Accepted paper:

Mandatory adaptation: after effects of Greek-Turkish population exchange from environmental view


Pinar Gungor (Bilgi University)

Paper short abstract:

This paper will look at the environmental effects of a political action, The Greek-Turkish Population Exchange in 1923. Important cash-crop products of the region, olives, figs and grapes were picked to reflect that change in environment in that mandatory adaptation period.

Paper long abstract:

The Greek-Turkish Population Exchange that happened in 1923 which was a turning point for both countries with regard to its demographic, social and economic outcomes. This mandatory action brought unintended ecological change in both Greece and Turkey. The ecological consequences in Turkey will be analyzed via the comparison between the production of olives, figs and grapes before and after the exchange of populations. The demographic and social changes in western Turkey will discussed to find about what is gained and what is lost in that adaptation period from environmental perspective.

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