Accepted paper:

The memory of the Earth: geo-scape, nature and the poetic of the anthropocene in an Italian nature park


Andrea Benassi (Simbdea Società Italiana museografia e i beni demoetnoantropologici)

Paper short abstract:

The establishment of the Anthropocene as a reference in the history of the Earth, creates new poetics related to a different perception of the relationship between History and Nature. Narratives that take shape and sacredness in local spaces through the establishment of Geo-sites and Geo-Parks.

Paper long abstract:

The international geology, is working for a ratification of the Anthropocene as unity in the Geological Time Scale. How would say Latour, the Anthropocene is entering progressively in space of public things, becoming a matter of fact, capable of acting through his reseau connections. Something that can be defined and witness the transition to a new era in the history of the Earth. A time in which the human being, the Anthropos, is considered the decisive geological force. From a place of powerful forces and overwhelming, the Earth becomes space of memory, where to look and keep track of past creative power of Nature. In this perspective is affirmed the idea of a geo-heritage, able to narrate the history of the Earth and its power as Nature, through a new category of signifiers micro spaces: geosites. The geology becomes the key for a new institutional and emotional sense of place and time, while geosites become points emerging local, which are presented as nodes of a living system of heritage and memory. The paper, addresses the nature of this new heritage and how it takes shape in the Park of the Gypsum mountain, northern Italy. A context centered on geological features of the site, which become the key asset of the narratives about places. The landscape of the park becomes a new Geo-scape. A place where rocks, faults, fossils, caves and other geological objects, thus become powerful entities able to evoke and materialize new cosmographies and remote times and spaces.

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