Accepted paper:

Embodying fear in the coal mines of Meghalaya, India


Rashmi Upadhyay

Paper short abstract:

This paper based on empirical research will try to analyse Nepalese migrant workers lived experience of fear while living and working in the coal mining area of Meghalaya, India.

Paper long abstract:

In the present paper I will write about the Nepalese coal mine workers lived everyday fear in the coal mines of Meghalaya, India. During fieldwork, not only participant observation and interviews provided me to understand the lives of the Nepalese migrant workers but it was the continuous exposure to fear which helped me understand their life, work, violence and fear with different situation and incidents, of which I was a part of it. The Nepalese migrant workers often use the word fear in most of their daily talks. I put my argument that Nepalese migrant workers fear is based on the experience of the violence they had faced in the past and which is continued even in the present. Thus the violence reflects and produces a day to day fear in the work life of the Nepalese migrant workers. For most of them their heightened fear is understood in their insecurities of losing the work of the coal mines.

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Body, emotion, gender