Visual research, creative methodologies and the position of the subject: possibilities and limitations of creative experiences
Angélica Cabezas Pino (University of Sussex)
Johannes Sjoberg (The University of Manchester)
Malet 354
Start time:
4 April, 2014 at 9:30
Session slots:

Short abstract:

This panel will explore the possibilities and limitations of collaborative and participatory media present for shifting the balance of power between researchers and subjects in Latin America.

Long abstract:

A significant body of contemporary research in Latin America aims to subvert the classic subject/object relation using visual and creative methods. In academic fields, these have included creative collaborations such as photo elicitation, applied theatre, docufiction, and others. These efforts make clear that participants may contribute as much or more to the final project as the researcher. Nevertheless, they leave unanswered an important question: are these participatory and collaborative projects sufficient to overcome the financial, structural and discursive barriers that marginalise research subjects throughout Latin America? This panel invites papers that address the possibilities and limitations that creative experiences present for shifting the balance of power between researchers and subjects. Papers might address indigenous media, the role of NGO financing, challenges to normative discourses of identity, activist documentary, or other topics. We welcome written papers as well as other forms of media and presentations that combine the two.