Ecologies of sex, trade and illness

Cristiana Bastos (Universidade de Lisboa)
Luis Saraiva (UFPA)
Ilana Low and Sergio Carrara
Tower A, Piso 0, Room 3
Start time:
20 April, 2011 at 14:30
Session slots:

Short abstract:

Commercial sex and its brothel-hotel-bar infrastructures create distinct territories that are also sites for health services, knowledge making and creative activism. This panel gathers ethnographies and theories that address the places of sex trade as sites of knowledge and action development.

Long abstract:

Commercial sex and related infrastructures such as brothels, hotels, pensions and bars have often created urban niches, red-light districts, distinct neighbourhoods and roadside territories. Often, these are also the places for STD (sexually transmitted disease) clinics, door-to-door assistance, pharmacies, 'botanicas' and other formal and informal health services. Moreover, these places are sometimes the catalysts for new knowledge and forms of social activism - from biomedical research on STDs and infectious agents to social research and intervention. In this panel we welcome ethnographies and conceptual developments that address one or some of those aspects; we encourage papers to emphasize the interactions of place, action and knowledge.