Accepted paper:

The experience of home: imaginaries, restlessness and actuality


Vitalija Stepušaitytė (Heriot-Watt University)

Paper short abstract:

This paper explores how contemporary migrants from Eastern Europe in Scotland negotiate emotional and physical distances through materiality and everyday practices, and experience interrelated imaginaries of a future, restlessness and actuality.

Paper long abstract:

Drawing on the theory of lines that Tim Ingold suggests, which brings understanding of how people move, and think, and expresses the power of connection between actuality and imaginative reality, I am exploring through biographical narratives and personal things how Lithuanians in Scotland re/create and experience home. I am researching how objects, routines, memories, affects and media flows are interlinked in a domestic space, how individual struggles and coping strategies are in correspondence to new (imaginative or not) opportunities in the process of migration.

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Ethnographies of the house, values and manners of inhabit