Memory and heritage making in contested spaces

Paulo Costa (Institute for Museums and Conservation)
Tower A, Piso 1, Room 104
Start time:
18 April, 2011 at 11:30
Session slots:

Short abstract:

Heritage and memory are not silent processes. This panel presents a series of grounded ethnographies on the construction of "places of memory" in past or present conflict contexts.

Long abstract:

Heritage making and remembering are not silent social processes, as they are embedded in historical events or contexts that constitute a negotiated, contested and sometimes violent arena. This panel will allow scholars to present grounded ethnographies of the role of places, territories and landscapes in the contestation and claim of local or national identity. But the authors will not only give some new examples of the "places of memory" paradigm, they will also present the dynamic and overlaid play of different memories of various groups on one site, tracing the framework of a sensitive approach to the memory of the places. The papers should include topics such as ethnic identity, genocide commemoration, war and post-war, religious minority, uses of the past, urban spaces and political claim.