Accepted paper:

Mapping Mobilities


Michael Hieslmair (Tracing Spaces)
Michael Zinganel (Tracing Spaces)

Paper short abstract:

Tracing and depicting individual experiences at nodes and hubs of transnational mobility and migration. Findings will be transformed into a spatial cartography.

Paper long abstract:

By means of a presentation and an exercise with the participants of the MAPPING HOME WORKSHOP we will trace and depict both policing and individual experiences at specific nodes and hubs of transnational mobility and migration in and around the places participants live in or encounter on route. Participants' narratives about experiences of home, either produced and gained in a static or in a mobile setting, will be discussed against the backdrop of apects of spatial dimension - e.g. how actors are appropriating space or "doing with space". Participants are asked to co-develop an extensive two- and partly three-dimensional mapping, augmented with various sorts of texts, comic-style drawings and photos. Based on their own experience, the experience of friends and relatives, and knowledge gained from fine arts, science and mass media they will create a striding geographic and spatial cartography, a walkable globe with corners and edges, permeated by a network of paths. As samples please see the documentation of some of our projects via the following links: 1) Mapping Mobilities. Nodes of Transitions and Encounters, Chisinau/ Moldova, 2013 2) Push & Pull! Socio-Spatial Path Network and Audio Sculpture Cityworks - Spielart Festival Munich, 2013 & at MAK-Center for Art and Architecture, Los Angeles, 2014 3) Cosmobilities Network Conference, Copenhagen, 2014 4) Crossing Rotterdam. 4th International Architecture Biennale, Rotterdam, 2009

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Mapping home: a place wisdom workshop