Accepted paper:

Intermedial identities: a possible model to describe contemporary cultural practice


Adrian Stoicescu (University of Bucharest)

Paper short abstract:

The accelerated cultures of today allow the emergence of a new way of building cultural identity and its usage offline. Crowdsourcing cultural practice on the internet has evolved into a distinct practice leading to intermedial identity building processes.

Paper long abstract:

Against the backdrop of accelerated cultures and the dissolution of community in the sense of traditions holders, people still feel the need to find some landmarks to shape their life big moments. The substitute for the old communities, holding the archived codes of cultural practice, in which such answers could be found may be the online community of practice which increasingly slides away from its centring upon the issues of very practical matter to those of a more ritualistic or ceremonial nature. Additionally, the contemporary life styles incorporate an ever-increasing tendency of self-museification by movies, snapshots or commentaries of the individual life in its (extra)ordinary aspects. Uploading such samples of individual life on (video) social media or specially created discussion forums tends to be itself an intrinsic part of such life styles which may develop as a strong component of the individual identity profile. But such self-museification practices displayed within the communities with loose cultural identity, which are in fact forms of individual acknowledgement and empowerment of the weak cultural consistency enables the ground for inventing a new form of cultural transmission. The lived culture of the individual museified online becomes to certain extent the socio-cultural regulatory entity that once organised the cultural life of a community. This papers tries to approach such practice in the sense of identifying an emergent type of cultural identity based on the principles of crowdsourcing and selection from the online to be played offline just to be museified and uploaded after to serve of identity practice raw material for further use.

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Dwelling in the virtual space: digital approaches and archival practices