Accepted paper:

Women In Iran


Robabeh Sedighi (University of Pune)

Paper short abstract:

Women are factors and targets of any development as half of human resources and half of the world's population and are effective leverage for progress of socioeconomic development goals.

Paper long abstract:

Women in our Iranian society have tried to play social and economic role along with their husbands in different forms. Especially structure of women's work in rural districts of the country and their high contribution to production of economic products are regarded as undeniable example and sign of their direct and effective attendance in economic activities flow in Iran society. Due to primary and simple employment conditions in the past social and economic systems and lack of present complex situation, there has not been subject of women's employment in Iran society as problematic case with fragile social and cultural results and arrangements. In many cases, legal results and conditions and more importantly manner of common participation of woman and man in a group of cultural patterns prevent from some problems which have been observed in recent periods. Economic and social changes of new periods are origin of many problems which had effect on family and its health and stability and in the next stages and caused different functions in process of social and political affairs of the country of which consequences have had effect on many issues in family and society.

panel P098
Human rights and development: challenges and opportunities (Commission on Human Rights)