Inclusive cities, publicness and Sustainable Development Goals
PB Anand (University of Bradford)
Shailaja Fennell (University of Cambridge)
Flavio Comim (University of Cambridge and UFRGS)
Lecture Room B (Queens College)
Start time:
12 September, 2016 at 14:00 (UTC+0)
Session slots:

Short abstract:

This panel aims to focus on cities as essential lenses to understand the current and future politics of development and as arenas of multiple conflicts of principles and ideas that shape the achievement of sustainable development.

Long abstract:

The aim of this panel is to critically examine current resurgence in thinking about cities as crucial determinants of sustainable development and progress towards SDGs but also to expose some of the weaknesses in current ideas such as 'smart cities' and other related conceptions of cities. In that context, the panelists want to examine alternative lenses or angles including agency, publicness, and sharing and the extent to which these can help in promoting inclusive governance of cities and aim to generate a discussion on some of the key ideas for the politics of the next generation of 'new urban agenda'. Publicness as identified by Rawls and Nussbaum is one lens and capabilities and freedoms in the lines of Amartya Sen are another lens to understand agency and participation. These can be contrasted with conventional lenses of strategic spatial planning approaches and urban governance lenses. The motivation for this panel is that at present while some aspects of inclusiveness of cities are theorised, on the whole there is inadequate theorising of the constituents and determinants of inclusiveness. The aim of this panel is to develop clarity on some of these fundamental ideas and inform and shape the debate.