Collective actions and social movements
Davide Scarso (Centro Interuniversitário de Historia das Ciências e da Tecnologia)
Block 1, Piso 1, Room 46
Start time:
20 April, 2011 at 11:30
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Short abstract:

Considering some of the most noteworthy social movements of recent times, this panel discusses how movements and collective actions in general take place, struggling to shape new social and political spaces, through stone-pelting or graffiti, constructing narratives or reconfiguring memories.

Long abstract:

This panel discusses some of the most compelling issues for contemporary social sciences: how do the actions of several individuals compose into a collective agency? How does a social movement rise? Each paper presented and discussed in this panel thoroughly analyses a relevant contemporary social movement or collective initiative, a wide spectrum of agents and places are investigated: from landless people in Brazil and South Africa to nonconformist youngsters in Poland, from militants in Kashmir and the West Bank, from anti-circumcision activist in the US to conspiracy theorist in Serbia and anti-cast philosophers in India. Different social movements pursue their actions in different fashions: they throw stones to soldiers, paint graffiti on the walls, construct new narratives or reconfigure memories. But all these collective subjectivities have something in common. While struggling to transform and "displace" the places they inhabit, they are at the same time deeply connected to them.