Accepted paper:

The sounding of religious diversity: the challenge for contemporary society


Mojca Kovačič (ZRC SAZU )

Paper short abstract:

The public expressions of different religions often rise heated responses among the dominant religious community. The paper is presenting how the sounding of religion questions political, social and religious 'stability' of contemporary society.

Paper long abstract:

Religiositiy of Slovenians is strongly connected to Christianity. The majority of inhibitants has not many multiethnic, multireligious or multicultural experiences and different social, religious or cultural expression often evoke polemic reactions in society. Every public expression of different religiosity is expressing power relations in society and is therefore much questioned as it was recently expressed through the reaction of people on the possible building of a mosque in Ljubljana (the first one), as well as on the possible sounding of the Islamic religion. The paper will focus on the recently officially registered religious community The Zombi Church of Holy Bell Ringing. The central element of their worship is the so called Holy Bell, and bell (one of the main symbols of Christianity) is also the main (sonar) indicator of their religion. This religious community is raising very different political, religious and social questions and problems of the contemporary society and triggers many controversial discussions. In public opinion their actions are also often described as a parody, but The Zombi Church community keeps serious attitude to their public presentations of religiosity and actively works on obtaining believers. The focus will be on the question how the soundings of new religion could draw attention to a number of social and political anomalies.

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From religious heritages to spiritual utopias: reflecting upon religiosity of the 21st century