Accepted paper:

Relating world anthropologies to ethnological sciences in (Southeast) Europe


Vesna Vucinic-Neskovic (University of Belgrade)
Klaus Roth (Institut für Volkskunde/European Ethnology)

Paper short abstract:

The paper relates WCAA activities to national and regional networks in ethnological sciences, in particular to the International Association for Southeast European Anthropology (InASEA), and draws on contemporary trends in ethnological sciences brought to light in its journal, Ethnologia Balkanica.

Paper long abstract:

The paper will start by presenting the motives for organizing this panel, and will give an overview of how national and mega-regional networks and activities in ethnological sciences may contribute to the world anthropologies mission and the activities of the World Council of Anthropological Associations (WCAA). It will then deal with the process of creation and working of a disciplinary network in Southeast Europe through the activities in and around the International Association for Southeast European Anthropology (InASEA). It is an account of how anthropologists, ethnologists and folklorists from the region, and from the West studying the region, formed an intellectual network through common conferences and publications. At last, it will draw on major contemporary trends in ethnological sciences, which were brought to light and published in the most recent thematic issue of Ethnologia Balkanica, the InASEA journal.

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Is there a sense of community uniting anthropology, ethnology and folklore today? (World Council of Anthropological Associations panel)