Accepted paper:

Adding values to urban space: two ethnographies in Lisbon


Maria Assunção Gato (Dinamia-CET /ISCTE-IUL)

Paper short abstract:

Focusing the discussion on two case studies located in Lisbon, this paper aims to explore a set of values assigned to urban space and its impacts on the rent market mechanisms and social selection of inhabitants.

Paper long abstract:

This paper aims to discuss processes of valuation and evaluation of residential urban spaces based on two case studies located in Lisbon: Príncipe Real, a prestigious neighbourhood situated in the historical city centre, and Telheiras, a peripheral neighbourhood known for its social homogeneity. Through a comparative analysis between the two examples, I intend to demonstrate how a set of values assigned to different urban spaces can attract several investors, interests and residents and, how these urban spaces make use of these values to differentiate and promote themselves in various ways. From the gentrification process to the transition movement, including spatial justice issues, the focus will be the urban middle classes, their residential spaces and social belonging strategies.

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Ethnographies of urban public spaces