Accepted paper:

« Opacité » and « Skilled vision »


Giulia Battaglia (University of Sorbonne Nouvelle)
Arnaud Dubois (University College London)

Paper short abstract:

In what way is photography integral part of anthropology and museum practices? This paper will reflect on the transparency of imaging technology and the environment in which images are produced and consumed.

Paper long abstract:

Inspired by Louis Marin's (1989) concept of « opacité » and Cristina Grasseni's (2007) idea of « skilled vision », in this paper we question the transparency of imaging technology and reflect on their materiality. We will discuss images in relation to the environment in which they are produced and consumed and to the practice of looking that the same images embed. Accordingly, we ask: to what extent is photography becoming integral part of the discipline anthropology and museum practices at large? What is (not) representable and how is it (re)presented?

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'Opaque' Imaging Technology in Anthropology and Museum Practice