Accepted paper:

The Intangible Form


Jaak Sova (Estonian Academy of Arts / Technische Universit√§t M√ľnchen (TUM))

Paper short abstract:

Soundwork mp3 file and other analysis: In the TUM studio URBAN RADICALS, our task was to find an answer to the question: Is it possible to urban design by using sound? Our "field" of experiments were situated near Munich.

Paper long abstract:

Nowadays urban planning has focused on visual perception, all other perceptional aspects would follow that in later progress. Our hypothesis was to switch this objectified visual planning with definitive borders into flowing perceptual planning, by using sound. Our task was to go from Utopian idea of planning, back to Radicalism: to combine in a harmonious and sensible way both types of communication (from sound to visual), to make architecture back to liquid experience. Through or analysis of the area near Munich, we created 7 soundscapes, inspired by case studies from sound artists in 20th century (check the link and pdf file named Collection of Atmospheres). The submitted soundpiece is an mixtape of our created soundscapes. Inspired by the Collection of Atmopsheres case studies, we created a soundscapes according to each case study and applied these into our field. The soundcapes were created using the recording from our field mixed with soundscapes from Munich. Creating a path where the performative walking individual can take a synesteshiac soundwalk by using radio aporee mobile for miniatures app ( the idea was to devise a task for which hearing-motion synesthesia would confer a performance advantage, as this would be strong objective evidence for the perceptual experience. The temporal structure of visual information turned into an auditory representation in order to improve the temporal judgments of visual input. For deeper understanding of our work please check the link: and open the pdf file named Booklet

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Sound programme: "Utopic Dystopias: Dystopic Utopias" [Workshop]