Accepted paper:

Ambiguous objects, negotiated relationships. An ethnography about the materiality of the house in the city of Haedo, Buenos Aires


María Florencia Blanco Esmoris (CIS-CONICET/IDES)

Paper short abstract:

This paper presents some preliminary elaborations of a fieldwork at Gloria´s house located in Haedo, Greater Buenos Aires. I intent to think through the concept of assemblages the ambiguous ways in which objects and social relations are (re)updated.

Paper long abstract:

This contribution proposes an ethnographic experience that seeks to think the assemblages (Deleuze y Guattari, 1980) between social relations and material culture in everyday life. In this regard, point out the several ways in which social agency is materialized. The first part of the paper outlines ethnographic remnants about Gloria's house in the town of Haedo and the production of the space through objects. The second section lays out various courses of action in which subjectivities are shaped at Gloria´s house in their daily lives. The third section replenishes practical and discursively evoked forms of time and spatial organization. I conclude that the relevant question to make is not what the house and objects as material delimitation mean but what they allow in terms of social agency, forms of making and possibility.

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Habitat in the making: between expert mediations and the poetics of daily life