Accepted paper:

CHOKORA - Surviving on the street


Lea Furrer (Krisenintervention Florhof Z├╝rich)

Paper short abstract:

Through the camera two streetboys give insight into their everyday life on the streets of Nairobi.

Paper long abstract:

Anthony and Robert -youngsters from Nairobi - give insight into their everyday life. With a film camera they document and comment the life on the streets and in the Halfway Centre. Thereby, not only their trials and tribulations are expressed but also their sense of humour and their plans for the future, which are full of hope: Moving images which convince through their authenticity. By handing over the camera to the two protagonists, a dynamic change of perspectives is established. This renders possible a differentiated examination of the subject matter as well as the proceedings of the film.

panel W401
Ethnographic film screening