Places and non-tourist places: the boundaries between insiders and outsiders
Otomar Cardoso
Elisangela Meireles
ID, Piso 4, Room 4.03
Start time:
20 April, 2011 at 11:30
Session slots:

Short abstract:

Tourist places are appropriated by the outsiders and the insiders who often being removed and create special places for them to avoid - or try to avoid - external interference while maintaining traditions. So are created places that become immediately in non-tourist places, despite the influence.

Long abstract:

Tourism is one of the more invasive economic activities in the occupation of territories, spaces and places anywhere in the town or the country, whatever its form (leisure, adventure, beach, mountain, sports and others). Local people certainly suffer from the change in their space, creating a geography often distinct from the tourist areas (with the economic centralities) and local areas (with the social centralities, while regional). These are new places and at the same time non-tourist places that become social boundaries between 'insiders' and 'outsiders'. This workshop will present an overview of diverse experiences between cities and main tourist sites - resorts, ski centres, tourist towns, etc) - from different countries and cultures, by means of ethnographic studies to identify the features and essences that constitute forms of protection or distancing between the avalanche of cultural tourists and their diversity and the preservation of culture and local history, appreciated and apprehended differently to the general public (see the example of festivities for tourists, such as dances, religious celebrations 'exotics', Indians festivals and others) experienced by the local population.