REGENLAB: new cartographies for an 'urban regeneration'

Cristina Milão (Escola superior Artística do Porto)
Tower A, Piso 3, Room 311
Start time:
19 April, 2011 at 14:30
Session slots:

Short abstract:

From the subject and the production of 'new cartographies', East and West Europe met. The various cultural identities, changes, new mental maps and geographies (Europe as a continent-city), will allow us to confront and promote new visions and emerging demands.

Long abstract:

REGENLAB is a project connected to urban issues in all their dimensions and with the creative potential of cities as a means of urban regeneration, as a vehicle to promote the participation of citizens in contemporary society. One of its goals is to explore the idea of 'mapping' of the city as a method of construction of new mental frameworks of urban territory. The intention and desire to promote a European exchange appears within multidisciplinary fields (artists, cultural animators, architects, designers, planners, etc) involving five countries: Portugal, Latvia, Spain, France and Lithuania. Framed in the main project, this exchange appears and has an eminently sociocultural character of critical reflection and provocation: How does, today and in the past, the present encoding in maps reflect our culture? How does world abstraction associated with cartography establish new intertextualities? This research had the goal of reflecting and exploring through psychogeography and phenomenology the actors, agents and processes that take part in the city transformation to find these new arguments, problems that contribute to the discussion of urban regeneration: an alternative, the new cartography of the city, proposes, using culture and creativity as tools (approaching the project) to promote interest, participation and local social responsibility, active citizenship in general and European citizenship in particular. This panel welcomes researchers working on similar projects.