Accepted paper:

Towards Home: the ambiguities within and between places


Vitalija Stepušaitytė (Heriot-Watt University)

Paper short abstract:

Drawing on the ethnography about the concept of home among Lithuanian women living in Scotland, this paper explores fragmented temporalities of a place through narratives about remembered and imagined homes, and attempts to 'be at home' elsewhere.

Paper long abstract:

By developing a notion that 'we carry places within us' (Dylan Trigg, 2012) when a person moves from one place to the other, I am analysing how a migrant experiences a place through entanglements of visible and invisible, present and absent aspects of a place, and a sense of one's self continuation. I am arguing that once a person places memories and imaginaries within experiences of a place here and now, a sense of place transcends itself as something that is here and now, though always remains an incomplete and fragmented personal experience.

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Temporalities of dwelling elsewhere: placing and displacing home (SIEF Place Wisdom Group)