Accepted paper:

Brides and islanders: marriage-related migration to the island Korčula, Croatia


Marica Marinović Golubić (Institute of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar, Croatia)

Paper short abstract:

In this paper I analyse different experiences and expectations of female married migrants that live on the Croatian island of Korčula.

Paper long abstract:

Marriage-related migration forms a distinct and recognizable group in the study of foreign born population on the Croatian island of Korčula. The presence of this type of migration to the island is by no means a new phenomenon and can be explained: i) since a significant number of Korčulan men are traditionally employed on ships, or are working in foreign countries, coming back home often implies coming back with a "foreign" spouse, ii) the beginning of an (international) love affair that eventually leads to marriage with islanders (more often involving men than women) is made possible through tourist visits, since the island itself is a well-known tourist destination. In this paper, I intend to focus on some aspects related to migrant brides and their life on the island (everyday practices and relationships with the local community), their first impressions upon arrival to the island as well as future plans and aspirations concerning possible relocation. This paper is based on 12 semi-structured interviews and is part of a broader study that investigates different groups of newcomers to the island of Korčula in Croatia.

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