Argentina since the 2001 crisis: recovering the past, reclaiming the future
Daniel Ozarow (Middlesex University)
Cara Levey (UCC)
Christopher Wylde
Malet 252
Start time:
3 April, 2014 at 9:30
Session slots:

Short abstract:

This panel explores how Argentina emerged from its economic, social and political crisis a decade ago and interrogates the country's current situation. We invite papers from a range of disciplines that discuss responses to the 2001 crisis and its far-reaching legacies.

Long abstract:

Crisis is a term that is much used in the post-Lehman Brothers world. The subsequent responses and associated recoveries (or lack of) have been the subject of a cascade of academic, government, media, and think-tank investigation ever since. This panel will analyse crisis and its associated responses and subsequent recovery in the context of Argentina's multiple implosion of 2001-02 whilst also assessing its legacies for the country's social, cultural, economic and political realms during the last decade. In understanding the nature of how crisis and its impacts should be investigated and interrogated, we seek papers that first, reject false dichotomies of 'old' and 'new'; instead synthesising understanding to form an analysis that draws both elements of continuity and elements of change and that secondly, recognise that crisis manifests itself in a number of realms, and that heuristic devices employed to investigate them must subsequently also be drawn from across a range of disciplinary perspectives. We thus invite contributions from political economy, the social sciences as well as cultural studies. Whilst the 2001-02 crisis in Argentina led to a series of responses that both rejected the neoliberal model yet also recovered elements of it, the panel will also reflect upon the current global crisis and so welcomes comparative work that in particular examines how these processes are being played out in Europe today. This panel is part of a long-term networking collaboration on this theme and builds upon previous conferences and events organised by the Argentina Research Network.