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Stephanie Linsdale

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Stephanie graduated from the London School of Economics in 2011 with a BSc in Social Anthropology (First Class Honours). Having developed a passionate interest in applied Anthropology throughout her studies, she wrote various articles for student journals and newspapers on the value of interdisciplinary collaboration, expressing curiosity about anthropologists' confinement within academic boundaries, as well as its lack of application to the business world. Following a period of experimentation with visual anthropology in Darjeeling, India, Stephanie wrote her thesis on the value of collaboration between visual anthropologists and documentary film makers, setting out a new methodological approach for the discipline drawing on Hastrup's Reflexive theory. Upon joining ReD Associates as a consultant in 2011, Stephanie has had a chance to explore her curiosity for applied anthropology in a business context, strengthening her desire to inspire anthropologists of her generation that their discipline can and should be applied outside of academia.

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panel P07
Anthropology in business: a retrospective and prospective view