Accepted paper:

Class location in post-socialism: self-assessment vs ŕeality


Mislav Zitko (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb)
Jelena Ostojić (Croatian Employment Service)

Paper short abstract:

The paper investigates the possible disparity between self-assessment of class location and socio-economic development in Croatia.

Paper long abstract:

Using the ISSP survey data this paper will investigate the relationship between class identity as understood by social actors in the course of self-evaluation and a set of socio-economic indicators through which the current state of economy and society can be obtained. Insofar as the social class can be taken as a key social marker of a capitalist society this paper represents a madnatory step to move beyond casual and anecdotal use of this theorethical notion which should enable us to get a more comprehensive understanding of post-socialist transition. By tracing the relationship between self-assessment and socio-economic development we hope to show how class operates on different social levels and interpret the effects it has on the representation of the conflict between capital and labor.

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Rethinking class: from utopia to reality and back