Accepted paper:

Last PRL generation: thirties' memory of the 80's


Marta Cobel-Tokarska (Akademia Pedagogiki Specjalnej)

Paper short abstract:

The subject of this article is the memory of the childhood spent in the last decade of the communist regime, expressed today in the texts of symbolic culture - books and comics. The texts are analysed in reference to the perspective of the sociology of childhood, sociology of things and sociology of memory

Paper long abstract:

The narration of "thirties' memory" has just already begun. Nowadays writers of this generation edit their first publications. We could expect that they remember those times a few. Nonetheless they create and publish texts telling of their childhood in the 80s, giving themselves the right to express their feelings and considering their own experience as important, meaningful and worth telling. Here we are dealing with a particular post-war generation. "Thirties" is the conventional term covering people born in 70s and early 80s of XX century. Those generations entered adulthood after the fall of the iron curtain (1989) and therefore this group also include people approaching to forties. Their experience of life and socialization at the end of two eras and two worlds is specific. Community memory shaped by the childhood in communist Poland as well as artifacts strongly present in the media discourse, makes that we can talk about the last generation of PRL.

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Forms of memory transitions: processes and possible outcomes