The Latin American left on screen
Clara Garavelli (University of Leicester)
Beatriz Tadeo Fuica (University of St Andrews)
Malet 354
Start time:
3 April, 2014 at 9:30 (UTC+0)
Session slots:

Short abstract:

Since the turn of the century, many Latin American countries have implemented socio-political and cultural changes in tune with an intellectual left and a 'Latin-Americanist' project. This panel seeks to explore the impacts of these changes on the big screen, focusing on films and media policies.

Long abstract:

The socio-political changes promoted by the new left-wing governments that have risen throughout Latin America since the beginning of the 21st Century were accompanied by modifications in media regulations and an array of audio-visual productions related to this phenomenon. Accordingly, this panel seeks to explore different cinematic responses to these macro-changes, which include, among others, a renewed relationship with the recent past and politics of memory, regional collaborations and cultural interactions, new film and media policies and agreements. On the one hand, the panel aims to analyse the representation of these changes in specific film(s) and filmmaker(s). On the other hand, it intends to examine matters related to the production, exhibition and distribution of these works, ie: the stimulation of local/regional filmmaking practices and/or industries. Examples will be given from well-established and emergent cinemas including comparative analyses. This panel will offer an opportunity to put diverse policies and films into dialogue in order to evaluate the impact of these new governments on the continental cultural life during the first decade, or so, of the new millennium.