Accepted paper:

Resettlement of displaced slum habitats: a case study of 'Savda Ghevra' resettlement colony in Delhi


Divya Priyadarshini (Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi, Delhi)

Paper short abstract:

The paper examines as to how the new built in environment of the slum dwellers in new resettlement colony is modified over and utilised to the maximum. It is apparent to understand that displaced households are rebuilt again with lots of efforts and unskilled expertise to make it home again.

Paper long abstract:

The study on resettling of the displaced families in a new resettlement colony becomes imperative to understand development of the slum dwellers. The present work also explains the immediate needs of the displaced family who have to make a roof over their heads as the housing and shelter form the initial aspect of rebuilding after evictions. The idea of being able to start a new life germinates with the assurance of being able to build a home again in the new resettlement colony. The struggles and negotiations that the displaced slum-dwellers make in order to house themselves in the new colony have also been detailed in this work. For this purpose 'Savda Gherva' resettlement colony of Delhi, India has been taken as a case study for the ethnographic research. The housing of the displaced slum-dwellers are intertwined with the formal rules resulting in difference in the perceptions as it was imagined by the planners. The unskilled yet expert modifications that the slum dwellers adopt to make the space provided habitable provides for an understanding of the everyday 'tactical' practices.

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Habitat in the making: between expert mediations and the poetics of daily life