Accepted paper:

Playing at being modern? The presence of sports in Peru's illustrated magazines


David Wood (The University of Sheffield)

Paper short abstract:

The presence of images and text that seek to capture sporting events and practices is a pervasive part of the (post-)modern world. This paper will explore the emergence of this phenomenon in early twentieth-century Peru.

Paper long abstract:

At the end of the nineteenth century and turn of the twentieth the convergence of various technological developments in printing and photography coincided with the emergence of sport as a mass-based practice in Peru and elsewhere. With common origins in western Europe and the United States, technology and sport alike offered symbolic capital as a means to engage with notions of modernity. By examining various illustrated magazines from the era, such as Variedades and El Sport, this paper will consider the ways in which sport constituted an important element in the construction of a sense of modernity.

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Visuality, illustrated popular magazines and modernity in Latin America