Accepted paper:

Organic farmers markets in Croatia or how we stopped to belive that "kumice" are offering us homemade and healthy fruit and vegetables?


Tanja Kockovic Zaborski (Ethnographic Museum)

Paper short abstract:

Growing desire for connecting with the food that we eat is maybe obvious in decision to buy locally grown, healthy food on farmers markets instead of supermarkets. But, is the food that we are buying there really healthy and locally grown or is it mostly from the same source as food in supermarkets?

Paper long abstract:

Lately we can testify to the ending of the myth about old ladies, so-called "kumice" that are growing the vegetables in their own little gardens and selling us that locally grown and healthy food on our farmers markets. Because the reality is so much different. Majority of "dear grannies" that are the symbols of growing the food in a traditional way (healthy, local) buy fruit and vegetables from big supermarket suppliers. (And we are seeking homemade and healthy food in farmers markets rather than in supermarkets.) The question is, do we, as buyers, believe in myth of grannies that are selling us their home-sown and grown tomatoes from old seeds? Do we believe that they didn't use industrial fertilizers? In that context of lack of belief in food quality that we are consuming today, fear of GMO, pesticides and industrial fertilizers that are bad for our organisms and organisms of our children, I will try to answer is it justifiable or is it necessary to organize organic farmers markets in Croatia (with emphasis on organic market in Pula).

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