Accepted paper:

Latvian singing traditions at home and in social gatherings


Valdis Muktupāvels (University of Latvia)
Rūta Muktupāvela (Latvian Academy of Culture)

Paper short abstract:

Public and private spaces create different conditions for singing, thus affecting selection of repertoire, performative parametres and semantic field. Separate units of repertoire will be presented as recorded in public space and performed in intimate environment of home.

Paper long abstract:

The workshop will explore how the environment of home affects selection of repertoire in different occasions - from letting child to sleep to birthday party. It also influences performative parameters such as intensity of voice, situation of singers and the mode of their interaction etc. Also, each song and singing situation can have some very special meaning, shared only by members of family or a smaller group within family. Public singing situation such as social celebrations, work-mate parties, concerts, festivals etc. provide different factors, which affect singing differently, even if the units of repertoire are the same as in the home-singing situation. On the other hand, it is interesting to see how a certain repertoire or its units can create or recreate the feeling of home, even if the recipient is situated distantly from his/her home.

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Mapping home: a place wisdom workshop