Accepted paper:

Place making and acoustic arenas of Münster


Alexandra Dantzer (University of Pittsburgh)
Lazar Jovanović

Paper short abstract:

Research of the sounscape of the city of Münster, through sound-mapping and creation of sound naratives. The goal is to show the different ways in which sound is attended to and later on recreated and interpreted.

Paper long abstract:

Our soundwork explores the notion of place and sound and its connections. By talking about emplacement, that includes sense of boundaries, one is not denying the constructedness and fluidity of place making. The place is constructed and shaped through relationships, just so as acoustic spaces are. Also, sound pervades everyday experiences and sets the tone of places, and it operates through influence, mostly unconscious, that is discrete and not direct. It is immaterial in its essence but it creates acoustic arenas (Blesser and Salter, 2007) as a vehicle of emplacement. Our project is thought of as an experimentation with mapping the acoustic arenas of the city of Münster. The sound project that we are sending was based on sound walks in the Old City Center, that had a goal to sketch the keynotes, signals and soundmarks and render them audible. Some of the sounds were recorded and some of them were searched for on the Internet as our goal was to construct an acoustic arena of Münster. The goal was to show that the original source of the sound does not have to be genuine in order to create an atmospheric representation of the place. Through these mapping we would like to show in how many different ways a place can be created through sounds, regarding the position of the listener and also how one can re-create the aural environments and later on interpret them as anthropological "facts". Link to the sound work: (more to come)

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The acoustics of dwelling, a sound programme