Literature, legends and other tales

Gustavo Rubim (Universidade Nova de Lisboa)
Nemanja Radulovic (Faculty of Philology, Belgrade University)
Tower A, Piso 3, Room 312
Start time:
18 April, 2011 at 14:30
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Short abstract:

Our focus is narrative and social sense of place and belonging. This includes folktales (Qatar, Serbia), diaries (Austria), novels (Finland) and legends (Spain). An incursion into Jewish sapiential writings helps give an idea of the multiple meanings in which literature is here considered.

Long abstract:

This panel will begin with ancient Jewish sapiential literature but will cross centuries and we'll be journeying through different places and stories: oral Qatari folktales and the preservation of its memory, a small town in Finland and the fictional picturing of its modern transformation, a view of 19th century's Austria through the pages of a young woman's diary, a Spanish account of the Rose Legend and the expression of belonging to earth, Serbian oral narrative and its idea of Fate. At the same time, all these different subjects and texts seem to lead the researchers into an inquiry of the ways in which literary texts and narrative imagination remain crucial for historical, social and cultural representation of any sense of place belonging, where and whenever it shows up.