Ethnographies of the house, values and manners of inhabit
Filipa Ramalhete (Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa)
Maria Assunção Gato (Dinamia-CET /ISCTE-IUL)
Start time:
22 June, 2015 at 10:30
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Short abstract:

Panel focused on the concept of home and material culture considering that the social and architectural expressions of values and inhabitation manners are an expressive portrayal for multiple changes which characterize contemporary societies and a base to ethnographical studies of home and dwelling.

Long abstract:

Despite the widespread recognition that Home is a highly relevant subject - in social, cultural, identitary and symbolic terms - and the extensive disciplinary tradition on this topic, there seems to be an apparent resistance of contemporary anthropology (ethnography and ethnology included) to work on domestic space in Western societies (Cieraad, 1999). However, in recent decades, relevant work about the house, its material culture and the relationship between architectural and cultural changes has emerged (Löfgren, 2003). The studies reveal, on one hand, the complexity of the relationships established between home, residents and objects, and, on the other hand, that both domestic space and manners of inhabit embody important changes that are taking place in contemporary societies (e.g. Carsten and Hugh-Jones, 1999; Miller, 2001; Csikszentmihalyi and Rochberg-Halton, 2002). This panel invites researchers to present papers on studies regarding houses, objects, forms, values, practices, relations and other aspects involving the culture of domestic space. We specially welcome papers crossing different disciplinary frameworks, allowing diachronic analysis, comparing traditional and contemporary values, demonstrating evolutionary meanings, and portraying different social and economic contexts.