EASA, 2006: EASA06: Europe and the world

Bristol, UK, 18/09/2006 – 21/09/2006

Authors and papers

This page lists all the accepted papers by author. Click on a workshop reference to see the workshop page and paper details.

Aarnitaival, SaraleenaEducated female immigrants seeking information about jobs in FinlandW094
Abram, SimoneCitizen-consumer in the quasi-commercial stateW029
Afonso, Ana IsabelBlowing in the wind: anthropology and the new landscapes of energyW101
Aguilera Calderon, Anna-MaijaSpirit economy and Mami Wata rituals in the Bight of BeninW028
Ahmed, NilufarTransference or transformation? Traditional and transmuted gender rolesIW04
Akalin, AyseA day at the park? The migrant domestic workers in Turkey on their days offW058
Albahari, MaurizioPastoral power and sacred realms in the Italian state migration regulation projectIW04
Alber, ErdmuteSchooling, fosterage and child care: the case of the Baatombu in Northern BeninW052
Alexander, CatherineThe case of the oralman: the wrong kind of Kazakh?W070
Allen, TimHealing, risk and justice in northern UgandaW021
Alvarado Leyton, CristianTowards a comparative study of ritual and mimetic kinshipW036
Amit, VeredThe transformations and continuities of student travelW017
Andersson, Kerstin BReflexivity and ethical awarenessW048
Andits, PetraTransition from exile to diaspora: changes in Hungarian expatriate identity-discourses after 1989W070
Antweiler, ChristophIntroduction: local knowledge in and for developmentW046
Antweiler, ChristophPopularising anthropology: the problems with 'culture' and 'ethnic groups'W095
Aparicio, Juan RicardoAcademic-intellectuals, world anthropologies and the insurrectional social movements/subjugated knowledges in Latin AmericaW071
Arce, AlbertoCreative action and local knowledge in development anthropologyW046
Ardèvol, ElisendaGame pleasures and media practicesW013
Arenas, Ivan'A heritage for the future': building and imagining a Portuguese horizon of expectationsW044
Arif, YasmeenAnthropologies of differenceW071
Árnason, ArnarThe girl in Kúagerði, or, how grief paves the way, literallyW055
Arnaut, KarelEthnographies of non-state governance: findings and conjecturesW063
Aspraki, Gabriella'Is it all in the head?': participant observation and the study of painW003
Assmuth, LauraAsymmetries of gender and generation at a post-Soviet borderlandW041
Astrinaki, UraniaMemories of violence and the arts of livingW022
Athanasiou, AthenaMourning the Other: bare life, sovereign power and the biopolitical nomos of the empireW027
Aubin-Boltanski, EmmaThe Virgin Mary in Lebanon: a shared worshipW031
Baer, MonikaWhen East meets West: the discursive practice of feminist and gay/lesbian activism in contemporary PolandW053
Bajic-Hajdukovic, IvanaRe-imagining the 'imagined community': the case study of the post-1991 SerbianW007
Bak, MarenInterrogating childhood and diasporaW007
Balzani, MarziaThe trials and tribulations of mosque-building in London: Ahmadiyya Muslims in the UKW011
Banerjee, MukulikaVoting in Bengal (India) villagesW065
Bar-On Cohen, EinatPerfect praxis in AikidoW048
Barendregt, BartSoutheast Asia's green renaissance, and other self-Orientalist futuresW044
Barnard, AlanCulture: the indigenous accountW093
Barrera-González, AndrésThe image of Europe among Russian political and intellectual elitesW064
Barry, AndrewInterdisciplinarity in a political settingW032
Bartels, EdienResponses to insecurity: cultural identity as a key dimension of human securityW021
Bartholdsson, Åsa'Parents today': teacher discourses about socialising responsibilities in two Swedish schoolsW052
Barua, NupurThe social construction of competence: an ethnography of a clinical encounter in a Delhi slumW006
Bassi, FrancescaAntipathy, intolerance and ritual prohibitionsW023
Bastos, CristianaThe healing stench: Sulphurous hydrotherapy and the ways of countermedicalisation.W003
Bazin, LaurentThe Market as a 'technique of power': international relations and differentiated local contextsP2
Bellier, IrèneEuropean governance, minority politics and the concept of peopleIW05
Ben-Ari, EyalAnthropological analyses of the militaries of the industrialized worldW020
Bender, Cora'Speaking of practice': knowledge, fear, and music in an Ojibwa communityW013
Benson, Michaela'Europe' and European identity in the narratives of Britons in rural FranceW074
Berankova, HelenaAmalie KozminovaW083
Berg, Mette LouiseParadoxes of continuity and change: Cuba's children of the revolutionW017
Berglund, EevaWomen's Design Service, London: 20 years of materialising the environmentW018
Bernal, VictoriaDiaspora, cyberspace, and dissent: the public sphere in the shadow of violenceW004
Bertelsen, Bjørn EngeThe violence of the postcolonial state: sorcery, death squads and sovereignities in Mozambique W099
Bertran Tarres, MartaParticipation practices of native and immigrant families in institutional care services for children in BarcelonaW052
Bessa Ribeiro, FernandoThe capitalism spirit in a local economy? Informal trade in Mandlakazi (southern Mozambique)W057
Bessiere, CélineKinship groups and the devolution of family businessesW077
Bheenuck, ShekarConcept of home amongst overseas nurses working in the British National Health ServiceW102
Biner, ZerrinRe-establishing the dignity of a cosmopolitan city: contested perspectives on culture, rights and ethnicityW086
Birkalan-Gedik, Hande A.Anthropology of Turkey: Scholars, Ethnographies and Representations W088
Bivins, RobertaChronically ethnic: immigration, assimilation and genetic medicineW097
Bjerkli, BjørnLandscape and resistance: transformation of Saami common land from dwelling to political landscapeW059
Blanc, DominiqueEthnomathematics: deconstructing a paradoxW080
Blanes, Ruy'We believed in God, we just didn't know who He was'; defining faith among Portuguese and Spanish Pentecostal GypsiesW031
Blassnigg, MarthaCinema, time and consciousnessW096
Blehr, BarbroRefracted Christianity: reflections on a Swedish case W025
Bock-Luna, BirgitThe 'housing' of memory and sentiment among displaced Serbs in the United StatesW069
Bofill Poch, SilviaFormal and informal care in Catalonia: old women's perception of their duties and rights as regards careW057
Bogdanova, ZlatinaTransforming identities: the case of a rural Bulgarian business at the threshold of EU entryW012
Bolton, MaggieMulticulturalism, democracy and 'refounding' Bolivia: Ayllus, sindicatos and the Constituent AssemblyW014
Bondarenko, DmitriEducation and tolerance in contemporary Tanzania: the ethno-racial and religious aspectsW004
Bordonaro, LorenzoYouth and the ambiguities of global modernity: the experience of marginality in the Archipelago of the Bijagós (Guinea Bissau)W060
Born, GeorginaThe art of forecasting and the temporal politics of marketsP2
Boskovic, AleksandarWe are all indigenous now: culture vs. nature in representations of the BalkansW093
Boyd, ChristineHealth care strategies for Roma in a transitioning economyW098
Bozic-Vrbancic, SenkaHospitality beyond bordersIW05
Brandhuber, GabrieleHerbal knowledge in the Austrian Alps: trans-local knowledge and personal knowingW091
Brandtstädter, SusanneReflections on the relation between secular law and popular religion in ChinaW025
Bräuchler, BirgitCultural solutions to religious conflicts? The reconciliation process in the Moluccas, Eastern IndonesiaW040
Brazeal, BrianAndei Pelo Mundo Andei: historical antecedents for the internationalisation of Afro-Brazilian religionsW075
Brazzabeni, MicolThe politically dangerous process of development of the Tikmũ'ũm-Maxakali school: education and shamanism like an 'otherness-trip' with an indigenous Brazilian groupW046
Brembeck, HeleneNot yet ethnic: Bosnian frontier families in SwedenW094
Brigidi, SerenaImmigrant Latin American Women on the Verge of an <i>Ataque de Nervios</i>W026
Brouwer, LenieModerators on Dutch Moroccan websitesW039
Bubandt, NilsA loosely wired globality: alternative currencies and alternative modernities in eastern IndonesiaW025
Büchi, SilviaMigration, stress and resilience: how African migrants in Switzerland try to stay healthyW098
Budka, PhilippThe quest for strategies to integrate e-learning into social anthropology: experiences from AustriaW092
Buitelaar, MarjoThe religious and secular in Muslim self-narrativesW015
Bukovcan, TanjaEthnological research of (traditional) medicine in South-Eastern EuropeW024
Bullen, MargaretCulture, gender and migration in the Spanish Basque CountryW014
Buur, LarsThe horror of the mob: from revolutionary 'Young Lions' to ambivalent protectors of democracyW035
Calin, RomeliaMigration's effect on young people's future: community researchW094
Campbell, BenThe gender of the goat, and other insurgent events in NepalW035
Campbell, John R.Writing 'expert reports' for the British immigration courtsIW02
Cañás Bottos, LorenzoOld Colony Mennonites and the superabundance of the sacredW025
Candelise, LuciaNarrowing and expansion of the use of Chinese Medicine in two European countries - Italy and FranceIW07
Cantini, DanieleSecularism, Islam and everyday challenges in the lives of university students: a case study from Amman, JordanW025
Capone, StefaniaTransnational networks in Orisha worship and the making of a religious 'Black Atlantic'IW03
Caraballo-Resto, JuanThe rhetoric of secularism among first-generation Muslim migrants in DundeeW015
Carbonell, EliseuIdentities in crisis and suicide in QuebecW026
Carnet, PaulineDerogatory border practices in common lawW084
Carrasco, SilviaChildren's social experiences in the diverse migration patterns to Catalonia, SpainW054
Carrin, Marine Coherence, change and agency in two religious and medical traditions of IndiaW091
Carvalho, ClaraExporting therapies: how Guinean therapists are making their way in a globalised marketW098
Casentini, GiuliaChanging conflicts and conflict resolution in the northern region of GhanaW004
Catey, Andrew ScottThe materialization of fiscal theory: practice and effects in the National Health Service in WalesW009
Chao, Chi-fangShinbuyo: new dance as cultural form created on the Euro-Asia cultural interfaceW062
Charsley, KatharineRishtas: adding emotion to strategy in understanding British Pakistani transnational marriagesW069
Chatjouli, AglaiaImplemented biopolitical choices and moral dilemmas: the case of ThalassaemiaW082
Chiba, KaekoMental healing from chado, tea ceremonyW003
Chivens, ThomasIntervening genderW053
Christou, AnastasiaSpaces of Europe – places of homeland: Greek female migrant life stories in DenmarkW094
Ciabarri, LucaCapturing democratic standards: the 2005 Somaliland parliamentary elections between plural authorities and claims for recognitionW065
Cimdina, AgneseChanging economies and changing challenges: an anthropological approach to the utilisation of emerging European MarketsW012
Cioce, Damian'Tragedy Cromagnon': metamorphosis and coexistence of two shrines, the popular and the officialW055
Ciubrinskas, VytisPublic challenges and politics of identity of the transnational returnees in post-Communist LithuaniaIW04
Clarke, MorganThe modernity of milk kinship: Islamic legal reactions to new reproductive technologyW036
Coleman, SimonEthnographic amnesia and the archaeology of memory: on remembering and forgetting in writing and fieldworkW008
Collins, PeterThe idea of a Quaker anthropologyW008
Constantinou, CostasThe local and the global in perceptions of health care and illness in CyprusW026
Conte, EdouardTies of milk and the grammar of closeness in Muslim contextsW036
Cornish, HelenSpelling out change: transforming witchcraft past and presentW028
Corsin Jimenez, AlbertoAdministrating knowledge as a global public goodW032
Cotoi, CalinRethinking the 'social' at the borders of scientific discourse: can the social become non-secular?W091
Coulter, ChrisEveryday life in the bush: abducted women experiencing war with the RUF rebels in Sierra LeoneW035
Cox, Rupert'From the visual to the visible and back again': re-formations of the subject in Japanese Zen practiceW068
Coxshall, WendyProducing and managing violence within kinship: an anthropological contribution to peace and conflict studiesW099
Crawford, Peter IanReef Islands revisited: corporeality, sound, and ethnographic filmW068
Cunha, ManuelaImmunisation: consent and dissentW021
Curda, BarbaraNegotiating changes in the context of Odissi dance in IndiaW062
Curran, JohnFrom Edgware Road to Brixton on 7/7: anthropological observations on the discourse of 'madness' in relation to 'the war on terror'W034
Cutolo, ArmandoNationalist ideologies and folk-anthropologies: colonial legacies and their transformation in the Ivory CoastW060
da Col, GiovanniGrib and Bcud: genealogies of biopolitics among Tibetan communities in south-west ChinaW027
Dadswell, SarahNow you see me, now you don't: the hidden sites of South Asian performance art in British urban centresW102
Dahinden, JanineSocial networks and membership identities: everyday diversity in a small town in SwitzerlandW011
Dahl, GudrunAgency, oppression and protectionW016
Dahlgren, SusanneColonial feminism revisited: tracing the methodological genealogies of 'the Muslim woman' W088
Dalakoglou, DimitrisOmitting multiculturalism but not its crisis: Greek state policies and Albanian transnational tiesP3
Dallavalle, ChiaraContesting identity: local practices and political discourse in contemporary SicilyW084
Daukšas, DariusLithuanian law on citizenship: culture and ethnicityW029
David, Ann R.Religious dogma or political agenda? Bharatanatyam and its re-emergence in Tamil templesW062
Davies, CharlotteMulticulturalism and national identity in an emerging polityW014
Davis, ChristopherDown by law: the Black Atlantic & its vicissitudes in the era of Thomas and ScaliaIW03
Davis, DonaDualing memories: twinship and the disembodiment of identityW008
Day, SophieTransitions: the life course in context (session 2 of the workshop)W070
De, DianaCross-cultural comparisons of sickle cell crisis managementW097
de Jong, FerdinandMaking sense of a shipwreck: state memorialism versus popular politics in SenegalW022
de Jong, WillemijnNegotiating well-being in old age in IndiaW047
de Klerk, NicoCinema and culture in early non-fiction film W096
de L' Estoile, BenoîtCompeting universalisms: anthropology, cultural diversity and museums of the Other in FranceW093
De Zordo, SilviaThe morality of family planning in Brazil: between biopolitics and social inequalitiesW082
Declich, FrancescaMigrants and refugees of the Somali 'Bantu' community in diaspora between Africa and AmericaIW04
Degnen, CathrineDeliberating democratically and public knowledgesW032
Delaney, CarolGender, diffusion and secularism in the Abrahamic religionsP4
Deltsou, EleftheriaThe European Union under construction: programmes as political technologiesW038
Demirdirek, HulyaThe new 'best man' in Moldova: godparenthood reconceptualisedW036
den Uyl, MarionVanishing trust: the story of the Bijlmer housing estateW021
Dias, NeliaDouble erasures: rewriting the past in French postcolonial museumsP1
Dikomitis, LisaAre some people more displaced than others? The case of Greek and Turkish Cypriot refugeesIW01
Dilger, Hansjörg'Tradition in disguise': struggles over continuity and change in urban TanzaniaW017
Dogan, Setenay NilDiaspora nationalism as a gendered discourse: the Circassian diaspora in TurkeyW007
Donner, HenrikeTies we choose: activism, friendship and masculinity within a revolutionary movement and beyondW035
Drakakis-Smith, AngelaInside out: 'the English' in north-west WalesW007
Drazin, AdamNegotiating uncertainty: home-making among Irish-Romanians in DublinW058
Drazkiewicz, ElaKings of the city: bicycle messengersW011
Dressler, AngelaForeign correspondents/ foreign news productionW013
Drotbohm, HeikeIntroduction: anthropology and the particularities of island cultures W005
Drougge, PerPain, guilt and gratitude: sensory deprivation and emotions in NaikanW003
Duennwald, StephanUniversal rights, European laws and national practicesW074
Durand, Jean-YvesThe swing of the pendulum: radiesthesia, Europe and the worldW080
Dürr, EvelinePerceptions of purity and insularity in the context of globalisationW005
Dyck, NoelRemembrance and the ethnography of children's sportsW008
Dzenovska, DaceNegotiating the threshold of difference: multiculturalism and other national things in LatviaW014
Eckert, Julia(Re-)searching security in contemporary IndiaW072
Ecks, StefanHow Big Pharma's 'global corporate citizenship' is translated in India IW07
Edgar, IainThe imagework method in teaching and learning social anthropologyW092
Ehrich, Kathryn'We have the technology': staff views and experiences of the genetic testing of cells, embryos and foetusesW097
Einarsdóttir, JónínaBlurred boundaries: conventional and applied researchW024
Ekström, SimonCulture non grata: a Swedish example of a concept in distressW014
El-Or, TamarAuto-ethnic ethnography, or 'one is not born an Ashkenazi'W008
Elchinova, MagdalenaTransnational migration and the role of the ethnic church: the case of the Bulgarian community in ChicagoW070
Ellerbe-Dueck, CassandraGerman postcolonial history as a point of self-reflectionIW08
Ellison, NicolasLiving in the coffee-forest: interrelations of lifescape and landscape among the Totonac of MexicoW059
Enav, YardenIsraeli national identity and Israeliness in a West-Bank college in Israel/PalestineW101
Endres, KirstenSpirits on the move: religious practices in Vietnamese communities across the bordersW028
Engelbrecht, BeateFilmmaking as research tool: new options, new questionsW096
Ensor, MarisaBetween Europe and Africa: discourses of identity and independence among Sahrawi migrants in the Canary IslandsW042
Eriksen, Thomas HyllandNorway: an anthropologist's paradise?W095
Evans, GillianWhat about white ppeople's history? Class, race and culture wars in 21st century BritainW093
Evens, Terry Reflexive anthropology and social activism: is there a difference between 'doing good' and 'doing good research'? W048
Evergeti, VenetiaThe Muslim presence in Greece: an exploration of the issuesW015
Évora, IolandaBehavioural prevention towards HIV/AIDS among youngsters of Cape Verdian originW098
Färber, AlexaComplicity and the construction of common ground: a Kreuzberg neighbourhood initiative and the impact of ethnographic practicesW011
Farnell, BrendaAuthenticity, appropriation and innovation in the circulation of danced knowledgeW062
Fassin, DidierThe embodied past. reconciliation and resentment in post-apartheid South AfricaP1
Favero, Paolo S. H.Indica/Mistica/Mediatica: about contemporary European phantasms of India W072
Fedele, AnnaTorn between Christianity and neo-paganism: menstrual rituals in contemporary Spain and FranceW031
Feischmidt, MargitBorders and border-crossing challenging the spatial forms of identityW084
Feldman, Gregory'Many nice people': policy, community and subjectivity in EstoniaW009
Feldman, Jackie'And when I see you, kids…': performing testimony on Israeli youth voyages to PolandW022
Fernandes Ferreira, ElianeStruggling for better days: the work of a Brazilian NGO with the indigenous peoples of northwestern BrazilW046
Ferrándiz, FranciscoThe memorialisation of traumatic death around mass grave exhumations in contemporary SpainW055
Ferraris, FedericaGoing rural and urban at the same time: reflections from the Roman Sikh contextW067
Feuchtwang, StephanTwo temporalities: violent disruption in historical and familial transmissionW022
Filippucci, PaolaIn a ruined country: the memory of war destruction in rural Argonne (France) W022
Fillitz, ThomasCREOLE: A joint MA project funded by the ECW092
Finlay, AndrewThe culture concept and the peace process in IrelandW014
Foret, FrançoisSymbolic roots of EU legitimation: a religious founding narrative for Europe?IW05
Fraenkel, BeatriceWriting sites: shrines from 9/11, New York 2001 W055
Franquesa, JaumeWho and what is the public space for? A case study from the old centre of Palma (Majorca): streets, shops and landscapesW018
Frigolé, JuanLocality, identities and social space in a Pyrenean valley W066
Frisina, AnnalisaThe 'invention of citizenship' among young Muslims of ItalyP3
Frost, NicolaDevils and deities: ethnography, science and the humanity of otherness W001
Fumanti, Mattia'The situation needs balance, balance': flexible cosmopolitans and the reconfiguration of morality and kinship in post-apartheid NamibiaW045
Fürst, Elisabeth L'OrangeThe child in Western discourses: reflections on genderW054
Gaillard, GéraldThe political thinking of Adam Kuper as deduced from 'The Chosen Primate'W093
Gaille-Nikodimov, MarieHow to implement a 'moral biopolitics': a French experience of clinical ethics practice ?W082
Galasinska, AleksandraStories of suitcases and rucksacks: changing values of material objects in the narratives of Polish post-communist immigrants to the United Kingdom W070
Gallinat, Anselma'Playing the native card?' The anthropologist as informant in eastern GermanyW008
Gallo, EsterIn the right place at the right time? Some reflections on multi-sited fieldwork and the politics of place in Malayali transnational migrationW072
Garapich, MichalDe-localising class and transnationalising superdiversity: Polish migrants in LondonW011
Garattini, ChiaraWhere angels rest: space and time in Dublin's cemetery landscape W044
Gardner, JamesCollecting and interpreting a national tragedy: the Smithsonian and September 11W055
Gausset, QuentinApplied anthropology and interdisciplinary action research: the case of the PETREA programme on agroforestryW073
Geana, GheorghitaA breach into the formalist armour: cultural relativism and the rationality of scienceW091
Gefou-Madianou, DimitraCulture in the periphery: anthropology and the shadow of Greek civilizationW093
Geisenhainer, KatjaMarianne Schmidl (1890-1942)W083
Geissler, Paul Wenzel'…the medicine is finished': traces of Euro-African modernity in the remains of state medical science and disease control in KenyaIW07
Gélard, Marie-LuceDimension 'pactuelle' et parentés électives, tribu des Aït Khebbach (Sud-Est marocain)W036
Gellner, DavidRituals of democracy and development in NepalW093
Geurds, Alexander'Teotihuamart': Mexican futurities evoked by past and present power mongers W044
Gibert, Marie-PierreLocal dance and global setting or global dance and local setting? Ethnography of a Yemenite night club in IsraelW062
Gillespie, MarieContesting legitimacy: media publics and security policy in multi-ethnic BritainW021
Gingrich, AndreAlliances and avoidance: British interactions with German-speaking anthropologists, 1935- 1950W093
Gledhill, JohnFateful legacies and the burdens of academic excellence: UK anthropology and the public sphereW095
Gmaj, KatarzynaSymbolic return to homeland - the case of resettled Lemkos W050
Gobin, EmmaRitual 'innovation' and conflict in Havana (Cuba): some effects of Afro-Cuban religions' transnationalisation on the local religious fieldW075
Gokcen, SinanInsecure state, insecure citizens: the case of TurkeyW021
Gonzalez, PhilippeReclaiming the (Swiss) nation for God: the politics of Charismatic prophetismW031
Gore, GeorgianaFrom village to festival: an example of the construction of canons of correct performance W062
Gowan, TeresaBetween punishment and abandonment: symbolic violence and American homelessnessW099
Grama, SidoniaThe catharsis of going out into the street: experiencing the 1989 Romanian RevolutionW035
Grandits, HannesKinship, welfare and the state: researching the connection in 20th and 21st century Europe W077
Grasseni, CristinaSkilled visionsW068
Grätz, TiloInternet and changing media practices in West Africa.W013
Green, MaiaSubjects of the project: narratives of power, poverty and agency in southern TanzaniaW090
Green, SarahEating, milking and clogging things up: on the uses and values of money on the Greek-Albanian borderW041
Gregoric Bon, NatasaPensions and social tensions in Dhermi/Drimades of the Himara area, Southern AlbaniaW041
Grider, SylviaContesting the memory of "the shooters" at Columbine High SchoolW055
Griera Llonch, Maria del Mar'Are you a real Christian?' Stereotypes, distrust and distinction strategies between 'new' and 'old' Protestants in BarcelonaW031
Gruber, AngelikaBeing elderly at the age of 40: perspectives from Austria W047
Gruber, FlorianDivisions in society as indicators for analysing conflicting identities: the Bosnian caseW101
Grønseth, Anne SigfridTamil refugee's illnesses: somatization or 'expressive signs' of social experiences?W023
Guadeloupe, FrancioTheir modernity matters too: exploring the Black Atlantic of the working poorIW03
Gudeman, StephenSacred cows and critics: what's in a controversy?W093
Guedj, PaulineTowards a new African American religion ? The Akan movement in the United StatesW075
Gulløv, EvaBring up to fare well: a discussion of childcare institutions as sites of enculturationW047
Gustafsson Reinius, LottenMaterial punctum: Congolese objects in Swedish sceneriesIW06
Hadolt, BernhardThe quest for a family: kinship and relatedness in the age of assisted reproductive technologyW077
Hall, AlexandraRisk, security and the outsider: debating the limits of loyalty and belongingW021
Hall, TomWelfare, outreach and the boundary of inequality: encounters in Cardiff's city centreW047
Haller, DieterThe cosmopolitan Mediterranean: myth and realityW087
Halloy, ArnaudLearning religion: on Xangô (Recife, Brazil)W091
Handelman, DonReflexivity, native anthropology, interloper anthropologyW048
Harboe Knudsen, IdaLoss, continuity and change in the postsocialist Lithuanian countrysideW012
Harris, FionaCancer, the bogeyman and me: reflexivity and emotion in 'end of life' researchW024
Harðardóttir, Kristín ETechnological impact on social identityW066
Hatton, JoshuaEvidence-based policy? State-commissioned migration research and the relations of academic migration knowledge production in the UKW009
Haukanes, HaldisGlobalisation, child vulnerability and ideas of proper parenthood: two cases from the Norwegian media sceneW052
Hautaniemi, PetriChild migration and care in life storiesW054
Heady, PatrickThe roles of kin: practical help, social contact and ritualW077
Heckler, SerenaWhen does collaboration become undue influence? Ethical dilemmas in an ethnographic study of health policy-makersW024
Heijnen, AdriënneNaming invisible lines: relatedness and the constitution of the person in contemporary IcelandW077
Heintz, MonicaUncertain citizenship: the case of MoldovaW029
Hellermann, Christiane(Neo-)colonial encounters: new migration – old practices? The case of migrant domestic workers in PortugalW060
Hendry, JoyHas Japan put Europe in its place?W080
Hertzog, EstherBureaucracy and ethnic practices in Israel W016
Hervik, PeterMedia anthropological reflections on the writing of history in the case of the Danish Muhammad cartoonsW013
Hills, MilsImproving the quality of decision-making for crises and disastersW078
Hinkelbein, Oliver'Digital Integration of Immigrants': localising and personalizing German ICT-policyW039
Hobart, MarkWhat do we mean by 'media practices'?W013
Hockey, JennyEmbodied identity across the life course: mobilising continuity and change.W017
Högström, KarinIn search of a new femininity: Oriental dance in StockholmW062
Holdsworth, JuliaChoice and politics in the 'Russian' bride market: exploring post-socialist feminisms and femininities in Eastern UkraineW053
Honkasalo, Marja-LiisaEnduring and containing: medical anthropology challenging anthropological theoryW023
Horáková, HanaThe local and the global: in search of European identity in the Czech local communityW064
Horolets, AnnaLove of Europe in Polish media narrativesW043
Horstmann, AlexanderLocal ethos or alternative globalisation? The discourse on community in ThailandW040
Hoskins, EmmaEthnographic insights from peasant lives in IstanbulW074
Howell, Signe'The best interest of the child': a slogan with universal pretensions that meets local resistanceW016
Hryaban, ViktoriyaThe 'Europeanisation' project in the UkraineW084
Hryciuk, RenataCompulsory motherhood? Mothering discourses in the times of 'moral revolution in Poland'W053
Hsu, ElisabethTactile diagnostics for investigating visceral states of the body: how an interest in emotion transformed medicine in early Han ChinaW003
Hughes, StephenAnthropology at the moviesW013
Hughes-Freeland, FeliciaDance: more than a moving image?W068
Hurtado Garcia, InmaDesires, changes and uncertainties: retired European women on the Costa BlancaW069
Hutnyk, JohnCelebrating transgression: an introductionW001
Hüwelmeier, GertrudSnack bar spirits: religious practices of Vietnamese migrants in BerlinW067
Højbjerg, ChristianRecurrent violence and changing forms of governance in a West African frontier zoneW063
Irving, AndrewA Sense of ThingsW068
Iyer, ParvathiThe construction of drug quality: a comparative study of the pharmaceutical industry in the European and Indian contextsIW07
Izzo, JustinBetween exclusion and belonging: ontology, potentiality and life at the threshold of sovereigntyW027
Jablonski Garcia, PauloSecret ballot and clientelistic practices on the MInho border: comparison of two ethnographic cases - Galiza and Northern Portugal W065
Jaffe, RivkeGlobal environmental ideoscapes, blighted cityscapes: city, island and environment in Jamaica and CuraçaoW044
James, DeborahTransforming culture: the popular broker as mediatorW093
James, WendyDance and the survival of a social world: 'ancient', transformed and new performances among Uduk refugeesW062
Jansen, StefFallen from grace, stuck in place: shifting cross-border hierarchies in SerbiaW041
Jaray-Vojcek, JudithEffects of the media on female gender after the change of regime in Hungarian societyW042
Jeffery, LauraGeneration of difference: strategies of migration amongst the descendants of forcibly displaced Chagos islandersIW04
Jensen, SteffenShozoloza: ambiguous revolution and disparate ideologies on the South African frontierW035
Jimeno Salvatierra, PilarPublic behaviours as scintillating signals for communicationW055
Kaiser, TaniaThe cultural construction of exile for Sudanese refugees in UgandaIW01
Kalb, DonContributionW100
Kalny, Eva'They even use us as a factory for children': local perspectives of the US and its counterparts in GuatemalaW090
Kanzler, Regina'Heaven on earth': religious place-making through the claim of 'internationalism' in an African-initiated Pentecostal Church in Berlin - GermanyW067
Kao, PhilipTransforming crisis: what the world looks like in 2017W078
Karaca, BanuThe business of art: art spectacles in the contemporary metropolitan orderW037
Karagiannidis, ChristosThe culturalisation of Europe: cultural practices and the position of culture in south-eastern Europe W074
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