Accepted paper:

The traditional samba school dance as a performative experience


Renata Goncalves (Universidade Federal Fluminense - Rio de Janeiro - Brasil)

Paper short abstract:

The couples dancers of mestre-sala and porta-bandeira are central components of Brazilian´s samba schools. They reach different streams of cultural traditions, synthesized by their ambiguous and creative performance that includes typical acts, and a specific self presentation and improvisation.

Paper long abstract:

The popular and spectacular Rio's samba schools compose an artistic system with authors, styles, aestheticians, critics, financiers, instructors and artists. For the present paper, it was chosen one of the components of this complex world that has a central role in the parades - the couple dancers of "mestre-sala" (ceremonious master) and "porta-bandeira" (lady who bears the school´s flag). The ambiguous character of this couple is defined by its specific dance that is slower than the samba rhythm, by their typical acts, soft gestures, positions, looks, smiles, improvisation and by their antique customs in a luxurious spectacle. Their main role in the competition is evidenced by an exclusive judgment, carried through a jury that evaluates its traditional performance in the parade.

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Performing creativity and creating performances: dialogues and tensions on experiencing culture and making places