Accepted paper:

Ways of knowing about impacts of climate change in the Baltic Sea


Katriina Siivonen (University of Turku)
Jaana Kouri (University of Turku)

Paper short abstract:

We search for cooperation concerning co-creation of hybrid knowledge about the impacts of climate change and environmental changes by combining everyday experiences and scientific knowledge partly in order to be able adapt to the environmental changes and partly to avoid climate change.

Paper long abstract:

Climate change cause potential changes in the seasonal changes and the rhythm of the year in local culture in the coastal areas of the Baltic Sea area, where our focus is especially in the Southwest Finland Archipelago. Our aim is to create hybrid knowledge about the impacts of climate change and changes in seasonal changes by combining knowledge based on everyday experiences and scientific knowledge. We will combine different ethnographic methods and participatory, partly art based workshops for local experimental knowledge about seasonal changes. We will have expert interviews with scientists in natural sciences concerning impacts of climate change in the Baltic Sea. On the base of these we will create mixed processes where everyday knowledge and scientific knowledge are intertwined and new viewpoints about cultural and environmental changes in relation to seasonal changes and climate change are emerged. These viewpoints will be used both in local culture in Southwest Finland Archipelago and in environmental sciences and cultural research in order to find new solutions for local people to adapt to the changing environment in the Baltic Sea, and to find new solutions to slow down climate change. We are interested in research cooperation and joint publications concerning development of qualitative methodology for co-creations of cultural changes both in order to avoid climate change and to adapt to the environmental changes caused by it.

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The changing time and rhythms of water