnieszkaLocal community on the 'peripheries of Europe': between sociology and anthropologyIW03
Cimdina, AgneseThe notion of embeddedness and its relevance in modern market economiesW002
Cimpric, AleksandraBody and soul in the occult imaginary in the contemporary Central African Republic W011
Cipollari, ChiaraWelcoming the guest: a new attitude or an old habit?W104
Cirkovic, SvetlanaNow and then: expressing social time in the refugee campW024
Ciubrinskas, VytisReclaiming European heritages of transatlantic migration: politics of identity of the descendants of early east European immigrants to TexasW089
Clarke, LindaDiscourses on diversity and identity produced by leading London companiesW057
Clarke, Richard“Sustainable” tourism and area studies - west looking east 1932 - 2007W104
Clavier, BerndtScalar selves: narratives, interviews and the responses of informantsW023
Clua Fainé, Montserrat"Pure" and "mixed" in nationalist discourse: immigrants and "xarnegos" in the sixties and seventies in CataloniaW063
Coello de la Rosa, AlexandreA propos of the statute of purity of blood in the Society of Jesus (1593)W063
Cole, HollyTowards a phenomenology of flyingIW01
Coleman, Steve"Creole" as a model of culture?W113
collective, MASNMoving anthropology student networkW121
Côté, DanielNarrative reconstruction of spirit possession experience: the double hermeneutic of Gaddis religious specialists in Western Himalaya (India)W094
Cotoi, CalinA 'nested' and 'perspectivistic' way of understanding the global - local nexusIW05
Couacaud, LeoThe white negro reconsidered: an exercise in ethnographic reflexivityW115
Couroucli, MariaShared shrines and the construction of local identities in the Balkan and Anatolian worldW018
Cozzi, DonatellaThe inner Border: frontiers, structural nostalgia and cultural intimacy in Topolo/Topolove (Natisone River Valley, Udine, Italy)W012
Craciun, Elena MagdalenaResearching fakes, practicing anthropology out of the corner of the eyeIW05
Craig, ElizabethFrom Soft to Hard law: international minority rights instruments and the drafting of a bill of rights for Northern IrelandW021
Crawford, Peter IanVisual Ethnography Basics (VEBweb), a web-based teaching packageW038
Crisafulli, DomenicoThe policies of identity: the Lithuanian caseW096
Crook, Tonythe eleventh hour: climate crisis, obviation and retirementW065
Cseh, FruzsinaThe loss of wheeler craftW082
Csoba DeHass, MedeiaOn conceptual analogy: a new analytical approach to religious syncretism - a case study from AlaskaW064
Cuceu, Codruta LianaThe role of public square in the formation of public sphere: the case of Romania in early post-communist periodW080
Cukut, SanjaIdentities and transnational migratory spaces: female migrants from the former Soviet Union in SloveniaW072
Cunha, ManuelaMaking sense of change: how to articulate the past and the present in ethnographic Inquiry?W114
Czarnowski, JuliaImagination of IraniannessW028
D'Agostino, GabriellaLa construction de la mémoire coloniale en Erythrée: les Erythréens, les Métis, les ItaliensW110
D'Alessio, VanniSpaces of separation and of integration: identities and symbolism in the evolution of post-war MostarW018
Dahl, GudrunReflexivity and essentialism in anthropologyW113
Dalakoglou, DimitrisMobile culture and immobile anthropology: towards an anthropology of the roads and flowsIW01
Dalsgård, Anne LineThe methodological problem of the epochéW087
Daniels, RobertWhere is anthropology when you need it?W005
Darieva, TsypylmaDiasporic homecomings beyond the ethnic lens: encounters in post-Soviet ArmeniaW083
Darieva, TsypylmaMaterializing memory: the Armenian loss after the postsocialist changemW096
Darling, Eliza JaneFire on the mountain: country music and the politics of warW120
Davis-Sulikowski, Ulrike"Agreeing to disagree": reflexivity as ritual performanceW118
Dawson, AndrewComing home to the world: the remaking of Bosnian village lifeW083
de Jong, FerdinandCollecting/exposing the self: the museum as photo opportunityW099
de L' Estoile, BenoîtPersonal relations, interlocution and ethnographic knowledgeW097
De La Rosa, SybilleAppropriation Processes between Center and PeripheryW113
de Rapper, GillesThe high wall and the narrow gate: Albanian borders at the margins of europeW047
Debevec, LizaPostponing piety in urban Burkina Faso: discussing ideas on when to start acting as a pious MuslimW008
DeHass, DavidRe-localization and the process of decision making in a Sugpiaq communityW003
del Mármol, CamilaHeritage, ecology and authenticity in the Catalan PyreneesW033
Delak Kozelj, ZvezdaSustainable cultural diversity and mutuality: the case of SloveniaW006
Demeli, Panayiota ToulinaFace to face behind bars: ethical fragilities in the researcher - prisoner relationship in a Greek prison for womenIW04
Deneva, Neda"In Spain I am like every one else - simply a Bulgarian immigrant": the flexibilization of identification and the double-naming strategy of Bulgarian Muslims in SpainIW03
Denni, KarenEntre le 'West' et le 'East': le concept de l'Europe centrale W012
Derges, JaneEloquent bodies: responses to violence in northern Sri LankaW032
Devisch, RenéIntercultural borderlinking, intersubjectivity and self-knowingW005
Devlieger, PatrickThe making of 'Hearing and Touching Leuven': blindness and multi-sensorial experience in citiesW049
Diasio, NicolettaSensible memories, embodied borders: an ethnographic research on family resemblances in WarsawW012
Dietz, Gunther"Indigenizing" or "interculturalizing" universities in Mexico: an ethnography of the local appropiation of globalized diversity discourses inside the "Universidad Veracruzana Intercultural"W034
DiGiacomo, Susan M.Emergent indigeneity in the first world: the case of CataloniaW035
Dimova, RozitaThe poet on the bridge in the "biblical land": art, ideology and borders in the Republic of MacedoniaW047
Dokic, GoranWar trauma and aftermath: PTSD in Croatian psychiatryW032
Dombos, TamasNarratives of concern: beyond the 'official' discourse of ethical consumptionW001
Dominguez, VirginiaMutuality and reciprocity in situations of marked inequality: dilemmas of and concerning US anthropology in the worldIW09
Donzelli, AuroraThe cultural politics of good governance: crisscrossing articulations of the global and the local in Toraja (Sulawesi, Indonesia)W062
Doron, AssaMoral economies in a modern world: kinship, morality and power among the Boatmen of Varanasi (Banaras), IndiaW002
Dorsch, HaukeContested integration: local policies and responses in small-town GermanyW079
Douny, LaurenceA phenomenology and praxeology of Dogon landscape: sensory kinetic experiences as modes of writing and constructing anthropological knowledgeW087
Dracklé, DorleUniversity reform made liveableW034
Drotbohm, Heike"It's like belonging to a place that has never been yours." Forced return migration and perceptions of involuntary immobilityPlen3
Droulias, AndreasNational identity and global awareness in two major football tournamentsW007
Durand, Jean-YvesEmbroideries on the webW085
Durão, SusanaTransparency/visibility and dissimulation/opacity in a street level bureaucracy, the Portuguese PoliceW052
Dürr, EvelineBi-cultural politics in a cosmopolitan city: Latinos' experiences in Auckland, Aotearoa/New ZealandW078
Dyck, NoelArticulating the "powers of sport": Canadians and the discursive construction of American athletic scholarshipsW007
Edgar, IainThe role of night dream incubation (Istikhara) in contemporary Islamic public lifeW074
Edmonds, AlexanderAesthetic triage: cosmetic surgery as an experimental medical technology in BrazilW040
Egan, Keith"I want to feel the Camino in my legs": trajectories of walking on the Camino de SantiagoW011
Einarsdóttir, JónínaHappiness, uncertainty and ethical dilemmas in a neonatal care unitW109
Elchinova, MagdalenaA new subject at the margins: migration studies in BulgariaW089
Ellerbe-Dueck, CassandraAfrican migrant networks in GermanyW079
Engebrigtsen, Ada IngridArticulations of power: Rom life struggles beyond resistanceW116
Engler, StevenThe tactical work of play in a Brazilian Catholic prayer groupW118
Enguix, BegonyaIdentities, sexualities and commemorations: public space and sexual dissidenceW080
Epstajn, EmiliaThe concept of mutuality and diversity in the socialist and post-socialist period: the Museum of African Art, BelgradeW015
Ergül, HakanMedia technologies at home: how urban poor (culturally) consume mass media?W071
Errington, FrederickOne supersize does not fit all: flap versus Mac in the ethics of personal consumptionW001
Espirito Santo, DianaThe enactment of self and the nature of knowledge among mediums in Cuban espiritismoW094
Estevez, FernandoCollecting souvenirs, collecting tourists scientists, tourists and travel objects of the Canary IslandsW093
Evans, GillianResisting mutuality: multiculturalism and the controvery about the white working classes in BritainW078
Evens, TerryReflexive anthropology and social activismW005
Evers Rosander, EvaGetting a divorce in Spain: legal pluralism, gender and migrationW069
Fabian, JohannesCollecting thoughts - about collectingW099
Faje, FlorinTogether, but still apart: class positions and identities among football fans in Cluj-Napoca, RomaniaW108
Fakin Bajec, JasnaTourism in the Karst region in Slovenia: redevelopment after the decline during the Socialist periodW104
Falge, ChristianeCaught in the multicultural riddle: discursive frames of Turkish/Kurdish-speaking psychotherapists in GermanyW051
Farre Barril, Nuria MontserratInterpenetrations of nature and morality: the case of nocturnal seminal emissions in medieval theological thoughtW036
Fatland, ErikaThree years after the terrorist attack: emotions, memory and politics in BeslanW039
Faure, ArmelleAn anthropological approach of large dams in France and worldwideW121
Fava, FerdinandoLa Zen et la construction sociale de l'anthropologue W121
Favero, Paolo S. H."Italiani Brava Gente" ("Italians good people"): reflections on myths, nationhood and entertainment in contemporary Italian public cultureW110
Fedele, Anna"Black Madonna" versus "White Madonna": spiritual feminist pilgrimages in France and the changing significances attributed to dark Madonna statuesW064
Fedyuk, OlenaDeath in the life of Ukrainian migrants to ItalyW095
Feldman, JackieMacDavidification? Making the holy land look right for American protestant pilgrimsW120
Ferencová, MichaelaPost-socialist transformation and monument-building in a Slovakian townW080
Ferkov, KaterinaHealing femininity - balancing energiesIW08
Fernandes Ferreira, ElianeIndigenous identity in times of globalizationW046
Ferrari, FlorenciaDifference and identity among the Calon Gypsies in São Paulo (Brazil)W116
Ferreira, Maria LeticiaBuilding possible pastsW110
Ferreira, SóniaPortuguese voices abroad: representations, discourses and agendas of a migrant TV ShowW071
Fialova, LydieWhat we missed: institutions and community care in psychiatry (Czech Republic)W095
Fillitz, ThomasChallenging the gaze: art biennales as global placesW010
Finlay, AndrewAnthropology, governmentality and the peace process in IrelandW050
Finnstrom, SverkerDeveloping Africa and Europe: the Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda and the war/peace business in the global shadowsIW06
Firat, BilgeTurkish Europeanization and the cultures of EU lobbying in BrusselsW052
Fischer, NicolasAbjects into subjects: games of control and eesistance in a retention centre for deported foreigners in contemporary FranceW043
Fisher, GaïaModern institutions in a cross-cultural perspective: the case of a feasibility study in Vanuatu (South Pacific)W081
Fisher, WilliamWhither the political party?W015
Fitzgerald, AnneDigging for a living in LiberiaW121
Forbess, AliceTrauma into triumphalism: affective registers of Serbian Orthodox monasticsW032
Franquesa, JaumeProducing immobility, preserving mobilityPlen3
Frazão-Moreira, AméliaLocal ecological knowledge also comes "from books": cultural change, landscape transformation and conservation of biodiversity in two natural protected areas in PortugalW102
Frenzel, FabianThe politics of mobility: ideology and instrumentalityIW01
Frigolé, JuanHeritage, ecology and authenticity in the Catalan PyreneesW033
Fumanti, MattiaAssociational life, citizenship and the public sphere in Britain: the case of two Ghanaian associations in LondonW088
Furri, FilippoThe hanging status of asylum seekers: the limbo of temporary residenceW043
Gaggiotti, HugoNarratives in parent's organisations of adoptive families in Spain: between commodities and gifts, market and kinshipW073
Gaibazzi, Paolo"Nerves!": struggling with immobility in The GambiaW004
Galasinska, AleksandraLeavers and stayers discuss returning homeW072
Gammeltoft, TineSonographic images of anomalous fetal bodies: tracing cultural mediationsIW02
Ganeva, RadoslavaFrom the 'staged folklore' to the ethnographic filmmakingW058
Garattini, ChiaraBecoming parent through lossW082
García Barranco, MargaritaBlack African heritage in Spain: the forgotten migrationW063
Garsten, ChristinaTransparency and the global gaze: the UN and the problem of social accountabilityW019
Gatt, Caroline'Welcome to the FoE family': the constitution and maintenance of mutuality at a distance in a transnational communityW072
Gatta, GianlucaAn ethnography of the migrants landing: the case of Lampedusa (Italy)W043
Gausset, QuentinBoundary crossing and ethnic passing: the negotiation of Fulbe identities in Northern CameroonW035
Geana, GheorghitaThe structure of anthropological research: a phenomenological hermeneuticsW087
Geisenhainer, Katja"War in particular offers exceptionally favorable opportunities for surveying foreign racial material" (Otto Reche (1879-1966), 1944)W050
Georgiadou, ChristinaEveryday creativity in exile: case studies of two Afghan refugees in AthensW028
Geuijen, KarinPlaying it safe or going all out in Brussels: how national bureaucrats do European businessW052
Gewertz, DeborahOne supersize does not fit all: flap versus Mac in the ethics of personal consumptionW001
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Mayer, DanilaVienna street heroes - black music in parksW115
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Metcalfe, JaniceThe role of night dream incubation (Istikhara) in contemporary Islamic public lifeW074
Michielsens, ElisabethDiscourses on diversity and identity produced by leading London companiesW057
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Midol, NancyHypnosis - a trance of possession without possessionW094
Miele, CaterinaInteractions and ambiguity of notions of war and peace in a colonial contextIW06
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Norman, KarinHeroes, massacres, and Svetskava Street 12: remembering the war in KosovoW013
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